Deutschlandspiegel 91/1962 26.04.1962


01 Lübke in Austria Vienna: wrought iron gate, behind the Palace of Belvedere. Federal President Dr Lübke visited Palace with his wife. Dr Lübke when viewing different paintings. Treasury in the Hofburg: Dr Lübke, half close, considered German Imperial Crown in the glass showcase. Crown, great. Schröder looks to Crown. Spanish riding school: Gala performance honoring the German guests. Sitting in a row: Schröder, Lahiri. Rider on Lipizzaner stallions during the demonstration.
(23 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:05) 02 spring in Berlin West Berlin: propelled truck, driving on the Charlottenburg Castle. Place is swept in front of the Castle. Hotel Berlin (medium): Some employees on the balconies at shaking off the bed covers. Wannsee/pre-season: men get chairs from sheds and rebuild it on terrace. Dog lying on her back and stroked the belly with a rake. Man sits at the Wannsee and paints signs "Permanent cabins", carried to the Wannsee beach chairs. Car traffic. Indoor swimming pool at the Hohenzollerndamm: man looks through pool window on woman in a bikini, knocking against the washer, showing on the clock and indicates the time with his fingers. Woman Get up and go to the edge of the pool. Zoological Garden: seal jumps off the rocks into the water, seal head shakes itself. Deer licks the fur of a fawn. Bird of prey in a cage. Botanical Garden: woman in the coat Pocket is a lake and waits. Pussy willow. Painter Reinhold Timm with Hat paints outdoors on easel picture.
(37 m, 10:01:00 10:02:20) 03 Berlin and Berlin wall: pedestrian at the wall. People COP goes along to tank traps. Barbed wire on a roof of a House. Sign: "warning! S train warns your disembarking passengers as deprivation of liberty to proceed in the direction of Potsdam. Direction note! "." Supervision: Train enters covered station. Almost solitary compartment. The silhouette of a man with Hat and coat, he keeps blinking flashlight camera. Dark houses facade: two Windows will light on and off made. Blocked road, separated by wood. Two children playing on the street. Man in West Berlin signaled his wife and his children in Berlin, that he has sent a package, woman he beckons, then child. Man holds up a letter. Hands in a box with letters, words: Berlin - City Centre - East. Hands can be found a stack of letters. Postal employee sorts letters on a shelf. Loading mail sacks. Moving mail truck. URNs are submitted from a window, stowed in wagons and closed doors. Bus of a funeral company crossed the border for the purpose of exchange of the URN. Two Windows. Boots of a popular police officer. Two people leaning out of the window, woman looks out the window and cries, o-ton: "there is my family, my children, my mother and all wave and we not come together. "And so often, one wonders how to end just Once again?" Boy walks along the wall. (48 m, 10:02:15 10:04:00) 04. Schloß Tegel Tegeler Lake. Castle on Lake Tegel (medium). Ancient stone figure. Interior with various ancient figures (casts of sculptures from the Villa Ludovisi in Rome), bust of Wilhelm von Humboldt (?). Book is pitched with drawings (records the travels of Alexander von Humbolds and the exploration of the American continent).
(30 m, 10:03:55 10:04:55) 05 art prizes Berlin/Schoneberg Town Hall: the city of Berlin gives the prices of art in 1962. Various settings of the audience, including Gerhart Bergmann. Prof. Egon Eiermann is awarded the architecture prize. Total: Memorial Church. Soffit: Ruins and new construction. Light floods through stained-glass Windows. The 39 years old painter Gerhart Bergmann (Lecturer at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Berlin) receives the prize of the young generation for Visual Arts. Bailey opens its price and wording appears: "the Senate of Berlin gives the painter Gerhart Bergmann in recognition of his artistic performance the price of young generation. Jubilee Foundation 1848-1948." Colors and brushes in cans. Bergmann in his Studio when creating a painting, Bailey half close, great stroke of the brush. The actress Karin Hübner receives the award for performing arts. Hübner turns pages page of the price: "Berlin Senate gives the musical actress Karin Huebner in recognition of their artistic achievement > my fair lady <..." Hübner make-up itself and is as Eliza barbered. make-up utensils. on stage during the performance > my fair lady <, she sings (original sound).
(44 m, 10:04:50 10:06:30) 06. piano player Stuttgart: Music College / competition for the youngest talents. Hands to play the piano on a Steinway & sons - wing. People go up stairs to the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik. Girl playing on the wing. Boy, close up, girl, close, both Klavierspielend. Father gives his son advice, son kneads his hands. Father as spectators, in addition to two other spectators. Various settings of a playing boy. The 15 year-old Rudi Mazka plays jury (sitting at tables), Mazka receives best rating, Mazka close.
(51 m, 10:06:20 10:08:15) 07. violin making in Mittenwald a, b, c, d Mittenwald: snow-covered mountains. Man transported two logs on sleds. Houses, in the backdrop of snow-covered mountains. Steeple. Wife Get up balcony and railing wipes. Two old men talk. Stone figure of the luthier Matthias Klotz. Entrance to the violin school, students go up stairs. Work space: Teacher in white coats watching students at the works. Students considered violin top when planing, girls with teachers together. Students considered for saws, grinding and shaft. Violin body are put on the shelf. Teacher draws on the Blackboard, students draw. Violin body is rotated. Violin is polished, several violins hang from the ceiling, students painted violin. String being edited, teacher plays the violin. Violins hanging from ceiling. Violins are hung outdoors. Many violins hang in front of the Windows of the school, screen.
(58 m, 10:08:10 10:10:15) 8 a, c Bochum Observatory: new satellite and Space Research Institute. Kaminski (head of the Astronomical Observatory and the new Institute) is on camera. Satellite antenna. Shadow of a plant and a man. Employee tip device heaven. The Observatory dome rotates. Antenna system. Laboratory: Employee turns off tape and operated control of a device. Two people in white coats look at expression. Expression comes from the apparatus. Staff carry out the test. Man considered expression. Needle moves on paper. Running tape. Two staff members consider trajectory on paper.
(45 m, 10:10:10 10:11:50) 9 Stuttgart gymnastics: international competition of the gymnast. Germany - Japan youth team. Parallel bars (ZL), in the overall standings he came Günther Lyhs to fifth place. The Japanese Yukido Endo at his routine on the horizontal bar (partly ZL), Endo jumps out and lands safely (ZL), the Japanese win with three points ahead.
(17 m, 10:11:45 10:12:25) 10 Athletics a, b Dortmund Westfalenhalle: German Indoor Championships. Pole vault in ZL. Dieter Möhring in the pole vault (partly in ZL), Möhring reaches his old record height of 4.40 m and remains champion. Shot put: the Munich Dieter Urbach defends his title with 17.15 m (ZL). Ball flies through the air and lands in the sand (ZL). Start of the hurdles of women (over 55 m): Erika Fisch indoor record running 7.7 sec.
(19 m, 10:12:20 10:13:05) 11 football hamburger people's Park Stadium: national team of Uruguay - German team. Full seating. Supervision on the playing field. Different game scenes, Uruguay in the attack, shooting on goal, keeping German goalkeeper. Audience faces, close. In the 24th minute of the game comes Haller at the ball, plays two opponents and scored a 1-0. Haller stumbles over goalkeeper and falls down. Enthusiastic spectators. 2nd half: Attack of the German team and shot on goal, ball missed the gate. Spectator with Hat and glasses, large. Square pass Seeler and Saeed shoots the 2:0 cheering spectators, man jumps up again and again. Uruguay, the German goalkeeper Fahrian attack missed the ball, but Kurbjuhn save on the goal line. Bright flood lamp. German team that shoots 3-0 (final score). Spectators enthusiastically raise arms. German team goes from the playing field, including Uwe Seeler.
(41 m, 10:12:55 10:14:35) 12 signature warning: does not exist!
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Lübke, Heinrich


Mittenwald (Oberbayern) ; Berlin, auch Westberlin ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Mauerbau (Berlin, 1961) ; Football ; Preisverleihung ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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