Deutschlandspiegel 85/1961 26.10.1961


01 Passat swivel via Travemünde Bay / at the Priwall. Four-masted barque Passat, students (wearing PFDs) Lübeck sailor school rowing on the Passat to. Soffit: Passat lies at anchor. Rowing boat approaching Passat, student access after thawing. Ship's Bell with the inscription Passat is cleaned. Student looks skyward. Mast with shrouds. Two students stimulate machine, Captain watching. Loading maneuver: wooden crate is pulled up to winch. Captain, close. Supervision on the exit of the Harbour, ship's bow.
(29 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:20) 02 figureheads ship bug. Figurehead of ship model. Hamburg: Altonaer Museum, collection of sea-fishing and shipbuilding. Visitors in the exhibition, including two sailor, looking at models, paintings and ship's Bell. The sailor is reflected in the glass of a painting. Boys look in showcase, sailor considered figurehead. Various figureheads. Sailor, close. The sailor look at figureheads, underside: head of the sailor and head of the bust of Friedrich Schiller, closely together. Bust of Friedrich Schiller.
(42 m, 10:01:05 10:02:45) 03. sand yachting coast before St. Peter-ording: sails are set. Start the beach sailors. Various settings of the sand-yachting, beach sailors go through the water and over the mudflats. Total: Beach sailing sailing over the beach. Three spectators (from behind) with dog on the leash, one looks through binoculars. German winner sitting in his Beach sailing and embraced.
(23 m, 10:02:40 10:03:35) 4th aerobatics NATO airfield Fürstenfeldbruck. Pilot sitting in jet aircraft and sits on helmet. Start: Jet engines (German group) withdraw to aerobatics. Air consumption: Fields, German Jet engine group; shiny in the sunshine. Soffit: German group in the sky with contrails. Air consumption: a loops. Cameraman Assistant filmed a group of Jet engines in the sky from the ground. Soffit: Group of jets. Viewer, screen-filling. Soffit: Cockpit, aerial view from the rotating machine group of jets close together. Group flies apart, contrails in the sky. Contrail launch one after another group of jets. Group of four is divided, each machine flies away to a different direction. Contrails.
(34 m, 10:03:25 10:04:45) 05 harnesses Frankfurt Motor Show: accidents demonstrate FARBWERKE HOECHST. Monitor. Something rotating. Flashing lamp. Belt is closed. Plastic doll wearing a shirt, tie and vests. Man operated device. Rear-end collisions with and without seat belts will be demonstrated. Doll front hanging his head after a crash without safety belt. Flashing lamp.
(15 m, 10:04:40 10:05:15) 06. motor show Frankfurt: motor show. Exhibition Hall with different cars, including Mercedes, Rolls Royce RR 1962 Minister Erhard with cigar at the fair. Rotating cars on the podium, including BMW 1508th stand exhibition visitors, spinning VW model, behind VW Beetle, cars at an angle on exhibition space, many visitors.
(20 m, 10:05:05 10:05:55) 07 Dralon - fashion Leverkusen: High House in the mist. Photo shots on a balcony of a building. Model faces bright paper; Photographer and Assistant to pluck at the dress. Photographer photographed model in a long dress. Model revolves. Another model with wide neckline. Nina Ricci shows how Dralon acetate Jacquard process can be. Photographer's instructions, model on roof terrace, model goes down stairs.
(20 m, 10:05:50 10:06:35) 8th baby - Klinik Düsseldorf Bernath: In the hospital. Soffit: Flash of a special camera. Infant head, big, baby has hand in the mouth. Infant is dropped. Supervision: infant photographed on infant, nurse with mask and hood. Baby, it's great. Nurse opens camera and takes the photo. Babies lie in beds and pushed into the room to the mothers. Baby is lifted out of bed. Baby lies next to mother, keeps a photo in the hand and compares it with their child. Crying baby.
(21 m, 10:06:30 10:07:20) 9 10 school year Hamburg: business school. Drawer in a carpentry shop is opened and planing removed. Planer is moved to on camera. Young people in the works (in a 10th grade), sitting in the classroom and To write. With hammer, molten steel is machined and then cooled into liquid. Teens on machines. Open book. Creation of a hammer. Hammer head, large, behind Panel drawing a hammer. Rotating carved wooden figures.
(21 m, 10:07:15 10:08:05) 10 Tübingen, Tübingen: supervision. Camera pan across Tübingen. The Renaissance gate to the Castle Hohentübingen. Stone figures and ornaments. The market place with town hall and fountain. Old signs on the walls of houses. Flower and vegetable market: Two women bend flower buckets. Market woman presented with flowers. Sunflower, tall. The Evangelical Priory, boy runs after ball. Wife blow up the wooden staircase, an old timber-framed house. Modern building, in the main street with cars: VW Beetle drives along. Bridge: rowing boat on the river Neckar, along rows of old houses. The round tower of the fortification: last domicile of the poet of Hölderlin. The old University with the "Bursa" (residence for professors and students. New hall/entrance: two men meet a woman who comes out of the building, one looks after her.
(42 m, 10:08:00 10:09:30) 11 Thespis – a BARROW, b theatrical scenery is loaded into trucks, doors locked, departing trucks. Inscription on trucks: National Theatre Württemberg-Hohenzollern. People climb bus: Thespiskarren, actors sitting in the bus. Actress powder to the face. Drama channel in the dressing room during the creation of the mask. Actor puts on hat, actor reads his text, fails to book. Title: The servant of two masters from the Geldeni machining by Bruno Hübner. Actor in costume production sound. Performance, actor talk (sound bites). Various settings of viewers. The end of the comedy curtain pulls himself together.
(49 m, 10:09:25 10:11:15) 12 Festival Berlin a, b Berlin: road traffic at night. Arrival of Federal President Dr Lübke to the opening of the new German Opera House, arrival of special guests. Opera foyer with sculpture. Rudolf Sellner, the new artistic director, close. Dr Lübke and wife Lübke, half-close. Full seating, scenes from the first performance of "Don Giovanni" (Mozart). Long shot of dark auditorium.
(19 m, 10:11:10 10:11:55) 13 Berlin a, b, c, d Berlin: Brandenburg Gate (long shot). Wall with Vopos. Reinforcement of the wall: stones are offloaded by crane. Mauerer the raising of the wall. Policeman looks through a broken wall. Vopos monitor the work. West Berliners throw tear gas bombs A lot smoke back over the wall. Cameraman sits on VW bus roof and cower before water cannon, VW bus. Vopos show journalists with mirrors. On the border of the sector: Speakers on VW bus, people are behind it. Vopos and soldiers. VW bus with speakers. Soldier with helmet. Transparent. Don't shoot on German! Smoking policeman behind fence with barbed wire.
Bernauer Straße: facade with the window open, group of people on the sidewalk (refugee was followed by Vopos and jumped to her death), inscriptions of the wreath and flowers. Man weeping woman leads away, behind concrete walls.
On the banks of the spree: West young people build a wooden cross. Rushed inscription: from the KZ-Wächtern to death! Fast boat on the water. Damaged freight cars with which he managed to escape an East Berlin workers. Broken windshield. tightens Ostberlinerin tried to escape: she hangs out the window and dropping himself, jumps into the jump mat of West Berlin fire brigade. Some West Berliners raise their fists menacingly.
Victory column, crusade for peace and humanity of the Lebanese Edmond Khayat on the road. Edmond Khayat carries a wooden cross on the shoulder and sign hangs around his neck. Russian Memorial going. National police officers at the Brandenburg Gate. People police reject him in the background wall with barbed wire. Policeman observed him through binoculars. Cross next to barbed wire.
Military vehicles on the border of the zone: mass deportations. Barrel is rolled. Man wearing a harness, items are out there. Man pushes Cabinet. Woman smokes. Crane lift wooden house, it falls apart. Residents stand next to it and watch. Crane hook lift timber, boards fly down. Policeman looks at the destruction and passes it. Resident behind barbed wire and keeps hand on the forehead as a sunscreen. Gripper opens, dropping wooden boards. Resident watching with apron. Woman behind barbed wire. People on both sides, and is beckoning, in between barbed wire.
(83 m, 10:11:50 10:14:50)


Persons in the Film

Lübke, Heinrich


Seefahrt ; Ausbildung ; Tübingen ; Stadtgeschichte ; Berlin ; Flugmanöver ; Geschichte (Seefahrt) ; St. Peter-Ording ; Container ; Fahrzeugsicherheit ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Mauer (Berlin, 1961) ; Fotografie ; Automobil ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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