Deutschlandspiegel 99/1963 03.01.1963


1 Watt postman a, b Nordfriesiche coast. Fishing boats in the harbour. Low tide, the 80-year Heinrich Liermann (help postman) goes with stock and backpack through the mudflats on the way between Pellworm and Süderoog. Liermann, close with Cap. Total: Liermann goes through the mudflats, in the background, go great Hallig, legs in rubber boots, wooden walkway, Liermann goes to House, opens bag, pulls out letters and they presented inhabitant, occupant, close and soffit, with package and letters. Liermann, drinking tea and Get up water in the sand, additional legs, big. Two chimney sweep accompany Liermann, walkers on dike, swivel on Pellworm, underside: thatched roof, woman with headscarf and budget gowns sweeping in front of the House, cyclist passes it. Man greets wife. Sign next to the door: Post Help Center. Shuttle an hour commutes. Hang it on the wall: "certificate Mr Heinrich Liermann the cross of merit" and an image of Lama. Fundstücke: Dishes on the shelf. Broken vessel on the Abseite is broken, broken clay pots of all sizes, Liermann. Liermann, looks, by magnifying glass (this is reflected in his face), filmed by Lupe: Shell (?). Evening: Smoking big cigar, Liermann cigar smoking, Skat game, players. Skat sheet, hand throw a card on the table. Through the mudflats starting Liermann from behind.
(58 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:15) 02 Adenauer in Berlin Berl. Dec. 62, rally a, b, c, d Berlin. Rudder font, aircraft door is closed with Pan-am from the outside, gangway is moving away from the aircraft. Mayor Willy Brandt welcomes Dr. Adenauer on airfield, Adenauer to Brandt, before microphones. Adenauer actuality: "Thank you Very much dear Mr. Mayor, for the gracious words that you have addressed to me and for the tender allusion that I am in the quiet atmosphere of Berlin." Evening: Lighted Street with shop Windows, pedestrians before storefronts with shining Christmas light chain, many cars and pedestrians. Germany Hall: Adenauer passes through busy crowd and waving, clapping spectators, Adenauer at the lectern, o-ton: "ladies and gentlemen! I tell you that in any work that I do with everything that I'm considering, my first thought is, I help Berlin, so I'm helping the zone so, or not." Listeners applaud.
(34 m, 10:02:10 10:03:25) 03 the Russians on the wall with barbed wire, behind House with partly Open Windows, Watchtower filmed by barbed wire, in addition a policeman, wall construction, two Soviet soldiers walk on fence, Soviet soldiers shovelling away beside a pile of stones, sand, Russian soldier faces wall two soldiers see through binoculars, wooden beams vertically positioned to slow moving truck, House facade with Windows walled-up, road sign "Place v. d. Brandenburg Gate" behind walls and barbed wire.
(19 m, 10:03:20 10:04:05) 04. Gerhard Hauptmann a, b Berlin: Congress Hall (medium). Dr. Benvenuto Captain (?), close to half in the background body panels of the Ullstein Publishing House, guests sit at tables, Dr. Benvenuto Captain (?), close, Ullstein-Verlag presents the Centenar Edition of the complete works of Gerhard Hauptmann to the press. Flashback 1946: Gerhard Hauptmann (an old man) at his home in Agnetendorf, Captain put on reading glasses and bends over a piece of paper again settles glasses, mask, Captain sits in a rocking chair and takes book from a table captain, close, hands holding glasses and rest on beaten-up book, drawings by the great misery of weavers around 1890, photos of actors (?). Open book with font: "Gerhart Hauptmann de w.", book of Scripture: "Gerhard Hauptmann of Beaver fur", paintings, several photos, including Rainer Maria Rilke (?), a snow-covered landscape paintings: Agnetendorf, photo by his second wife Margarete Hauptmann. Photo of his work room in his house, photo: Gerhard Hauptmann. Poster "Lessing-Theater Friday, 13 January for the first time: the rats", photo. Photo of Josef KAINZ. Photo: Alexander Moissi, Agnes Straub in "Eisame people". Drawing. Several newspapers, including the Berliner Tageblatt, heading "The captain scandal". Cartoon: Cartoonist draws Captain a new failure line on the forehead. Mask by Gerhart Hauptmann in addition to books: complete edition of his works on his 60th birthday, man considered books. Photos from Greece, in addition to the book "Greek spring". Photo: Gerhard Hauptmann besides Reichspräsident Friedrich Ebert (?), photo by Rathenau. Photos where Captain himself directing, photo: big ship. Photo: North America / captain is doctor honoris causa of the Columbia University awarded, photo: Captain alongside O'Neill, the American dramatist. Various cartoons: Captain as "Olympians", photo: Captain, great. Scene photos from "Iphigenie in Delphi", photo: Captain sits at the desk, handwritten letter, drawing: Captain as an old man. Photo: destroyed Dresden. Drawing: Captain, big as an old man.
(116 m, 10:04:00 10:08:10) 05. Displaced persons - story a, b instrument maker from Egerland/around Erlangen: facade with Windows, look through the window: violin hanging on the ceiling. Stringed instruments are worn over the Court. Workshop: instrument makers in the making of stringed musical instruments. Handyman home improvement Federal bridges on guitar bridge. Many guitar leaning against the wall, artisan boosts various works at the guitar at the end of the guitar,: including voices, guitar is hung under the ceiling; hanging guitars, screen-filling.
Bubenreuth: homework in the kitchen. Wife with apron polished back of a violin, violin edited man. Workshop of a school: trainees at the manufacture of stringed musical instruments (different settings). Students comes up with compass, teacher to students. A painting that shows craftsmen on facade of residence. IDP settlement: Street with pedestrians, cyclists and cars, supervision at the school and settlement. 50 km: Man beats up two basins, basin is stamped under machine and it swung in the district. Workshop: instrument maker puts tuba on the table and keeps valves in the hand, various settings of the wind instrument manufacturing: including trombone and trumpet; Finger, big tuba blows on valves, instrument maker, instrument maker plays trumpet, many wind instruments should be facing.
(80 m, 10:08:05 10:10:55) 06 Parisian kindermoden Munich: child's face, looks great, good corner, children are attracted, girl looks in the mirror, girl is combed, mirror image of a girl, woman with Hat making notes, introduces high-haired girl mini skirt with sweater, boy and girl are together and adhere to the hand, girls dress gets dressed, boy introduces sweater v-neckThat girl in dress rubbing the eyes, girl in a short coat, two girls in dresses. Child bends over with a hat up around tables where adults sit, photographer in the background. Three photographers sitting side by side, several children are in the middle of the room.
(22 m, 10:10:50 10:11:40) 07. vaulting troop Hamburg/Flottbek: girl jumping over the gym equipment horse, young man provides assistance from the side. Child runs on springboard and jump over horse, children adhere to the bridle horse and feed it. Girl jumps on horseback. Trotting horse, girl jumps up, man with a lunge, girl at the vaulting: bounces of the knee level in the stand and back, horse head, great. Feet in boots, big girl holding onto the bridle and stands with one leg on the horse, the other leg stretches it backwards. Three girls sitting behind each other on trabendem horse, the rear girl turns out and is hands-free, sits back then. The 3-year Mitchell runs on horse and bet on the horse, Mitchell holding onto the harness, horse begins to trot girl, great.
(31 m, 10:11:35 10:12:45) 08 ice hockey total: Hall, ice hockey training. Puck moves quickly back and forth with a bat, legs moving quickly towards camera, several shots on goal, Sprint across the ice, stopping. Viewers rests with buttocks on the floor, close. Chair will be on the ice, players rounding run slalom driving, shot on goal.
(17 m, 10:12:40 10:13:20) gymnastics at the 9th Japan - Europe Frankfurt: European Turner - Japanese national team. The Italian Franco Menichelli on the parallel bars. Günther Lys (Germany) on the rings and bounce. On the horizontal bar: Yukio Endo (Japan), hands on the horizontal bar, large, ZL: Yukio Endo on the horizontal bar, bounce. Slapping a spectator, close. Japan WINS.
(38 m, 10:13:15 10:14:40)


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Hauptmann, Gerhart ; Adenauer, Konrad


Reiten ; Gymnastics ; Berlin ; Hallig ; Gedenken ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Mauerbau (Berlin, 1961) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 99/1963

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