Deutschlandspiegel 103/1963 02.05.1963


01 Photokina more telephoto lenses side by side, behind people by see lens. A photo camera shutter opens and closes, great. Eye, great. Device Flash projector. Rotating film reel, film strips running through the projector.
Cologne: Photokina. Great film strip above an Agfa Corporation level. Supervision on visitors, including opening by Dr Lübke, surrounded by people. Dr Lübke considered camera with extremely large telephoto lens half close and close, side. Woman keeps close and frontal camera in the eye itself, presses the shutter, Flash. Supervision on visitors in Exhibition Hall; Visitors pushed close to stand (oversight and side). Supervision: booth Arnold & Richter different cameras on tripods. Arriflex camera is rotated. Revolving film reels, big. Man waving Arrifelx movie camera. Cameraman operated Arriflex, sits in the foreground man on mixer before several television screens. Visitors look at large bulbs. Photos on the rotating roller. Automatic slide framing, great. Asian girl in kimono sees camera through Canon. Camera Canon will be held prior to the eye, great. Camera: Hand pulls finished photo. Man sees through film camera with a long telephoto lens. Photo of a boy. Woman looks through the camera, great. Photo: colored child. Man looks through the camera, frontal. Photos: race car accident; starving mother with her child in her arms.
(39 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:35) 02 Berlin total etc - East traffic, wall exhibit a, b Berlin: total, swivel to the Memorial Church. Supervision: city motorway, in the foreground some railings. Large, wide road (supervision and totals). Congress Hall. Pedestrians and cars is reflected in the window of a shoe business. Kurfürstendamm: Pedestrian subway entrance, side café Kranzler (?), swivel to the Memorial Church. Soffit: Memorial Church with modern church, Sun appears through stained-glass Windows.
Supervision: road sign "Prince str." Parked cars. Road sign "Prince Street", great. Run waving at cars, traffic jam at the border crossing, front and rear. VW Beetle happens Turnpike and follow the other cars that are in the border area and wait. Parked cars in the background people with placards. Child, large, standing next to poster. Writing on poster "freedom for Harry Seidel! And for 14000 political prisoners", Ms. Seidel and friends of the journalist Harry Seidel protest for his release, half-close and shot. Policeman looks through binoculars behind wire mesh. Brandenburg Gate with the sign "caution! You are now leaving Berlin"behind barbed wire, frontal. Wall with barbed wire, behind houses. Wall with barbed wire. Bricked window of a House facade with road sign "Bernauer Straße". Void "Bernauer Straße" with wall.
Table with font "exhibition 1st floor, happened on the wall exhibition 1st floor" (organizer Reinhardt Hildebrandt), legs go in entrance. Visitors look at pictures, different settings. From the Windows of the showrooms: Supervision on the wall. Exhibition visitors can see through binoculars on the home front, from the back side. Wall with wood privacy screen, behind Street. Woman looks through binoculars, filmed from behind. Vopos are recessed behind a wall. Colored visitors of the exhibition in exhibition spaces. Escape photos: Family runs quickly with luggage across Street, policeman on the barbed wire, man runs across field. Colored visitors, close. Flight photo: Woman hanging from window and people are down, escaping policeman to jump over barbed wire, policeman with a fearful face, old couple leans out the window crying daughter with flowers on the wedding day. Visitors look at photos on the walls, various settings. Tub with the Earth was transported during the tunnel construction. Photo: Woman crawls through the escape tunnel. Affected visitors side and close. 48 crosses mark the places where people escape to life on a city map. Photo: a student. Looking through the window: where the student died at, decorated with flowers. Looking through the window bricked window the opposite facade. Photos: Death of construction worker Peter Fechter on the wall. Wall with barbed wire. (Image and sound jumps!)
(99 m, 10:01:30 10:05:00) 03 review June 17 a, b, c funeral service a, b, c, d (image and sound crack!) Berlin: Review: 17 June 1953 burning barricades, demonstrators on the street, burning Columbushaus, Potsdamer Platz, crowds, filling picture. Brandenburg Gate without red flag. People policemen cordon off the Leipziger Straße. Demonstrators, screen, drive tanks. Protesters throw tanks with stones. Reporter cower behind walls, people running through Potsdamer Platz (gunshots). Verwundeter is worn away. Tank stand and block the road. Old woman is rejected with stock police posts. Supervision: Tank block road.
West Berlin: Schöneberg Town Hall; Tower, Germany flags and Berlin bear flag blowing in the wind. Coffins are laid out and covered with Berlin flags. Mourners, sideways and half close. People, screen-filling.
Ernst Reuter keeps the mourning speech actuality: "sadness that resonates in our hearts, goes beyond in the Soviet zone, after Leipzig the Leuna works, the area of the uranium mining industry, everywhere where the German workers the Communist regime showed them To want a free world and a Communist regime." Intermediate cuts: mourners, seated, filling the screen. Total: Coffins and grieving people, screen-filling.
Konrad Adenauer actuality: "in deep sorrow, in deep compassion in high admiration we commemorate all martyrs of freedom. We commemorate your, the surviving in deep compassion. And rest assured that the whole German people participating in your suffering and feels to you. We To want to remember the dead and the living we To want help. God will be with you and with us." Intermediate cuts: mourners, screen-filling; Cameraman in the foreground is filming Konrad Adenauer; People, screen-filling. Tower of the Schöneberg Town Hall, the coffins will be pushed into cars. The Liberty Bell Rings, wholesale.
(85 m, 10:04:50 10:07:55) 04 Cologne and Thailand exhibit a, b Cologne: Rhine with ships, city image with DOM (total). The towers of the Cathedral. Two exhibition posters hanging side by side. Two men in front of building, visitors in exhibition space, Thai sculpture (soffit), head of the sculpture, great. A temple flag: Buddha is surrounded of gods and celestial beings. Visitors is reflected in the glass of the showcase with figures. Figure of an elephant, different figures, hands browse catalog, Shiva sculpture from the 14th century. Century, various sculptures and stone heads, visitors to the exhibition, various sculptures and Buddha figures. Buddha, great.
(54 m, 10:07:50 10:09:50) 05. Deutsche Welle a, b, c Cologne: new theatre, swing to the Studio of the Deutsche Welle (medium). Cars driving along under Studio gear. The towers of the Cathedral back zoom: filmed out of window. Typewriter typing; Jülich: several antennas, mixer with some glowing buttons, Foyer of the Sendehauses. Various controls are served on the mixer. Control Panel opens. Control cabinet with cables. Changed wave on screen, text type typewriter with clamped paper. Editorial staff with workers, many letters, close. Various stamps, big. Office with staff, sometimes sitting at desks. Conference, employees sit at tables. Paper with foreign language program. Microphone, large, in the background of man behind glass. Hand pull up control on the mixer. Spinning tape on Bobby. Several speakers read off the paper and speak into microphone (different languages/fade) (58 m, 10:09:45 10:11:50) 06 whitewater at Wildbad: supervisory House with timbered stem. Pan down to the River, whitewater: South Western Championships. Einerkajak paddle defense down, viewers are behind bars. Supervision. Einerkajak. Einerkajak paddle defense down. Paddler in two Canadians, frontal and half-close. Einerkajaks paddle through gates of the slalom course. Paddler paddles backward through gate. Paddler meets with top of boots against rock on the shore. Supervision: Einerkajak runs a slalom course, spectators stand on the bridge and on the edge. Manfred Vogt from Ulm (No. 148) is different settings of the Paddler, winner in the men's side, half close and back in the boat.
(32 m, 10:11:45 10:13:00) 07 HSV - Real Madrid Hamburg: people's Park Stadium. Supervision: football game HSV - Real Madrid (light jerseys). ZL: Shot on goal, filmed at the side of the gate. Various scenes, including HSV player in the possession of the ball, players from Real Madrid makes him a leg, HSV player crashes, does a somersault and loses the ball. Uwe Seeler (?, Nr. 11) trying to get to the ball. Real Madrid shoots on goal, HSV goalie holds the ball. Burning sparklers, screen-filling. 11 minutes before the end: the Spanish Amancic header makes the winning goal for Real Madrid (ZL) 1:0 Real Madrid players embrace (31 m, 10:12:55 10:14:10)



Wassersport ; Radio ; Köln ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Mauer (Berlin, 1961) ; Ausstellung ; Football ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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