Deutschlandspiegel 106/1963 25.07.1963


1st soccer and receive Stuttgart: Total and supervision of sidelines. Setting of legs of a player who drives the ball, close. Boron. Dortmund shoots goal 1-0 and goes after 10 minutes, cheering audience, screen. The 1 FC Cologne tried to compensate, goalkeeper of boron. Dortmund catches the ball in the air and falls to the ground (ZL) with him. Among the spectators of Ludwig Erhard, close, next to him is Hamilton.
2nd half: Boron. Dortmund 2-0, enthusiastic spectators, shooting what screen. 1. FC Cologne crashes players with players from the opposing team. Viewer, screen-filling. Boron. Dortmund again scores goal 3:0 BOR. Dortmund - embrace players. Cheering spectators, screen-filling. 1. FC Köln in the possession of the ball and shoots a goal 1:3 (final score). Viewers face, large, with flags in hand. Three players of boron. Dortmund embrace and go to the camera. Crowd, screen-filling.
Triumphal trip of the master Elf in Dortmund: a train with boron. Dortmund team, plate is kept out of window, waving people at the train station. People busy, fountain in the middle. The players of boron. Dortmund are on trucks and waving to the cheering crowd. Waving crowd, screen-filling. Footballers get flowers. Cheering crowd, screen, plate is kept high, close.
(48 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:00) 02 de Gaulle in Bonn a, b, c Bonn: State visit in the Mercedes will be accompanied by police on motorcycles. Pan to Palais Schaumburg (soffit on Tower). De Gaulle gets out car, photographers and cameramen in the background. De Gaulle is welcomed by Adenauer, half-close. Medium: Palais Schaumburg with parked cars in the foreground. Cameramen filming, cameras are on tripods. Landing prior to Palais Schaumburg: de Gaulle, close, faces microphones (French interview), Adenauer and de Gaulle during the handshake, shot. Detail of the facade of the Palais Schaumburg. De Gaulle sitting, meeting table with Cabinet, Erhard, Adenauer and Schröder, camera pan across a conference table to de Gaulle on the other side. Upcoming journalists at the movies and taking pictures. Gaulle de sitting, the French foreign minister Couve de Murville, Schröder and Adenauer also sitting at the signing of an agreement on a Franco German Youth Office. Schröder gets presented book, Adenauer is sitting next to him. De Murville also signed de Gaulle beside him. Photographing police officers (?). Adenauer, half close, standing next to de Gaulle, in the handshakes, great.
(36 m, 10:01:50 10:03:15) 03. Pan am - truck a, b rotorcraft aircraft in the foreground propeller with wings. Pan-am engine landing. Pan-am machine rolls out, is a wave. Postillion from old Thurn und taxis times welcomes pilot, Postillion, close. Cockpit instruments, control, great tools, image filling with. Hatch opens (soffit). Cargo in the fuselage of the aircraft, unloading the machine, different settings. Employees go through the empty aircraft fuselage. Car pulling several cars with cargo behind, on the tarmac. Pan-am machine flies away.
(30 m, 10:03:05 10:04:15) 04. Berlin - pictures aerial photos of West Berlin, including Congress Hall, blocks of flats, Märkische Woods, sailing boats on the water. Medium: sailboats with billowing sails. Woman wearing bikini and Get up a moving sailboat. Many people lie on the beach of the beach bath Wannsee. Two girls stand in the water, half-close.
(19 m, 10:04:10 10:04:55) 05 Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin. Rotating lettering of film from the notification column, large. Arrival of the stars in front of Festival Hall in the dark, under the incoming including a colored in the company of Mr. Peter van Eyck between two young women. Stars waving to fans, fans stand behind fence and clap. A policeman stands outside perimeter. Film ball: dancing couples, full-screen. Supervision: dancing couples, on the edge of people sitting tables where. Dragon converses Heinz at the table with two young ladies, close. A young woman with a radiant face, close. With Mrs. Buchholz, close under the dancing Horst Buchholz. Joachim Hansen, close. Some settings of the dancing. Supervision: dance floor with dancing couples.
(14 m, 10:04:50 10:05:25) 6 Borsig a, b, c West Berlin: Archway of the Borsig-Werke with lettering Borsig. Hall pushes long metal tube in oven, worker with goggles, blast furnace, indoor, device side and close. Machine withdraws from oven. Worker with goggles and helmet, tapping a Siemens Raisa1952 oven, various settings. Vibrant spark. Workers in protective clothing, the crankshaft for a marine engine is forged. Workers with helmet, side, close. Crankshaft is forged, workers in the welding, pipe. Workshop with cabin, which travels on guide rails along the ceiling. Supervisory workshop, machining a crankshaft for a marine engine drops metal shavings, spinning machines, workers on map, in the foreground there is a rotating machine.
(42 m, 10:05:20 10:06:50) 07 Landshut Landshut: Lake, pan to the old church, supervision: roofs and Gables of Landshut, swing Street, in the background Church. Buses and cars drive through Street, pedestrians on the sidewalk, old houses, old houses facades (soffit).
(11 m, 10:06:45 10:07:15) 08 resulted in two horses sculptor King b, c Fritz König his house, King, close decreases Halter horse head, horses running across the yard, Get up sculpture court. Several works: "The People of Manhattan" (1961), the relief of a Quadriga in 1957, drawing a Quadriga, the small Quadriga, the large Quadriga. King goes across the yard to the House. Staircase linked House wall, various sculptures outdoors, including "Large votive". Drawings hanging in his Studio, a group studies. Sculptures: "Golgotha", King "Framed figures", edited his work. King, close to work, view from the Studio window. King looks out the window, he turns around, close. A cat sneaks around the work "Group 60". The relief "The love letter".
(82 m, 10:07:10 10:10:05) 09 Stud Röttgen near Cologne on the Rhine: sign, close "Porz a. RH. District Heumar Rhein. - Mountain - circle reg. "REF. Cologne", Mercedes runs through the village, besides cyclists. Car rides to Röttgen stud with archways, wrought-iron lattice. Path, lined with a hedge, horses in paddock, filmed by a wooden fence. Horses in the paddock, in the background Stud. Whole blood is held sideways. Horses in the paddock, foal suckles at Mare, foal and Mare stand together closely, Pfohlenkopf, great. Horse head, large. Running horses in the paddock, different settings. Horses in boxes, tab while sitting up to morning practice, rider left the stable with their horses, the horses go rounds in the step. Training: Horses Gallop the 2200 m long training course along with riders, coaches standing on the edge and watched training. Three riders on horses. Horses go to the step. Running horse in vans. Transporter with inscription on front page "Röttgen Stud".
(60 m, 10:10:00 10:12:15) 10 German Derby of Hamburg: Horner Rennbahn (supervisory), 94th German Derby, many viewers. Spectators, close, with hats and sunglasses. Women with hats, hat man looks through binoculars. Scoreboard of the IV. race. Jockey climbs onto the horse. Viewer, screen, spectator stirs. Spectator Hat looks through binoculars, starting fourteen horses. The order in the home stretch: "lis", 'Fanfar', 'Blue Prince' and "Gladstone". Horses with jockeys are quickly moving towards the camera. In the Wandsbeker arch: "Lis" leads with a length, "Gladstone" is back. In the backstretch "Fanfar" under the Englishman Lester Piggot will join to the top flight. "Lis" Keep going the pace, "Cher" takes the lead in the HomeStretch. Supervision: Race. "Fanfar" attacks from 'Blue Prince' and 'Gladstone' accompanied and sits at the top. Length under Lester Piggot WINS HomeStretch in ZL, "Fanfar" with half an hour, "Glass tone" achieved 4th place. Spectators with hats and sunglasses, close. Lester Piggot on "Fanfar", winning horse, close, eat oak leaves.
(58 m, 10:12:05 10:14:20)


Persons in the Film

Murville, Maurice Couve de ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Gaulle, Charles de ; Adenauer, Konrad


Bildhauerei ; Landshut ; Berlin ; Fussballmeisterschaft ; Festival ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; State visit ; Pferdesport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 106/1963

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