Deutschlandspiegel 98/1962 04.12.1962


01 Oestergaard - fashion hand draws clothes. Heinz Oestergaard in drawing. Feet in high heel shoes balance pan up to the mannequin in costume on trunks, wearing hat. Jacket is held to. Another model: costume models, front and back jacket is pulled out. Mannequin undresses coat, it is revealed a backless dress, embroidered full-length evening dress with sequins.
(22 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:00) 02 marriage a, b, c Berlin: banknotes are counted, couple takes money, banknotes are pushed together. Man waits for man with flowers in hand (they are wrapped in paper), close, looks at the clock. Legs: Shoes with spiked heels to go on man's waiting legs, together they will go away. Couple sees organ grinder in window display of jewellery, in the foreground. Rings in the showcase be removed from the display. Hands are placed on the knees. Registered office: several people sitting at the table, illuminated sign "Wedding please do not enter". Mrs ring on the finger is Registrar at the wedding, man, watch shows eight to twelve. Bride and groom: Bride with veil, speaks into microphone, photographer holds a camera in the eye.
(23 m, 10:00:55 10:01:50) 03. floating cars a, b Berlin: cars abandoned industrial site. Workshop: Various adjustments is speedometer Assembly of Amphicars, employees. Mounting of the instrument panel, steering wheel is used, cover is placed over the car, light is mounted, Amphicar drives in the Hall. Experiment: Amphicar drives in the pool. Engineer controlled the engine. Amphicar is released from the experimental basin. Amphicar drives into a Lake, bubbling water at the stern. Two propelled Amphicar in the water, man in the water, interior of the Amphicar Amphicar controls: lever is switched to different settings of the floating Amphicars in the water.
(42 m, 10:01:45 10:03:20) 04 all Saints in East - Berlin Berlin. Wall (supervisory), bricked window of a House facade, Memorial shield: "Bernd Lunger". Wall with barbed wire, Church behind the wall, on the wall writing "Intyrannos". Arrangements before Cemetery (West Berlin). People policeman guarded cemetery, nationals from East Berlin in the grave care. Two people police, watching through binoculars, woman at the hook. Observant people COP, people maintaining the Tomb, around, observing people police, stone figure. Church tower behind wall (soffit), writing on the wall: "KZ", wall with barbed wire.
(33 m, 10:03:10 10:04:25) 05 Espelkamp a, b, c, d, e town sign: Espelkamp-Mittwald district Lübbecke, (located south of Bremen). Cars in the background of urbanization, in the foreground child sits on a trash can. Urbanization, filmed from a moving car. Exploded munitions. Espelkamp: filmed from a moving car, pedestrian walk parking cars on the outskirts, from shop Windows, car on camera goes to, the City Hall (modern building), Parliament of the municipality, City Council meeting, interview: "the plans for the development of the area, Lübbecke road. You have created the requirement that for the construction of another 156 apartments. You know that the housing problem for us is always still very urgent Espelkamp. We have about 6,000 employees, of which 2500 daily from abroad in the city come our industry at the moment." Intermediate cuts: Members of the City Council, new houses, besides construction sites, construction workers shoveling cement in concrete mixers, pedestrian. Workshop (for electrical engineering): workers sitting at machines (settings), wife's sewing machine, Hall: many women at sewing machines. Workers stacking pad, pad be loaded into wagon, new residential development, before the pedestrian into the forest, children playing before school with school yard, in the background, House, modern Church church, students (half close), lessons in school: teacher stands in front of the class (original sound), student interview: "I will never fire play with." "" Students Josef actuality: "I'll never play with fire and rate this Olympics" student interview: "The match in the child's hand," student interview (difficult to understand). Students leave the school.
(83 m, 10:04:20 10:07:20) 06 Reuter - agency image of Paul Julius Freiherr von Reuter (drawing), photo: employees in the news agency Reuter, world map with flags, photo with caption "Reuter Photo". Various photos: Coronation of Queen, football, railway accident. Aachen: After 117, unveiling a plaque to commemorate Reuter, pigeon is released, leaning out of window viewers, are many pigeons out of cages left. After (supervisory), pigeons flying away.
(16 m, 10:07:15 10:07:55) 07 Adenauer in Washington Washington: Kennedy, beside him Adenauer on podium, departing on rope lock up (side), Finland, Adenauer in addition to Kennedy, close. Company, White House (medium), conversation between Adenauer (sitting on a sofa) and Kennedy (sitting in the rocking chair) on the political situation after the Cuban missile crisis, stone tablet with writing "The Blair House". Adenauer enters the free and beckons, gets in the car, leaves policeman on motorcycle with sidecar, motorcycle, total/reflective follows diplomatic car driving: Capitol Park.
(15 m, 10:07:45 10:08:25) 08 Lübke in Thailand Thailand: airfield. Dr Lübke and wife Lübke will be greeted by the King and Queen, Sirikit keeps stretched screen against the Sun in your hand. Photographer behind barrier. Dr Lübke, besides Bhumipol. Sirikit, also wife Lübke, half-close. Dr Lübke walks off together with Bhumipol honour parade, children eagerly waving flags. Marianne Koch keeps small movie camera in front of the eye, Dr. Lübke climb car, then Bhumipol. Squadron of the Royal Thai air force accompanied the train of guests. Laughing woman, great. Workshop of a Seidenspinnerei, lots of coils turn, various adjustments of the workers, Ms. Lübke when visiting the Seidenspinnerei, various settings of the work, Ms. Lübke looks worker over the shoulder. Simple boats, which are loaded with fruit and vegetables. Dr Lübke and wife Lübke visiting a temple, in the foreground decorated large figure, different settings of the temple complex, Dr Lübke, half close, close with sunglasses, Dr. Schröder, temple complex, wife Lübke holds umbrella in hand, next to her Dr Lübke with Hat, great figure (bottom view).
(44 m, 10:08:15 10:09:55) 09. Guinea - Ballet Bonn: Beethoven Hall. Opening of the second German Africa week. Performance of the National Ballet of the Republic of Guinea, various settings of the spectators, including Gerstenmaier in conversation. Dancers, some with bare-chested, among others, drummers, half close, dancers on stilts, drum group. Viewers sit at tables and clap.
(23 m, 10:09:50 10:10:40) 10 Cologne - mosaic - glass Cologne: bridge over the Rhine, in the background of Cologne Cathedral, in glass Bell-Tower of the Cathedral is reflected swivel to the steeple, Church shield, "Dionysus mosaic". Mosaic, screen-filling. Visitors look at Mosaic on the floor, stone relief: Warrior on horse, fine glassware in a case, man considered glass vessels in showcase, various fine glassware.
(39 m, 10:10:35 10:12:00) 11. Italy - exhibition Hamburg: Italian exhibit behind glass, swing Hall E, font "Italy in Hamburg", cashier at the exhibition entrance, spinning machine, jewelry, women considered jewellery shop window several glass vessels in the showcase, women considered various sculptures, sculpture, a bronze by Giacomo Manzù, a sculpture by Floriano Bodini. Woman (large).
(35 m, 10:11:55 10:13:10) 12 gliding Stuttgart: Max Beck messes belt, Beck sits in glider aircraft will be closed from the outside, glider with rope is raised by another plane, people see sky, aerial view from the first aircraft, pilot in the cabin, air intake: village with church, glider. Glider comes in for a landing, then Once again tearing up and makes a loop. Air consumption: Plane turns several times in the air and flies straight on.
(35 m, 10:13:05 10:14:30)


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Lübke, Heinrich ; Kennedy, John Fitzgerald ; Adenauer, Konrad


Ehepaar ; Gedenken ; Segelfliegen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Mauer (Berlin, 1961) ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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