Deutschlandspiegel 107/1963 29.08.1963


01 Kennedy Film - Premiere Berlin: Kurfürstendamm At night, cars. Film announcement of the cinema film stage, poster by Kennedy. Rotating column. Film clip: Kennedy accompanied flying paper snippets in the car in West Berlin, by police on motorcycles. Premiere of the documentary: arriving guests. With Kennedy "Germany greets Kennedy', photos on himself while poster stand, shaking hands. Guestbook is opened, guests sign. Sign with font "The greeting address book of the Berlin population for President John F. Kennedy". Woman makes signature. Historical photo.
(21 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:05) 02 Nixon visited Berlin Berlin: pan to a wall photo. Richard Nixon accompanied by his wife, the Brandenburg Gate behind barbed wire. Soffit: Nixon on observation deck allows himself To give explanations. Woman goes many reporters at the edge of Nixon in the company of his wife and his two daughters, blocking (supervisory) road,. "Allied Check Point", large plate. Nixon, close and side, is To give explanations, stands beside his wife. Wall with barbed wire to "Friedrichstrasse" (road sign), behind the shield of "new time. The leading daily newspaper"Nixon (from behind) looks at the border area. Nixon, close. Supervision on children playing front wall with barbed wire. Soldier Get up walls.
(16 m, 10:00:55 10:01:40) 03. children's drawings of the Berlin wall: children playing in front of the wall. Feet walk through the puddle. Exhibition of children's drawings: children playing in front of the wall (large image). Young people look at pictures. Different images. Boy behind the wall. Children climb fence, standing next to the wall. Different images. Boy wears anorak with hood, close. Image: large face. Girls, on the side and large. Different images. Children climb over fence, beside a wall with barbed wire. Children playing, in the background of mother from behind. Child, near, rear, swing to the barbed wire. (30 m, 10:01:30 10:02:35) 4th State visit Segni Munich: Church of our Lady, swing to the town hall tower (total). Soldiers carrying wreaths, consecration of the Memorial Chapel "Regina Pacis" (on the leading mountain in the vicinity of the former Dachau concentration camp): President Antonio Segni and Dr Lübke go side by side, light supervision (medium). Pan across people in front of the chapel. Segni, close to half ahead Lübke (from behind). Cardinal Segni shakes the hand, ring inscriptions of two wreaths. Segni sits beside Lübke, close. Celebration: Cardinal holds speech, fire. Historic flags on poles. Audience, great. Segni speaks into microphones, close, (Italian original sound). Fire in the background audience. Altar, guarded by two soldiers. Utensils on the altar. Stained glass window, large. Dr Lübke with glasses o-ton: "We boast the spirit of brotherhood, peace and freedom, which characterized the Builder of the chapel with them." Listeners with historical flags, swivel to the Chapel, fire, great. (41 m, 10:02:30 10:04:00) 05. Verdun at Verdun/France: military cemetery, in the background Church. Stone figure with inscription. Juvenile wearing wooden crosses to the cemetery. German young people maintain Cemetery from the first world war. Young people bend over stone collection. Young, bare-chested, with the blades. Wooden cross is used. The shadow of a wooden cross on the lawn. Several crosses. In the evening: Hand holding camera (?). Man drums drum before his body, young people holding torches in the hands (A lot smoke), window lit up two, young people wearing wreath. Close to young people, the half-face is covered by the shadow. Wreath with writing "The victims of wars," teenager with torch, young people, close. Soffit House.
(28 m, 10:03:55 10:04:55) 6th International Children's village Schierensee (North Germany): children (idea for this project had all the couple Dr. Doris and Erastus) go on home. Woman helps two children in the craft. Girl cuts paper, close. When painting with ink, various children's faces, close to children. Boy on the phone with handset from cardboard. Girl writes Japanese characters with brush Japanese font characters, close. Boy puts other boy mask made of cardboard in front of the face. Japanese girl, close. Mask, close. Dutch teenagers dance dressed in traditional costumes. Dancing feet in wooden shoes, close, various settings of dancing children. Two smiling children with masks on their heads, children lie prone on the turf. Boy playing the violin "The musician", a Norwegian folk song, dancing teenagers in costumes to, spectators sitting on the edge of the grass. Dancing group: children hold hands and form a circle. Various children's, faces, great. The Americans teach the other "hokey pokey". Children dance on the lawn and sing to, boy slaps in the hands, feet in sneakers, big. Different children while dancing. Children rotate around its own axis and clapping hands. Japanese children a fable of Badger children perform dressed up, various settings of the demonstration. Demonstration on the lawn in front of House, children sit on the lawn.
(84 m, 10:04:50 10:07:50) 07 Stuttgart person pointing finger on Stuttgart, pan across Stuttgart (total). Coloured with headscarf wearing infant in a cloth on her back, from behind, traffic intersection in the foreground. Modern building, before tables and chairs in the open air. Old firm with stone figure of Friedrich Schiller before (the Schiller Memorial created the Dane Thorwaldsen). Medieval Collegiate Church. Age of the collegiate church with clock tower. Flower market: Seller wearing apron and hat with flowers flower market (medium), sculptures adorned.
(23 m, 10:07:45 10:08:40) 08 Schwertfeger Stuttgart: in the "Street", Mr. Schmieder (by profession Schwertfeger) is on old half-timbered House and old door opens. Interior: equipped with many vessels in racks and pans hanging from the ceiling. Old paintings hang on the wall. Mr. Schmieder is considered an old sword, also Knight equipment. Mr. Schmieder edited sword with hammer. Various settings of Ritter equipment. Mr. Schmieder is helmet on Knight equipment. Hand lifting weight on a ring. Defence is filed.
(33 m, 10:08:35 10:09:50) 09 Porsche factory a, b, c, d Note: does not exist!
(88 m, 10:09:45 10:11:30) 10 Nürburgring a, b of 25 Nürburgrennen: race car driving on the ring, full seating, in the background building with lettering on the roof of "Bosch". Flags waving castle ruins on mountain, in the foreground. Fencing (wire mesh) with views of passing cars. Supervision: Driving race cars on the track, on the side fully occupied spectator stands. Viewers (from the rear) on Hill and follow the race. The race on narrow winding track, sign "Bosch Bosch Bosch" (supervision). Race car behind mountain which, on camera get close. Various settings of the race on the twisty track. Race filmed by the audience rank (located in the semi-darkness). Race car driving on the edge, cameraman filming from the rear. Driver discussed. Engineers look at motor. Racer differentiates helm. Various settings of the race. Women with notepads and at the top of the time. Dan Gurney travels to the edge. Dan Gurney, with helmet, sitting in his car, close. Various settings of the race. John Surtess Ferrari (No. 7) is at the top. Jim Clark driving the number 3, car goes through the target, Jim Clark is second. Spectators in the suit leans to the side to see better. Driver gets out racing cars. Privateer Gerhard Mitter on a Porsche takes the third place. Winner is John Surtess, gets a wreath around neck suspended, shaking hands, John Surtess beckons.
(48 m, 10:09:45 10:11:30)


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Nixon, Richard Milhous ; Segni, Antonio ; Kennedy, John Fitzgerald


Autorennen ; Verdun ; Gedenken ; Restaurator ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; West-Berlin ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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