Deutschlandspiegel 94/1962 26.07.1962


01 Adenauer in France a, b, c Paris: flags blowing in the wind the Eiffel Tower, Obelisk next to it, in the background. Aircraft rolls out. Charles de Gaulle, close to half to down aircraft stairs. Adenauer's coming down stairs, is greeted by de Gaulle. Adenauer (waving) sitting next to de Gaulle in an open car, accompanied by a police escort. Many viewers behind barrier. Honor guard. Palace servant opens door in the Elysée. Conversation between Adenauer and de Gaulle (theme: European policy). Inscription in stone. Arc de Triomphe: Adenauer at wreath-laying ceremony at the "Tomb of the unknown soldier", playing Chapel, Tomb. Common parade of French and German troops before General de Gaulle (in uniform) and Dr. Adenauer, de Gaulle pulls Adenauer on the arm, half-close. Moving tanks. Clapping audience. Adenauer (waves), in addition to de Gaulle, standing in the open driving car. Cathedral of Reims (medium): solemn mass, Adenauer goes next to de Gaulle. Sunlit nave. Medium: Adenauer is standing next to de Gaulle on pedestal. Supervision: Nave with visitors.
(40 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:40) 02 Rusk in Berlin a, b Berlin/Tempelhof Airport: welcome delegation, Rusk in addition to Brandt by bent immediately. Observing, including U.S. military, close. Rusk speaks Brandt, close quote on airfield, next to him: "I am not a complete stranger in Berlin..." I'm still a suitcase in Berlin." (He justifies further greetings Kennedy Brandt and the Berlin). Rusk interview: "Berlin is also my trip worth!" Kurfürstendamm with motorcade, frontal, in the background of Memorial Church. Rusk and Brandt on recessed at the Brandenburg Gate, tank crosses. Wagon train (frontal) accompanied Brandenburg Gate by police escort, in the background.
(19 m, 10:01:30 10:02:20) 03 Christoph Meckel Berlin: pedestrian on sidewalk. Medium: Cars and pedestrians pass through junction. Christoph Meckel (writer and Illustrator) opens door and comes from tobacco shop. Tobacco shop Zollhöfer & BAM in the Varziner Street (road sign), Meckel before that. Meckel is on camera. Meckel in his apartment: close with window, Meckel while drawing, sitting at the table in front of sloping roof. Drawing (representing everyday). Meckel typing on a typewriter. Machine stops, close. Various settings of the drawing. Meckel sits in his apartment around small table with friends, look at picture book. Meckel, close, smoking. Two men with a ladder go through the Archway and meet the woman in the apron on the Court. Drawing. Facade of the courtyard. Drawing. Courtyard: Man pulls a cart with vegetable crates and goes to open wooden door, boy helps with slide. Drawing. Meckel (filmed from behind) goes along shopping street. Drawing. Scaffolding on the House. Moving S-Bahn, in addition bridge over a canal. Ship is also on channel Street with cars. Drawing: the man with the fish (a constantly recurring motif). Meckel is high-rise and smokes. Meckel happens road.
(52 m, 10:02:10 10:04:05) 04. Jazz typically Church Hamburg: R/St. Martin's Church (medium). People go to church. Steeple. Musicians enter Church. Mosaic stained glass window. Altar. Cross with each a burning candle on the sides. Soffit: four young people play on their instruments of jazz. Supervision on members of the community. Banjo player, trumpet player, face of a young girl, big. Boy with glasses, large. Listener, great. Guitar Player. Members of the community. Pastor (original sound). Singing choir. Community members sit in pews (filmed from behind). Choir sings. Members of the community. Cross with lighted candles. Mosaic stained glass window.
(42 m, 10:04:00 10:05:35) 05. school for young fishermen Bremerhaven/school for young fishermen: Fischer holds power in your hand. School for young fishermen filmed through network. Classroom: Trainees wear hats and sit at tables, turning the steering wheel will be screened. Outdoor education: students sit together at tables, in the background the sea. Teachers in the foreground. Navigation with compass and Octants explains. Students pull apart network, one of them falls down and is covered by the network, he crawls out. Shows the node on the network. Avoiding student turns and looks into camera. Students wear vertical rudder. Two students use crank and allow boat. Students swing with the help of dew in a rowing boat. Students rowing on command of their teacher (settings).
(35 m, 10:05:30 10:06:45) 06. windjammer Baltic/completion of the Kiel sailing weeks: tall ships used sails. Sailor hat, writing on CAP: "Ship Gorch Fock", close. Tax men. Captain's commands through a megaphone. Sailors pull ropes. Sails are set. Sailor trumpeting runs Badeschiff "Tom Kyle", Captain greets, guests of the bathing ship beckon the Gorch Fock, shooting two men. Gorch Fock (total). Waving guests from ship moving by. Gorch Fock (long shot), supervision on the ship's deck.
(27 m, 10:06:40 10:07:45) 07 Prince wedding a, b Landshut: firecrackers from cannon is fired. Princely wedding is celebrated in medieval splendor. Catchment of the princely wedding couple. Clad cameraman kneels down and filming parade. Man in Knight equipment on the horse. Three Knights on horses, side by side, carried by pedestrians. Flags are waved. King sits in litter and beckons, beckoning people of the parade Tower. Lancer. Wife has disguised himself as a Polish Princess Jadwiga and waves from a moving car. Various settings of the parade: wedding couple goes up stairs, fanfares resound. Princely wedding couple, close. Championship course: spring stinging. (Riders must punch spring with long Lance, twice to succeed.) The nobles on the edge. Knight rides into equipment. Woman reaches Cup Knight, Knight drinks from the Cup. Bridal couple with modern wedding dresses (frontal).
(38 m, 10:07:35 10:09:00) 08 Rosenthal a, b Selb in Bavaria: long shot, in the distant smoke comes from the chimneys of the porcelain industry. Smoke from the kilns of the city (shot). Porcelain: Porcelain is stacked, lubricated to kiln, straw is ignited in the kiln. Coal is shovelled into burning round oven. Manufacturing a bowl on the pottery wheel. Rationalization of the work processes. Vessels are filled with fluid. Man behind scale. The raw materials for porcelain, kaolin, feldspar and quartz are prepared automatically. The ready raw material is cut and placed on the conveyor belt. Stacked dishes, also switch room (electric switchboard). Man wears coat and goes along to display in the control room. Automatic forms Foundry. Liquid is poured in the form and shell used. Several vessels stand side by side on the shelf. Making a form by hand, vascular revolves. Worker pushes raw material on vessel, machine presses the right shape then. Finished vessels on the shelf: coffee pots, sauce boat. Machine throws crockery, large tray with some broken crockery. Ms paint porcelain figurine. Man paints on porcelain plates, ready painted porcelain vases are on the shelf. The Dane Bjön Windblaad when developing a design. Painted jars, shadow beside a bottle. Two burning candles in a porcelain candle holder. Two painted jugs. Porcelain figures designed by Raymont Peynet. Different vases. Painted woman's face on porcelain, great.
(82 m, 10:08:55 10:11:55) 09 litter pigeon - shooting Bad Neuenahr: International clay pigeon shooting. Hand wearing a glove and grabs clay pigeon. Clay pigeon is in throwing machine, gun filled with cartridges. Shooters shoot at clay pigeons. Clay pigeon shatters in the air. Various settings of the shooters. Margins of the grenade launcher. Gun barrel, big. Many empty cartridge cases lying in the grass. Of 200 clay disks, Graf shot down 198 of the mills and won the "big Casino prize".
(24 m, 10:11:45 10:12:45) 10 military Lüneburg Heath: German championship in the military. Various settings of the riders, who overcome obstacles with their horses, including being ridden by water. Horse denied barrier (fence before moat), riders tried it again and then falls into the water. Rider and horse presses through the water. Horst Karsten on Hanko occupies the second place, the Warendorfer Fritz Ligges on Cossack successfully defended his victory of the previous year and wins the military.
(32 m, 10:12:35 10:13:55)


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Rusk, Dean ; Meckel, Christoph ; Adenauer, Konrad


Segelsport ; Kirche ; Fishing ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Porzellan ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 94/1962

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