Deutschlandspiegel 105/1963 27.06.1963


01 Black Forest clocks a, b pan across the black forest. Farm with cows in the foreground (medium). Farm. Supervision: FIR, full-screen. Many cuckoo clocks side by side on the wall. Workshop: Watchmaker in the manufacture of cuckoo clocks, various settings. Clock door opens, comes from clock cuckoo cuckoo makes big. Total: Furtwangen im Schwarzwald. Museum in Furtwangen im Schwarzwald (inside): cuckoo clocks in the foyer, various old cuckoo clocks hang on the wall. Clock door opens, cuckoo comes out great. Mechanics of cuckoo. Different cuckoo, great. Old watches from the period between 1640 and 1730. movement, great. Old clock with rock as weight, dial, large. Waag pendant, wholesale. Hanging pendant, wholesale, before the dial. Mechanics, great. Different clocks on the wall clock with character. Acrobat, tall, built in 1862. Two animal figures, great. Close to exhibition visitors. Watch glass is open, with stalking Lynx. Lynx, big, moves back and forth the eyes in the pendulum clock. Close to visitors. Dumpling-eating farmer as a great figure. Mechanics a clock. Snap Watch: Mouth a Turkish figure goes on and, laterally, and close. Watch in the glass box, outdoor, engineer School of fine art. Laboratory with trainees. Visual out side and close. Watch, meter next to it. Making a clock. A wrist watch, wholesale mechanism. Man uses gauge, movement. Farm holidays in the Black Forest, long shot. Sunset over the Black Forest, long shot.
(89 m, 10: 10:00 10:03:25) 02. Tibetan children a, b Bavarian Pestalozzidorf Wahlwies: Tibetan girls, great. Teaching, different settings of children. Monk prays near and frontal (original sound). Kids listen to monk, frontal. Lettering and yin and Yang sign on table. Monk, close. Folded hands, great. Teacher, close to teaching, upholds book. Children sit at tables, look up and answer questions (interview) the teacher. Teacher interview: "What do I have in my right hand?" Reply actuality of the kids in the chorus: "You have a pencil in your right hand." Boy, that's great. Girl writes on the Blackboard. Yawning boy, laughing girl, writing on the Blackboard: "I am Tibetan". Boys Watch teachers when planing. Girls watch young lady weaving. Bell, great. Current kids, big baby. Children dancing in Tibetan robes in the garden. Young, close, bows.
(39 m, 10:03:20 10:04:45) 03 IGA Hamburg: Alster Lake and downtown Lombardsbrücke filmed. Cable car, in the background the Tower of Michel. Aerial view from gondola filmed crossing East-West Road (?). Travelling gondola, in the background of Music Hall. Shadow of the gondolas on the sidewalk. Visitors to the international horticultural exhibition (filmed from the gondola). Cable car with passing gondolas. Visitors (supervision). Planned and Bale Café (supervision). Visitors seated in moving gondola, water games (supervision). Various settings of exhibition visitors. Squatting man photographed flower. Flowers, screen-filling. Man sits and photographed flower. Flowers, screen-filling. Visitors in the cacti greenhouse. Flower (Lily?), full-screen. Opening: Woman Lübke half close, are greeted with bouquet of flowers in hand, next to her Dr Lübke. Water basin. Flowers, screen-filling. Dr Lübke, wife Lübke, receives close to half, surrounded by people drink beside him of Japanese girl in kimono. Flamingos stand in the water. Dr Lübke go through exhibition, shot with wife Lübke. Dr Lübke, next to his wife Lübke, sits in railway and passes Fairgrounds. Peacock with feathers beaten-up. Glass house, filmed from railway, drive over the bridge. Garden with sun chairs and visitors. Park with visitors. Japanese small stone Temple, sculpture by Henry Moore, visitors photographed water games. Child on bridge, water basin, behind House. Passing gondolas (soffit). Various settings of architecture. Snack: Grilled is Daubs, flame coming up. Guests sit outside and eat. Café, shot with a water pool in the foreground.
(81 m, 10:04:40 10:07:35) 4th show jumping Derby in Hamburg/small Flottbek: riders with flags on their horses. Full seating, screen-filling. Supervision: Obstacles. Various settings of the show jumping Derby. Hans Günther Winkler with horse to overcome an obstacle (ranked 10th). Captain Raimondo D ' Inzeo from Italy on "Posillipo" in overcoming the obstacles, partly ZL (is 4th). Spectator, large. Helga Köhler on "Cremona", partly ZL "Cremona denied hindrance (ZL). A spectator wearing a hat, close. Alwin Schockemöhle on "Freiherr" (ZL), occupies the 3rd place. A spectator with a hat. Jarasinski on "R" crashes after great wall, Jarasinski lying on floor and stands up without consequences again, helpers in addition to Jarasinski, close. The Brazilian Nelson Pessoa on "Espartaco" and on "Gran Ceste" overcomes obstacles and is double winner of the German Springderbys ZL, partly. Audience clapping, filling the screen. Nelson Pessoa sits on a horse, horse is placed wreath around neck. Horse head, large.
(50 m, 10:07:30 10:09:20) 05. Kennedy in West Germany a, b, c, d, e Cologne-Wahn: airport. Rolling out aircraft with the inscription "United States of America", gangway and flight crew in the foreground, carpet is rolled out, half-close. Kennedy descend the gangway with companion, frontal, Adenauer, which stands at the foot of the gangway with Cabinet members and Lady, welcomes close to half. Honor guard on the edge, on the side. Kennedy and Adenauer, frontal and half-close. Kennedy continues, that accompanied by Adenauer and generals, Honorary parade TV and half-close. Almost hidden in the foreground of honour parade, Adenauer, and Kennedy, shot. Adenauer keeps on flying club welcome actuality: "your visit by us as a landmark of deep friendship acknowledges that now connects the German and the American people for years. Your visit Mr President is a political act." Circle of listeners, with Kennedy beside him, half side. Cabinet members with Adenauer in middle, Erhard and Rusk slightly behind him, half-close. Kennedy, half close, o-ton: "for your safety is our safety, our liberty your liberty is, and any attack on your soil is an attack upon our own. "Out of the necessity as well as sellement (?) in our aproach of peace, as well as fortune was are one." Viewers on the edge of the clap, Kennedy and Adenauer shaking hands each other, half-close.
Police keep back the pressing crowd (supervision). Waving crowd, Kennedy standing in an open car, beside him Adenauer.
Cologne: Kennedy comes up steps to the Cologne Cathedral in the midst of armies. Supervision: Portal of Cologne Cathedral with crowd, upward swing to the church towers. Bonn: Cheering crowd (supervisory), image filling before Bonn Town Hall (long shot). Kennedy before microphones, close. People, screen-filling. Kennedy, quote: "... It will continue to be a federal free world, I solutiored." In the background photographer. Cheering crowd, Adenauer, half close, beckons from balcony, cheering spectators, frontal and half-close. Kennedy on balcony, side and half close. (Supervisory) possibility in the foreground American flag.
Frankfurt: Kennedy surrounded by people, medium and close, shaking hands in the crowd. People wave at him enthusiastically. Kennedy standing before microphones, waving back, smiles, with men behind it, such as Rusk. Supervision on the lot before the Romans, Kennedy interview: "... and no matter what happens and we belive in God and we are ready. Thank you very much. Thank you." Crowd, screen-filling.
(86 m, 10:09:15 10:12:20) 06. Kennedy in Berlin Berlin: Brandenburg Gate opium with flags, frontal and shot. Many cameramen and observers on a pedestal, half-close. TRUCK with giant Panel with hate slogans drive in front of the gate, close. Kennedy climbs high, medium and close to half. Kennedy in addition to General on elevation, close to half a Tablet shown him by policemen (?) considered two Vopos at the Brandenburg Gate, close to half, frontal. Kennedy, now with others together sometime, Willy Brandt beside him, including from rear sight.
Various settings triumphal procession through West Berlin. Roads under confetti - and shredded paper rain. Brandt next to Kennedy in an open car. Various driving scenes, cheering people on balconies, and along the way, driving alongside boy on roller on way, shot. Cyclists column on street behind people hem, jubilant man with child in arms, close, cheering crowd filling picture. Kennedy, half close, quote: "... economic progress. Let them come to Berlin, let them come to Berlin." Cheering crowd, screen-filling. Adenauer, apart from Dean Rusk and Schröder, half-close. Kennedy interview: "... as a free man, I take pride in the world I am a Berliner." Kennedy by stepping aside and put paper in your purse, half-close. Cheering people looking the height, frontal, cheering crowd (medium). Crowd, filling the screen, supervision.
(72 m, 10:12:15 10:14:50)
(End of 10:14:50)


Persons in the Film

Lübke, Heinrich ; Kennedy, John Fitzgerald ; Adenauer, Konrad


Westdeutschland ; Refugees ; Uhrenfabrik (Schwarzwald) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hamburg, BRD ; Gartenbau ; State visit ; Pferdesport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 105/1963

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Federal Republic of Germany

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