Deutschlandspiegel 95/1962 30.08.1962


01 Rendsburg a, b, c total: bridge ships on the North Baltic Sea Canal in the background. Bridge over the Canal. Car is transported in suspension device on the channel. Train happens to bridge. Two hanger down drive Volkswagen beetle and cyclists. Large ship sails under the bridge and smoking railway happens bridge. Supervision: Rendsburg, in the background bridge (long shot). Happens beyond Volkswagen Beetle crosswalks, pedestrian crosswalks. Old timber-frame house. Pedestrian walk through the Archway of old timber-frame house. People sitting on park bench, woman holding one hand on the baby stroller. Old swing bridge panned to the side, ship happened to pass. Closed barriers, behind old swing bridge, sign before: "Out of service". Supervision on the highway, cars drive exit out. Tanker on the highway sign at exit "Rendsburg-Mitte", cars take this exit. Traffic light labels bridge over the expressway, in the foreground: "80 km", "300 m" traffic light symbol and "Northern Baltic Canal Tunnel Rendsburg". Europe Street 3: do little and exit with cars. Drive light through dark tunnels (640 metres) at the end. Cars out of the tunnel. Tunnelein - and exit, ship sails across the tunnel. Figure of a boat driver with his boat.
(49 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:00) 02 Dr Schröder portrait a, b of Sylt. North Sea: Waves beat on the beach. Schröder stands in the dunes (from behind), strong wind. Camera in the hands of agitated sea keeps flying gulls, Schröder, Schröder family goes for a walk on the beach, frontal. Thatched cottage, Dr. Schröder holding ladder is leaning against the House, family member at the top of the head before an open window. Daughter is at the window. Schröder on the ladder. Playing turntables. Family Schröder at the common drink of coffee. Mrs Schröder is pouring coffee, close. Schröder (wearing suit) is sitting in the rocking chair and scrolls book, Schröder at the desk.
(22 m, 10:01:50 10:02:45) 03 Adenauer cherry picking Rhöndorf: family members the House of Adenauer out for spectators on the side of the road. Child looks to camera. Soffit: House of the Chancellor. Cherries pick family sipping coffee on the terrace, grandchildren. Adenauer, close to cherry picking. Close on the arm of a man, Adenauer, child, grandchild denied cherry, Adenauer laughs, children's table with cherries, child sits on the lap of woman and is lined with cherry, children hang themselves Each other cherries over the ear. Adenauer sits, surrounded by his grandchildren, feeds grandchildren with cherries. Child sitting on a garden bench, takes the cherry of basket and eats them.
(24 m, 10:02:40 10:03:35) 04. A Frenchman sees Berlin - folk festival, nightlife, pubs & Zille, Z. 13 August Berlin: French cameraman filming, frontal. Dense traffic (congestion) in the background of Memorial Church. Moving double-decker bus. Kurfürstendamm: Café Kranzler (filmed from a moving car). Filmender French. German-American Volksfest: shot out carousel, many balloons on ribbons. Coloured with cowboy hat. Mayor Amrehm is welcomed by a Chief. Drum is beaten. Colored chef frying meatballs. American soldier drinking beer with another man. Two young women wearing cowboy hats. Rotating carousels, behind the Ferris wheel. Water games in the evening. Supervision: bustling nightclub, water play on stage, dancing girl, close. Dancing young people. Rotating ceiling fan. Pub: Waitress serves drinks, larger round is sitting at the table. Figure: Zille. Several drawings by Zille, several bar guests. Berlin commemorates on August 13, 1961: great Street, in the background victory column. Traffic COP controls road traffic. Buses in front of House brick to. Dilapidated House. Young man seen postcards from the wall. Different wall photos, among others from the Brandenburg Gate with barbed wire. Books in the shop window, couples look (flag) and books about Berlin in the shop window in the shop window, Berliner Bär. Open book with photos of Berlin/wall construction and escape. People wave to Each other. Wall with barbed wire. Liberty Bell Rings. Road sign: Hardenbergplatz, in the background of Memorial Church. Watch: Pointer show noon, people stand still for a moment of silence on the sidewalk and street. Related car and moped riders, ringing Liberty Bell, window of a House are bricked, two young men keep watch for dead refugees flowers on the sidewalk, RIM inscription,: "The victims of the wall". Ringing Bell. People facing channel, partly with torches, stone inscription: "The unknown refugee", ringing Liberty Bell. People waving from a bridge, some with handkerchiefs. House behind the wall, a woman with a child on his arm waving from an open window. People behind barbed wire. Shield behind wall: "Square in front of the Brandenburg Gate". Hand on a car horn. Facade with Windows walled-up. Horn is activated. People on street corner: Bernaustrasse, policemen man with raised fist face crowd that. Observation post with binoculars, Brandenburg Gate behind barbed wire.
(86 m, 10:03:25 10:06:35) 05 Boy Scouts a, b camp in Eckernförde on the Baltic Sea. Boys come out of their tents. Boys running into the Baltic Sea, some frontal. Cheer their comrades when the rider fighting Scout, Scout hoist flags, Scout Oath. Flags waving in the wind. Supervision: tent camp. Scout during the cooking, noodles are stirred into the pot, Scout while eating. Sunset on the Sea Scouts sitting around Campfire (in the evening), big luffing feet. Boy Scouts sing, accompanied by guitar. Fire.
(30 m, 10:06:25 10:07:35) 06. Sleeves mountain pilot farm "Sleeves mountain". Errant tractor, the main long building, moving tractors, grain silo, man with wheelbarrow, pigs outdoors in small enclosures, errant tractor, man feeds pigs. Pigs eating out trough, man with Hat, close. Piglets undergo under grid. Stable: Man in the coat out of bucket list and shoveling feed in small plastic bag, lab assistant fills to feed in Petri dishes with teaspoon. Technician performs experimental, looks onto the tubes and takes notes. Field is plowed with tractors. Grass, combine picks up on grass. Fully mechanical the grass will be rebooked on assembly line. Modern preservation tank. Supervision: Man standing next to the Assembly line and throws grass back on the Assembly line. Cows graze on grass. Milking time: Cows go towards the milking shed. Electric milking machine, a milking machine, large, is applied. Milk flows from a small cock.
(56 m, 10:07:30 10:09:30) 07. Heidschnucken a, b Lüneburg Heath: old timber-frame house. Heidschnucke rears up on the wooden fence, girl stroking head of Heidschnucke, Heidschnucken, auctioneer. Moorland is the Horn pulled, moorland, close. Various settings of buyers. Auctioneer (original sound). Heidschnucke. Buyer. Auctioneer actuality: "We take also cheques in payment." Laughing visitors. Auctioneer at the auction of a moorland. Moorland is carried away in the hindlimb. Many Heidschnucken, busy, on the meadow.
(28 m, 10:09:25 10:10:30) 08 sculptor Reidel a, b, c in the vicinity of the Bavarian town of Landshut: House of the sculptor Karl Reidel on Hill, girl comes out door into the open, sculptures are available on the terrace. Works in outdoor sculpture, Karl Reidel, boy rocks next to it. Reidel, helps him half close with apron, boy in the arrows on a work of art. Reidel edited artwork with a steel brush. Reidel, close. Sculpture. Vases on windowsills, painting, Marlene Reidel (painter) when editing a painting, Marlene Reidel, close. Painting, great. Book is turned: "New Testament", woodcut sequence. Workshop: Karl Reidel when you create a tab character in wax. Playing ancient musical instruments. Karl Reidel, close. "The last supper" in different versions. "Girl with cat or cat's eyes", various works of art in the open air. Long shot: House on the hillside, camera pan across a landscape.
(76 m, 10:10:25 10:13:10) 09 Nürburgring a, b, c Nürburgring. Heavy rain, people are densely under umbrellas. Start of the "Grand Prix of Germany". Various settings of the race, notes are made. Position battles between Phill Hill, Graham Hill and Jim Clark and Dan Gurney. Phill Hill (car No. 1) leads. The Italians Badoni comes in the spin and leaves, race car is in the bushes (emits smoke), Badoni jumps out of his car. Notes are made on the edge. Phill Hill at the pit stop, Phill Hill differentiates helm and speaks man something in his ear. Man holds up sign. Clerk of the course of Porsche. Man with checkered CAP, glasses and a mustache touches on the nose and see moving past race cars behind. Various settings of the race. It wins Graham Hill, Graham Hill on podium, receives close wreath and flowers.
(43 m, 10:13:05 10:14:45) 10 Pan am story warning: does not exist!
(16 m)


Persons in the Film

Schröder, Gerhard ; Adenauer, Konrad


Kunstausstellung ; Autorennen ; Sylt ; Berlin ; Gedenken ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Berlin, BRD (Bundesland) ; Mauerbau, 13. August 1961 ; Straßenbau ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 95/1962

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Federal Republic of Germany

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