Deutschlandspiegel 96/1962 27.09.1962


01 Catholic day in Hannover. Legs, before passing traffic. Many pedestrians in the background tram. French father Cocagnac plays the guitar and sings (original sound), people surround him and sing along. Various settings of pedestrians. Several bells. Clergy pray while walking and carrying a wooden cross. Various settings of clerics and priests. Folded hands, great. Books hold hands. Exhibition in the open air. Several clergymen. Believers cross themselves and pray. Blessing is given, believers rise. Supervision and balloon: Believer (full-screen).
(42 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:45) 02 Bergen - Belsen-Bergen-Belsen. Hour of Atonement. Cross is worn, two young men with torches before Memorial, various settings of clerics and young people. Wooden cross leans at Memorial.
(10 m, 10:01:35 10:02:05) 03 Ratzeburg and zone boundary bordering zone: Catholic Youth held ceremony of remembrance, believers are partly under umbrellas. Shield "Also there is Germany". Young people (with umbrellas) are closed Turnpike, wall and adjacent houses. Two women, great. Watchtower behind barbed wire. Two women under the umbrella. Wreath-laying ceremony at stone, stone inscription "Germany is indivisible", closed checkpoint. Border design. Watchtower. Run with shepherd looks through binoculars.
(14 m, 10:01:55 10:02:30) 04 Schnackenburg a, b Schnackenburg on the Elbe River. Elbe with ships on the shore. Schnackenburg. Man Get up dike and shows on the Elbe. Two men looking at map, the zone boundary on the map is drawn with the little finger. Bridge: Boy goes to dog on the leash on the village, man leaning against railings. Various settings of old half-timbered houses, four old women always stand together and entertain themselves, old woman looks out of the window open. Sign "Bank", trying in house to reach man, that door is closed, he sees through the window. Old dilapidated House. Idle bakery with utensils for baking. The old Probsteikirche (12th century). Man considered wooden beams, old timber-framed house, signs on the entrance of "Pharmacy" and "Drugstore". Official notice at the door "closed pharmacy", old shelves filled with pots of ointments, desk stands at the window. Man leans out the window and shows something else man, sign 'Mayor, Schnackenburg' closes window man. Tractor. Alter Zollhof, two customs officers with German Shepherd on a leash, ship on the Elbe, run by the boat looks through binoculars. Other side of the (border forbidden zone) filmed from a moving boat. Wachboot from the East. Watchtower. Run across rail looks through binoculars, moving Wachboot. Germany flag blowing in the wind, various settings of the Wachboote. Western customs officials with shepherd walk on the Wheatfield and see through binoculars, construction of the barbed wire fence (settings), smoke (to watch) western border looks through binoculars in the East.
(93 m, 10:02:25 10:05:45) 05. trainees from Asia a, b airport Cologne-Wahn: PanAm machine rolls out man wearing headphones and speaking in the radio, passengers go aircraft stairs, greeting the interns by the, Professor Vialon Secretary of State, aircraft door is closed. Priyanka, close, addressing trainees (sitting at tables), long shot of the area and close-ups of some heads. Departure by bus to the Pestalozzidorf, interns waving from the bus, in the Pestalozzidorf at Landon teacher German, various adjustments teaches classroom with teachers and students, great. Sound bites: Teacher: "Good morning"; whole class: "Good morning"; Teacher: "today we talk about the profession."; Intern: "I am engineer"; Intern: "you what nurse"; Teacher: "not what she was..."; Intern: "nurse she was"; Intern: "I, you, he did it, we have." Teacher: "in Germany the summer is cold. Please try again." Intern: "in Germany the summer is cold."
(41 m, 10:05:40 10:07:15) 06 Federal Press Office a, b, c sign in the foreground "Press and information Office of the Federal Government", behind the building with illuminated Windows (in the evening). Cleaning staff delivers message when cleaning the floor (corridor), plate at the wall, message, Telegraph considered "News section", staff, staff evaluates the message of the tape, tape is stopped and written by typewriter, employees wear headphones while. Punched tape, several employees type text in typewriter. Typewriter, large, with hole stripes before, employee brings two editors in the news agency news. Finished printed "morning report" roller of paper happens, hands quickly sort the various message mirror, "East information"; "Bulletin". Man leaves building, distribution vehicle leaves press and information Office, shield on glass wall "Minister of Interior", "Federal Minister for all-German Affairs", staff in the Office when the reading of messages and phone calls. Two photographers with camera and Flash enter space, man considered photos, such as Adenauer with hat. Projectionists behind projector, employees at the cinema, film performed, various books, including "Germany at a glance". Information runs through apparatus, employee sitting in front of Telegraph, hole strip runs through the device, paper strips are rolled on the floor, before computer systems. Press Conference, Pan about journalists, journalists make notes. Newspaper stand with international press, including "the times"; "Le Figaro"; "Herald Tribune"; "Corriere Della Sera". Man buys newspaper at the kiosk, man is sitting in the car and read the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", three dock workers sit in a moving boat, two of them read a newspaper. Two seated men read "Weser Kurier".
(81 m, 10:07:05 10:10:00) 07 State visit de Gaulle Bonn: newspaper headline "Grüß Gott Mr General!", de Gaulle goes with Lübke in the car, guided by police officers on motorcycles, total and half close by the cheering crowd. Adenauer is located before Palace is de Gaulle Schaumburg, with him on the terrace, beckons de Gaulle, excited girl with a camera, is seeking crowd back held by police officers, filling image. De Gaulle and son in the middle of the crowd, great and totally. Square in front of Bonn City Hall: densely crowded crowd, de Gaulle (half close) speaks on City Hall steps interview: "When I hear your rally, I feel even more strongly than before the assessment and the confidence I have for your great nation, Yes, for the great German people." Adenauer in the background cheering crowd (total).
Duisburg: De Gaulle's, surrounded by workers of Thyssen-Hütte to the lectern, total, is located in between workers, large, with handshake, filled factory with workers (total). Podium, next to his translator and son, de Gaulle actuality: "the fact that Charles de Gaulle here is and is so warmly received by you proves how our two peoples trust already. -Goodbye, gentlemen." Slapping workers total. Workers heads, great. Frantic and schüttelnder his own hands de Gaulle, half total. De Gaulle leaves lectern, total, goes through elbowing workers total, hands.
Hamburg: Town Hall square. Police hold back pushing and nudge end crowd, half total. De Gaulle in the melee of people total. Police officers To try to keep people big, de Gaulle in crowd, back. Senate launch drives de Gaulle on Bowl, large, with sunglasses, with de Gaulle at harbour cruise, barge moored barges and barges passing by, waving, workers waving to him from ship, in the background of Foreign Minister Schröder.
Munich: De Gaulle goes through the cheering crowd, welcomed veterans and war invalids, half-close. Pontifical high mass in the Church of our Lady, total, celebrated by Cardinal Döpfner. Ludwigsburg, Germany: De Gaulle shaking hands of cheering young people on the Ludwigsburg, youthful audience in costumes, Adenauer beckoning and is putting half total, de Gaulle, enthusiastic clapping spectators, de Gaulle, close to half, o-ton: "You need to watch just the flame in your eyes, to be convinced that this enthusiasm has chosen you to the masters of life and the future." Intermediate cuts of devoutly eavesdropping listeners. Heuss as audience, great. Listeners applaud enthusiastically. Ms. Lahiri and Madame de Gaulle as a listener. Crowd, screen-filling. De Gaulle, close. De Gaulle on podium, screen-filling crowd. Poster "Vive de Gaulle", clapping spectators, de Gaulle and Lahiri next to each other, greet the cheering crowd.
(113 m, 10:09:55 10:14:05)
(End of 10:14:05)


Persons in the Film

Gaulle, Charles de ; Adenauer, Konrad


Gedenkstätte ; Hannover ; Zonengrenze ; Kirchentreffen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; BRD/Bundesrepublik Deutschland ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 96/1962

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Federal Republic of Germany

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