Deutschlandspiegel 89/1962 01.03.1962


01 Lübke in Africa - Guinea, Liberia, Senegal, Liberia: aircraft with stairs, Federal President Dr Lübke's gangway down with his wife. Welcome by William Tubman and Ms. Tubman, camera pan across Monrovia (capital of Liberia), police escort motorcycles driving through the capital, transparent: Welcome to Lübke with sunglasses in addition to Tubman, Liberia, parade band, spectators, parade, folk festival on the Tototafarm of the Liberian host: child with braids plugged-on worn by boy, child carries two pallets of eggs on his head, drum size, people move to the music, Music Chapel plays: clad dancers on stilts, Lübke (large) sitting with sunglasses, dancer. Guinea: second station on the journey of Conakry (capital of Guinea), police officer on motorcycle, accompanied by a police escort, spectators at the roadside clap ride to the airport Toure Sékon and Lahiri wave passing through Lahiri from moving car, fisheries research vessel Hilda in the background, the guinearische Government, flag is hoisted, bow of the ship, signature on vessel wall size: Hilda. Senegal: Arrival in Dakar, mounted police, spectators waving from the roadside, Lübke and Léopold Sédar Senghor waving out of moving car, flag is attached to the roof, street scenes, high-rise building with balconies, Lübke with his wife and hosts, Lübke large, boat regatta flies away Lübke, music group, passing on the airport by Léopold Sédar Senghor and his wife, aircraft to honor Lübkes, festive farewell for the couple.
(90 m, 10: 10:00 10:03:30) 02. Berlin green week Berlin from supervision, traveling underground, Berlin exhibition halls at the radio tower, opening of the "Green Week", fountain, Federal President Dr Lübke and Governing Mayor Willy Brandt go through exhibition, sign: Canada, France, cheese from the Netherlands, three women in Dutch costume at the cheese stand, expenses: bread and wine bottles, Lübke stands next to Brandt and presented a woman some sausage and pineapple in rotating show bullets out of Plexiglas,, Brandt stroking a cow's head, many chicks picture filling, Lübke and Brandt large side by side, man smells great on huge lilac bouquet, lilac flowers.
(26 m, 10:03:20 10:04:20) 03 plaster Foundry Berlin: mummies, sculptures, plaster moulds of the former national museums, plaster heads, plaster cast will be processed with brush, replica of a sculpture, cast poured, sculpture is taken from casting mould, plastic is processed, ready-made sculptures and sculptures out of plaster.
(43 m, 10:04:15 10:05:50) 04. 6 day race Berlin: Sports Palace. 50th six days, front wheel racers, various settings of the driver turns right in front of the camera in the background, spectators and angry spectators, Bell, leg massaged, tire is inflated, tire hanging on a pole (quick cuts), racetrack will be wiped, garbage is swept from the steps, driver read newspaper and draw viewers, awards ceremony with a foot, final laps of the race,: winners wreaths to the Belgians Rik by Looy and its Dutch partner Peter Post, Spectator blowing Horn, winning big.
(28 m, 10:05:45 10:06:50) 05 Bernauerstr. & wall a, b Berlin: Bernauer Straße. Beer Tap pub, host, male guests, newspaper kiosk, woman buys newspaper, newspaper seller with dove on shoulder, stroller is pushed, policeman patrolled, tram stops in front of wall plate,: Bernauer str. / E. Whale liner str., tram driver and passenger get off tram, reconciliation Church in East Berlin, church clock (large) eleventh hour, police go about cemetery shows residents visit big loaf Church, sign: loaf Church EV. Girls dorm. Nursing home, God service. People waving from Windows, people on the street waving back / woman with dog on arm can be dog waving, street with barbed wire, wreath, road sign: Bernauer Straße behind wall with barbed wire, boys play soccer before Church of reconciliation, ball jumps over wall, boys see affected the ball behind.
(53 m, 10:06:40 10:08:40) 06. Mining accident a, b, c, d, e mine accident vehicle arriving miners before mine, German Red Cross in Louisenthal in Völklingen with Saarbrücken, Headframe, mine, miners and journalists wait buddies with smudged faces, lists hang out, injured buddy with driving away patches on the face, weeping relatives, hearse, winding towers in addition to coffins in the forest (difficult to see), Federal President Dr Lübke at the lectern speaks actuality to the mourners: "The sorrow and the pain in the houses of this city and its surroundings is immeasurable." Coffins and mourners, common grave, coffin is left in Earth, relatives throw flowers into the pit, o of a buddy (with patch on the forehead): "I would mine go up. I am starting as a boy on the pit and will continue my work." A new layer is retracted.
(44 m, 10:08:35 10:10:15) 07. DESY - electron - synchrotron has b, Hamburg: pan over construction of the scientific research center, the German electron synchrotron, construction workers at work. Prof. Dr. Jentschke Atomic Minister Prof. Balke informed about the progress of work, different settings of construction work, pin box large, artist at the drawing board, model of the system, physical experiments, dimensions, construction worker goes along way, magnetic carriers are mounted directly, welding, man on the analog computer, control room, linear accelerator.
(72 m, 10:10:05 10:12:45) 8 football - HSV - Montevideo Hamburg: with elegant Pike jump beheads Behrend people's Park Stadium, snow-covered field, "Peñarol" (Uruguay) against the "Hamburger Sportverein", different game scenes in the game scored 10 Uwe Seeler the opening goal, audience cheering, the 2-0. The HSV WINS with 2:0 spectators cheering.
(22 m, 10:12:35 10:13:30) 09. Bob - World Cup start to the four-man World Championships in Garmisch sponsor churches, in the target curve is thrown the Canadian team out of the slide. "Germany I" is racing around the track in shiny ride technology and wins the Championship in 1962, spectators cheering, winning team is their Bob.
(16 m, 10:13:25 10:14:00) 10 figure skating free air Stadium in Frankfurt: German championship in figure skating. Again Margret Göbl and Franz Ningel German master, various settings of the freestyle, spectator clap (big).
(20 m, 10:13:55 10:14:45)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Lübke, Heinrich


Grubenunglück ; Radrennen ; Bobsleigh ; Berlin ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Mauer (Berlin, 1961) ; Messe ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 89/1962

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