Deutschlandspiegel 108/1963 03.10.1963


01 Hannover - Herrenhausen a, b, c, d Hanover: city with pedestrians, cars and shops. Horse sculpture (soffit). Mr. Hauser House Garden, walkers. Stone figure, close. Garden with ornamental trees and stone figures, sometimes pedestrian, fountain in the background (medium). Pan Herrenhausen garden, large water fountain with a fountain. 80 m high fountain in the heart of the trees. High Hedges on the trail in the foreground figure. Stone figures, close. Supervision on symmetrically laid bed, swivel to a small fountain. Small fountains, planters, behind. Stone figure. Garden Theatre with 800 empty seats, in the foreground stage with stone figures on the page. Bronze statues on pedestals. Stage farmer is of scenes, which make different settings. Guests walk before rows of chairs. Scenes to be upright before bronze statues. Guests sit on chairs. Visitors pass through input (bow a hedge) of the theatre. Performance "The liar" by Goldoni, guests seated in the foreground. Various settings of the performance. Seated audience, shot. Audience and performance (shot). Spectators, half-close. Scene from the play (Clapping from the off). Stroller walk through the park with small water fountains. Stone figure. In the evening: the large "Royal game". Clad people carriage. Baroque Festival (supervisory), Ballettanz scene: Representation of the four seasons. Spectators on the side. "The fall": carriage ride, different dance scenes. "The winter": actor walk before illuminated fountains. Finale: Fireworks, people group and stone figure in the semi-darkness, different settings.
(86 m, 10: 10:00 10:03:20) 02 Adenauer and Cadenabbia Cadenabbia: Konrad Adenauer goes through the garden of his home on Lake Como. Villa Collina (medium). Adenauer put garden table. With sunglasses reading, close to Adenauer. Adenauer's hand, big, holding paper. Adenauer, half-close. Balcony with Sun of Villa. Adenauer's daughter RIA and guests playing bocce. Rolling ball, close. Adenauer, in addition to his daughter RIA (?). Adenauer by diagonally back, look at the bowling green with balls. Guests from politics: Foreign Minister Dr. Schröder, Prof. Erhard and Minister Dr. Crown, half close, welcome by Adenauer. Politicians go through the garden.
(24 m, 10:03:10 10:04:05) 03. 100 years of Bayer a, b, c, d Leverkusen: 31-storey administrative building of the paint factory, Bayer AG (soffit). Office: Women at desks with views over industrial areas. Look out the window: smoking chimneys. Factory: long pipes in the foreground passing tanker. Workers with helmet goes along on large pipes. Fast-moving machine. Banners in parking lot outside the plant. On the day of the 100th anniversary, invited guests: e.g. Prof. Otto Hahn. Celebration in the room behind the stage large poster with the words "1863 Bayer 1963". Seated guests, the main speaker at the lectern by rear. Speaker of Prof. Dr. Kurt Hansen, Chairman of the near and on the side (not a quote). Prof. Walter Hallstein holds the lecture, near and on the side (not a quote). Hall with guests and stage (medium). Various historical photos from the time of creation. Library with visitors at tables (supervision). Man in the coat, pulls a book off the shelf. A number of the band spine. Spine with font "Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan", "Australian Journal of chemistry", "Canadian Journal of chemistry". Shelves with books. Man in the coat goes along between book shelves. Lab assistant seated at table, and handled with pipette. Technician sets large microscope, half close and close. The image through the microscope. Development of plastics: comes out of nozzle Jet, plastic block, two men carry away plastic block. House with lots of large Windows and balconies. Plant protection products will be touched in rotating drums. Workers in full protective suits and goggles. Employee, close, with goggles, protective mask. Drug manufacturing. Machine fills liquid in small glass jars. Machine manufactures tablets. Machine turns. Many tablets, screen-filling. Small glass vials for injection liquid are automatically redirected. Different mechanical processes. Various writings on crates. Port: Ship is located at the wharf, closed bucket stands. Factory site (from the outside). Employees leave the Office building. Employees walk on pavement. Retirement home with garden (medium). Balcony: Pensioners sitting at the table with the coffee drink. Two pensioners sitting on park bench, watching through binoculars on the Rhine, the other reads newspaper. Both retirees (from behind) overlooking the Rhine, vessels pass by.
(80 m, 10:04:00 10:06:55) 04 Auto Salon, Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main: motor show. Vintage. Different cars: P 1800 S, frontal. VW Beetle stands diagonally on podium, on the wall several VW Beetle. Morris: Without casing. Man sits in an ELAN. Porsche type 901: bonnet is closed. Closing a bonnet. Glass dome with steel construction, swing on exhibition hall: many visitors, full-screen. Car turns on platform. Supervision: Visitors standing around cars. Visitors, half-close. Swimming car Amphicar from Berlin, small ship screws back. Rotary engine, known as the "Engine". NSU spider. BMW 1800 VW (?), Porsche (on the side). Economics professor Erhard visited the exhibition, half-close. Mercedes 600 split Fiat 1500: Panel is widening, and the engine with steering wheel comes to the fore. Sports car. A headlight cover joins.
(26 m, 10:06:50 10:07:45) 05. Munich, Munich City images: Odeonsplatz (supervision and shot). Old church (soffit). Town Hall Tower, behind the towers of the Church of our Lady, street railway propelled to the fore. Towers of the Church of our Lady (soffit). Tower of the Town Hall is reflected in the window. Pedestrians on the sidewalk.
(12 m, 10:07:40 10:08:10) 06. Scotsmen in Munich Munich: Scottish military chapel on the Königsplatz. Marching band passes on shut-off with viewers. Bagpipe players and drummers with kilt wearing. Various settings of the musicians. Spectators, half-close. Boy runs on Königsplatz, repeals Schlegel and want to give him a musician. Musician does not respond. Still picture: Child from the musicians. Child passes other musicians Schlegel, accepting him. Boy runs away.
(17 m, 10:08:05 10:08:45) 07 fashion school, Munich Munich: entrance to the fashion school with parked cars and pedestrians before that. Written above the entrance "Deutsche Meisterschule für mode". Two women in the stairwell. Three women stand on the open window, two more will be added in the background the towers of the Church of our Lady. Woman in a sleeveless dress is available as model in addition to the Board. Swivel to the class during the draw. Schoolgirl, close and sideways. Hand size, the character with wax (?). Three students when drawing. Feet, close. Pan across the faces of the students. Drawing hand, great. Workbook with drawings will be added. Lecturer goes through classroom and bends over to design of a student. Schoolgirl wears Pearl Necklace and sleeveless dress, while drawing. Hand paint with brushes, various settings. Student, close. Different designs. Model class. Schoolgirl pins fabric fuselage of a model body. Fabric with mass depends on the Panel. Students is reflected in the mirror. Student in the staking of a substance. Teacher sets right fabric model hull. Student is substance. Schoolgirl wears dress and considers himself in the mirror, students look at the dress.
(58 m, 10:08:40 10:10:50) 08 Oestergaard - fashion Berlin: different models (designed by Heinz Oestergard) are paraded before Congress Hall: an afternoon ensemble of black silk, white Fox and silver Brocade. Dinner dress French lace. Strapless evening dress. Fur coats, including sleeveless gown and long gloves.
(18 m, 10:10:40 10:11:25) 09 dry - ski Bavarian Upper Palatinate: potash works. Feet go up wooden stairs, close, ski poles. Shield: "entering the ski track only for skiers allowed". Men and boys in swimming trunks sitting in the sand. Ski pole tip inside the quartz sand. Skiers go downhill, partly with bare-chested, different settings. Two boys deals in the sand. Spinning wheel from the lift. Skier lying in a tub and pull up from the lift. Skiers are on the mountain, downhill: skiers in leather pants. Skiers are up on the mountain. Skier in swimsuit crashes and slide down the mountain. Two women's faces, great. Quartz sand mountain with downhill runners, in the foreground power pole (medium). At the foot of the pier. Swimmers in the water.
(20 m, 10:11:15 10:12:05) 10 diving German spring Championships: Tower two jumpers: double somersault and diving into the water (ZL). Clapping spectators, screen-filling. Angelika Hellwig from Wolfsburg is champion in the women's springboard diving: jump, double somersault, and diving into the water, splashing up. Diving men: different jumper screw in the air (ZL), including Klaus Konzorr from REIT winner will.
(21 m, 10:12:00 10:12:45) 11 military Munich: international military: France, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Poland and Germany. Horse head, large. Horse guards to lower leg gets attached. Rider pulls loop on the saddle, side. Rider rides the No. 6 go, by road. Rider overcomes wood fence with horse, riders follows with horse. Various settings of the military, including a ride through the forest and overcoming the obstacles. Third in the individual competition will be the German master Horst Karsten on "Hanko". Second is the Englishwoman Susan fleet with "the Gladiator". Captain James Templer from England on "M ' Lord Conolly" is first in the individual competition. Templar takes saddle from a horse. Rider squirts legs of the horse. Rider enters scales with bridle and saddle in the hand. The winners are sitting on their horses. The British national team wins against Poland and Germany. Rider rider Cap with head bowed. Medium: award ceremony.
(48 m, 10:12:40 10:14:30)


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Adenauer, Konrad


Fashion ; Auto ; München (Bayern) ; Jubiläum ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Skisport ; Theater (auch Musiktheater, Oper, Operette) ; Freilichtbühne ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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