Deutschlandspiegel 92/1962 30.05.1962


01 Siel ports East Frisian North Sea. Ships lie at low tide in the port. Boats are in the mud. Fishing net. Cruising boat: fishing net hangs over the water surface. Ship in the crab fishing on the sea, birds circling the ship. Captain looks out the window, Fischer knotted rope with Bobble. NET is in the water. Fishermen Get up the railing and shaking off network. Trawler with two networks, sometimes they hang in the water (medium). Fisherman pulls full power out of the water and opens it, fish fall to the ground, crabs crawling over the fish. Fishermen scoop fish in a colander and crabs are read out. Flying Seagulls. Crabs in a box, hands sort of crab. Bubbling water. Captain, close. Ship arrives in port. Ship docks. Ship deck. People are waiting at the harbour with horse, Which one is stretched prior to a cart. Carolinensiel: Channel. Fisher goes with power on the Canal along (soffit). Fischer goes along to old church. Tower with tree before. Village is located directly on the water. Farmers driving tractors with milk jugs. Small port with ships. New semi-detached houses of fishermen, new port, camera pan across the dike to the new village of Harlesiel.
(72 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:45) 02. stack running Esso, Spain a, b Hamburg Howaldts shipyard. Shipyard workers. Ship's hull (soffit), propeller. Workers with helmet blowing whistle. Remove the chocks with driving beats, engineer supervises the work, looks at heel knife. Man tie flower to the neck of the bottle with a helmet. Viewer, screen-filling. The body of the ship. Woman with Hat, close. Workers with helmet photographed woman with Hat christens the ship on the name "Esso Spain", the bottle shatters on the fuselage, worker turns a crank, launch, partly filmed from the ship. Ship slides backward into the water. Viewers pick their hats, farewell to the ship (o-ton "Hipp, Hipp, hooray"), workers waving their helmets. Many boats on the water. Smoke coming from the chimney. Medium: "Esso Spain" in the harbour.
(40 m, 10:02:40 10:04:10) 03 Gorch Fock in New York a, b, c New York: moving Gorch Fock, helicopter flying over port. Propelled Gorch Fock against the skyline of Manhattan. Sailing (soffit). Sailors stand at the railing. Tax man. Propelled Gorch Fock crewed on the railing. Tax men. Sailors are parallel to each other in two snakes and pull rope. Sailors in the shrouds. Sailor looks through binoculars. Crew standing at the railing overlooking the statue of liberty and sailor whistles on small pipe. Greeting of the Gorch Fock by other ships, including through a fire ship. Captain looks through binoculars. Crew on deck and on the railing, with views of the skyline.
(26 m, 10:04:05 10:05:00) 04 Hanover Hanover Trade fair: 16 industry trade fair. Traffic jam. Any pedestrian, screen-filling. Cars, heavy traffic. Traffic policeman directs traffic. Well attended car park. Opening of the exhibition by Economics Minister Erhard, close and laughing. Visitors are reflected in the mirror. Man faces a roll in which he reflected. Woman holding together hanging chains and lifting them. Two visitors compress spiral. Hand-operated controls and machine moves, man (large) observed operation. Spinning tape. Paper is printed. Supervision: People go about lit floor. Corners, gear, lights, cranes. Visitors walk down on scaffolding (spiral). Man observed rotating tires. Rotating blades. Excavator bucket stands out. Water in plastic circles. Glass container. Supervision: font Deutz exhibition grounds.
(37 m, 10:04:55 10:06:20) 05. zone boundary zone boundary about 100 km east of Hanover: big binoculars. Border guards overlook through binoculars over wood fence. Run looks through binoculars, before him a sign: 'stop! Zone boundary". Shield, great, "German Democratic Republic", border guards to reinforce the border: barbed wire is moved, officer stumbles and falls, loses Cap. CAB two officers retain is military vehicle. Shield with Turnpike.
(17 m, 10:06:15 10:06:55) 6 1 may a, b Berlin. Scripture: "freedom knows no wall." Demonstrating people go towards the old Reichstag building. Long shot: Old Reichstag with writing "Freedom knows no wall," crowd image filling. Federal President Dr Lübke on speaker's podium before microphones including RIAs, o-ton: "nowhere in Germany the value of freedom is radiant in our consciousness as here in Berlin before the wall of unfreedom. Freedom knows no wall." Cars with loudspeakers on the roof. Flags billowing in the wind with barbed wire logo. Slapping protesters.
(15 m, 10:06:50 10:07:25) 07 Lübke honorary citizen of Berlin: Schöneberg Town Hall (long shot). Waving flags in the wind: Berliner Bär and Federal Republic of Germany. In the Schöneberg Town Hall: guests rise from their chairs, Willy Brandt (Governing Mayor) presented the honorary letter of Berlin Dr. Lübke. Cardinal Dibelius, close, among the guests, sitting next to Ms. Lübke. Total: Hall.
(9 m, 10:07:20 10:07:45) 08 clay Freeman Berlin: Berliner Bär, great. Willy Brandt honors General Lucius D. Clay, the outgoing personal representative of President Kennedy in Berlin, as an honorary citizen of the city of Berlin, handshakes between Brandt and clay. Honorary citizen letter, great: "Mr general Lucius D. Clay his of country and the city of Berlin." FLASHBACK: the former military Governor and Commander in Chief of the zone of the United States in Germany; Airlift: Plane flies over moving S-Bahn Delivery of the Liberty Bell, clay before microphones.
(13 m, 10:07:35 10:08:10) 09. Adenauer in Berlin Berlin: Adenauer goes down the aircraft stairs, holding stick and hat, welcome by Willy Brandt in the hand. Cameramen at the movies. House facade with walled-up Windows, car reverses, accompanied by police officers on motorcycles on the outskirts press and spectators. Bernauer str.: Wall with wood wall and writing: "there is only one Berlin!", tram tracks end before wall. Adenauer with wreath, wreath inscription: the Federal Chancellor. Adenauer before Memorial made of barbed wire. Supervision: Brandenburg Gate.
(15 m, 10:08:05 10:08:45) 10 Symposium a, b Berlin: the Reichstag. Works of art on meadow ("European sculptor Symposium"). The Berlin sculptor Joachim Fritz Schultze edited large stone with hammer and chisel. From Tokyo: Yasuo Mizui in the processing of stone. The Swiss Josef Wyss at work. At the same time, several artists edit a stone. The Hungarian Barna by Satory edited a granite stone in the background Reichstag. The Viennese Roland Göschl at work. Soffit: processed stone.
(28 m, 10:08:35 10:09:40) 11 British weeks a, b Berlin: British flag blowing in the wind, behind Memorial Church. Sign "British weeks in Berlin 1962". Kurfürstendamm adorned with British flags in the background of Memorial Church. Playing Chapel goes by road. Spectators at the edge. English and German traffic COP directing traffic. Many cars. Father crosses Street at pedestrian traffic light with three children by the hand. Bobby when the rules of traffic.
(19 m, 10:08:35 10:09:40) 12 mode passing through a, b, c, d, e Berlin: the new Womenswear show three mannequins on a traffic island on the Kurfürstendamm: two costumes, hats and coats. Kauendes child's parents table (outside) in the Café, in addition. Mannequin introduces fur hat and coat with fur collar in front of the Hotel Kempinski. Two mannequins show costumes and hats. Old man with bow tie and glasses is sitting in the Café and smokes a cigar. Three mannequins pass zebra stripes, their street costumes consist of Dioles Chemie-Faser. At the Memorial Church: New clothing Center, before road (double-decker buses, trams). Three mannequins go to the Hilton Hotel. Soffit: Hilton Hotel. Many companies from the Federal Republic show her model collection here. Two jacket dresses from Scots Diols. Fashionable House suit with suspenders. Façade of the hotel. Factory shop: many seamstresses in the Hall. Fabric on production line. Dressmakers at work, fabric is sewn into the sewing machine. The woman in the apron. Spinning yarn packages. African student in the cutting of fabric. Man ironing cloth. Finished dresses hanging on a trolley and be driven in the projection booth. International buyers looking at the clothes. Woman pushes dresses to the side and sees through the gap. Clothing introduces buyer seller, she takes notes. Chandelier. Fashion show of the Berlin model House bars Seger with the new line for autumn and winter. A cloth coat with a rich stock of Ocelot. Viewers. The great Duchesee silk evening dress decorated with precious embroidery. Various evening dresses are presented. Mannequin undresses coat, including evening dress comes to the fore.
(90 m, 10:10:15 10:13:25) 13 Cup a, b, c Berlin: Olympic Stadium (German Cup). Prospective viewers flock to the entrance. Supervision: Sold out Stadium (94,000 viewers), soccer game of 1 FC Nuremberg 1. FC Köln (White Jersey). In the 22nd minute, it falls through the Cologne Captain Hans Schäfer of the opening goal. Avid viewers. The 1 FC Cologne is located in the attack, since the Nuremberg Reisch in between jumps. Habig (1 FC Cologne) shoots, goalkeeper Wabra (1st FC Nuremberg) loses the ball - it is 3:0 enthusiastic viewers flags swing. Cologne is attacking, defenders shoots pot the 4 0: cheering and waving fans. Spectators on the pitch lift players from the 1st FC Cologne with the trophy.
(36 m, 10:13:20 10:14:45) 14 PAA story warning: does not exist!> (33 m)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Erhardt, Ludwig ; Adenauer, Konrad


Fishing ; Zonengrenze ; Industrie-Messe (Hannover) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Berlin, BRD (Bundesland) ; Schiffsbau ; Football ; 1. Mai ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 92/1962

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