Deutschlandspiegel 109/1963 31.10.1963


01 Adenauer's farewell - a) parade Wunstorf b) honours 10: 10:00 10:04:05 (total) Wunstorf: Farewell parade for Dr. Adenauer. Parade marching past. Adenauer and Defense Minister Kai Uwe by Hassel at parade inspection, greeting each elevating the hands and at the same time lowering half side and close. Various settings of the parade, including total with military audiences at the roadside and honor guard, columns, including the Navy. Gerhard Schröder between men sitting close. Tanks and other military vehicles, and others with guns and rockets, helicopter squadron, short. Adenauer and hassel, half-close. Jet Fighter Squadron, short.
10:00:55 Berlin: Berliner Bär on the wall, downward swing on Brandt at the lectern to the page used speaking (no interview). Adenauer sitting that close. Adenauer is on Brandt. Brandt has pitched in the hands of the certificate. Handshakes, half-close. Klatschendes audience. Shaking hands: Adenauer and Brandt, in the background stands photographer. Writing tablets on large envelope. Clapping audience.
10:01:15 Munich: Congress Hall in the Deutsches Museum. Two men in costume wear to Madonna on the Adenauer standing on stage. Adenauer and the men with the figure, each close. Adenauer thanked to a Mr. Two men in traditional dress with Madonna, close.
10:01:25 Bonn: flags blowing in the wind. Police escorts on motorcycles escort car. Children behind barrier. Dr Lübke, half close, in greeting before Beethoven Hall (farewell reception). Adenauer behind Lübke, both have beckoning. Lübke, followed by Adenauer building enters. Pan across the Hall with invited guests (supervision). Lübke in talking with Adenauer (slight oversight). With cigar, the sister of the former American Secretary of State of John Foster Dulles and the former High Commissioner John McCloy surrounded Erhard by people, among the guests, close. Office of the Federal Chancellor (evening): the diplomatic corps says goodbye with a valuable gift. Adenauer, side, close to the large chain around his neck. Gift: Large vessel. Adenauer receives gift. Various members of the diplomatic corps, close. Erhard talking with Adenauer, close and sideways. Gold coins with Adenauer embossing, close. 86th session of the Bundestag: Hall with Federal Eagle (medium). Bundestag President Dr. Gerstenmaier (original sound is superimposed by narration), Adenauer, half close to the stands while Gerstenmaier's speech. MPs rise (medium). Dr. Gerstenmaier, half close, the highest recognition of the Bundestag speaks out: "... Konrad Adenauer has rendered to the fatherland." Konrad Adnauer, half-close. Election of the new Chancellor (on the following day): MEPs To give off ballots, Adenauer and Erhard sit in a row, side. Ballot is carried to the table. Counting of votes: Deputies sit around table, including Gerstenmaier. Ballot boxes will be emptied on table. Chairman Adenauer, side and close. Ludwig Erhard approaches Gerstenmaier and Erhard Gerstenmaier to take oath of Office, that close, Gerstenmaier presented solution, Erhard puts on glasses, o-ton: "I swear that I mean dedicate power to the benefit of the German people, its benefits increase, contact damage from him, the basic law and the laws of the Federal Government to preserve and defend, conscientiously fulfill my duties and Justice against anyone are practicing"that God was my help." Spectators in the stands. Erhard is congratulated by members of Parliament, including by Adenauer.
(108 m, 10: 10:00 10:04:05 (total)) 2nd Festival of the Nations/Hamburg Finkenwerder: ship on the Elbe. Opening of the folk dance groups Festival (supervision). Young girls wear various flags, seated spectators. Dancing legs with long stockings, Federal of the rock. Nine girls from Ireland while dancing, various settings, including feet. Five men lead sword dance from England, in various settings. Dutch dancing feet in wooden shoes, demonstrate clog dance close, different settings. Faraz Fischerjungen while dancing. Spectator, close, with child in her arms. Various settings of the Finkenwerder dance group, among others, the group adheres to the arms and dancing in the large circle, dancers stand on the rim and clap to the beat of accordion music. Finkenwerder dancers on the dance floor, viewers in the foreground, cruising ship in the background. Viewer, screen-filling.
(42 m, 10:04:00 10:05:30) 03. poster - exhibition Hamburg: Binnenalster with views of the city and church steeples. Pan pillar with posters on bridge with moving cars in the foreground. Pillar box with poster of "Solo jam", also face of a Grindelhochhauses (soffit). Art Nouveau posters "Posters and book art around 1900", poster with font "Around the Alster nightly Revue in the new Operetta Theatre". Exhibition at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe: visitors look at Art Nouveau posters. Posters of the French painter Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. A poster by Franz Stuck, a poster by Olaf Gulbransson. Various art nouveau posters. A poster that advertises for a presentation by Kokoschka. Stage posters for Sarah Bernard by Alfonso Mucha. Various posters, visitor, close and sideways. The first Toulouse-Lautrec poster for "Moulin Rouge" dating back to 1891, visitors (turned with his back to the camera) look at the poster.
(49 m, 10:05:25 10:07:15) 04 touch stinging and Philharmonic Orchestra of Kassel: forecourt with a small fountain of the new theatre, swing to the new theatre (medium). Woman sitting on the edge of the pool of the fountain, stands next to her child. Fountain in the foreground, behind new theatre. Pedestrian (located on the mountain) from Kassel city centre. The music publishing house "Bärenreiter-Verlag" (medium). Press stacking sheets of music. Printers takes large sheet machine and controlled pressure. Various historic sheet music, today's touch screen, screen-filling. Painting by Mozart. Mozart's manuscript of "little night music" in facsimile edition. A Mozart score is prepared for a playoff. Man penetrates staves with a Rastral in a silver blank planed lead plate. Man with glasses, big. Put your hands in the cracks of the staves. Sheet, close. A hand in the off dot. Several craftsmen sit side by side and share notes on the staves. Man knocks with hammer steel stamp plate, different settings. Tool. Piercing the guides and bar lines with free hand. Hands scrape the throat plate with scraper in diagonal direction, different settings. Sharp photo print (black background, white marks) refer to hands. Black marks on a white background will be mechanically printed, revolving roller. Great machine controlled printing with large paper pad, man. Sheet stack machine.
Berlin: The new Philharmonic Hall designed by the Berlin architect Hans Scharoun (medium). Man goes along to wall, swivel to the roof. Various settings of the building, including a window front. Painter removes part of a round window. Sculpture in the foyer. Stairs in the foyer. Various settings of the stair system. Rows of empty chairs in the concert hall. Organ, screen-filling. Pan on stage (music podium).
(89 m, 10:07:10 10:10:20) 05. industry - exhibition in Berlin: 14 German industrial fair. High-voltage device (soffit). Pan to the exhibition hall, plate "we live in the age of electricity offers more and more power", visitors look at the exhibited machines. Flashing led. Machine transported more objects. Woman, tall, looks through machine. Bellows of a lung machine goes up and down, behind this incubator. Doll is in the incubator, this side opens and mattress with doll pulled out. Hand adjusts machine controls. Lighted showcases with porcelain figurines. Two porcelain vases. Entrance to a House. Open-air of exhibition: different excavators. Bucket chain is pulled upwards. Man sitting on a forklift, driving load down. An excavator bucket is moved upwards. Excavators, side. Remote-controlled model in the sand, hands hold big, remote control. Remote-controlled model, great. Parking in front of exhibition hall, in the background radio tower.
(23 m, 10:10:15 10:11:05) 06 6 days - Berlin race: 52. six days. Headlights, swivel on the railway. Various settings of the race, including total. Rik Van Looy and Rik van Steenberger (the Belgian Dutch team) are among the Favorites. Moon over old Memorial Church, also new Memorial Church with cross on the roof. In the evening: moving bus with glowing headlights, behind cars and Memorial Church. Shooting the race. Newspaper is printed: rotating machines, where newspapers run through. Street vendors with Cap sold to taxi drivers, newspaper sits in his car. Man is sitting in the middle of the Racecourse and scrolls newspaper, bicyclists riding along to him. Cyclists read a newspaper while driving, a cyclist relies on shoulder of another and reads the newspaper. Cyclists shave while driving. Newspaper printing. Various settings of the race. Winner is the German couple Bugdahl - Renz. Evening: enlightened Café Kranzler with traffic in the foreground, traveling underground on bridge at full moon.
(24 m, 10:11:00 10:11:55) 07. yacht school Glücksburg Castle Glücksburg (XVII century) on the Flensburg fjord: long shot. Flensburg Fjord with sailing boats, riding at anchor, moving ship. Sailing school (medium). Students wear life jackets and stand outside with their teachers before school. Flag blowing in the wind, views of Marina. On the model of a sailing ship, something explains students. Students draw something with compass on map. Classroom: Teachers teach. Teacher shows students in outdoor node. Hands knot rope, close. Sailing boat is rotated on a turntable on land, beginners in the boat and familiarize yourself with wind direction and feathering. Students go to in life jackets with equipment on boat dock of the Marina. Sails are used, different settings of the students in the boats. Ropes are pulled, sails set, multiple students in a training boat and a trawler. Students set sail on moving Seekreuzer. Students sit in small sailboats and sailing, various settings. Training cruises on the Baltic Sea to Denmark and Sweden, various settings. Cruising sailboat with billowing sails in light angle, different settings by passing sailboats.
(78 m, 10:11:50 10:14:40)


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Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Adenauer, Konrad


Radrennen ; "Abschied und Dank" ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Messe ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 109/1963

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