Deutschlandspiegel 76/1961 26.01.1961


1st Cardinal spiral a, b, c, d Munich: towers of the Church of our Lady. Chaplains go through town. Believers cross themselves. Believers, screen-filling. Looking back on the life of the cardinal: Eucharistic Congress in Munich (archive). Waving flag releases view over the towers of the Church of our Lady. Swing from top to bottom. Believers pass the Dürrenmatt Wendel, praying nuns, close. Hands with Rosary, great. Funeral procession through the street: coffin Aufgebahrter is pulled by horses. Priests and nuns. People, screen-filling, in the Cathedral of love woman. Coffin aufgebahrter. Was buried in the crypt of the love wife Cathedral.
(35 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:30) 02 African Ambassador Lakim Bonn: Villa Hammerschmidt. Right of way of the Ambassador. The new Ambassador of the Republic of Cameroon, Vincent de Paul Ahanda, at the signing of the certification letter. Lübke and Vincent de Paul Ahanda, close. Bright chandeliers. Lübke in addition to the Ambassador Bokar N' N'diaye from Mali, shaking hands. Ambassador Ernest Amos Djoro from Ivory Coast enters the building. Bouquet in a vase. Ernest Amos Djoro signed certification letter. Lübke in addition to Ernest Amos Djoro, close. Cameramen and photo count. Lübke in addition to Ambassador Djibril Diaw from the Republic of Senegal, handshakes between them.
(33 m, 10:01:25 10:02:40) 03 Adenauer birthday a, b Rhöndorf: home of the Federal Chancellor in the morning in the dark. Adenauer Paul Adenauer, sitting with his son at the breakfast table, filmed through glass. Common breakfast. Clock shows 7: 00. Paul Adenauer, close. Konrad Adenauer, close. Many burning candles on a tray. Family comes to the congratulations. Grandchildren. Adenauer surrounded by his family. Federal President Lübke congratulates Adenauer. Photographer. Adenauer and Lahiri, close to toast. Willy Brandt congratulates. Baroque putti (gift of the Federal Cabinet). Erhard abuts with Adenauer, cameraman for filming. The diplomatic corps conveyed congratulations. Big tattoo of the Bundeswehr with torches lit House, Adenauer, is on the window close. Total: Villa Hammerschmidt lit with Bundeswehr in the foreground.
(34 m, 10:02:35 10:03:50) 04. new year's reception President Lübke receives the diplomatic corps to the new year's reception. Lübke in addition to Adenauer, walked into the room. Photographers and cameramen. Adenauer and Lübke with diplomats. Adenauer, close.
(16 m, 10:03:45 10:04:20) 05. Academy of Arts a, b, c, d West Berlin: supervision and swivel. Supervision: The Academy of arts. Theatre and lecture hall with dreizackigem copper roof. People go to main entrance. Visitors go up stairs in the foyer. Visitors to the exhibition. Woman leafs through catalogue, next to her a sign: Henry H. Reichhold donated this House in 1960. Photo by Henry H. Reichhold. Visitors to the library. Figure: Violinist. Running record player. Two women abide by the ears handset and listen to the music. Various pictures, etc. by Tatjana Gsovsky, the age champion of the Ballet; Gustav basic Kalkan, as Hamlet and as Mephisto in Goethe's Faust. Various works of art and exhibition visitors. Photo of Oskar Kokoschka and Bernhard Heiliger and a figure of him. Large sculptures in the courtyard. Architecture: various photos and models. A few looks at pictures of the exhibition.
(85 m, 10:04:15 10:06:55) 06 topping Gedächtniskirche Berlin Berlin: the new Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the mist. The modern octagonal nave. Welding work, behind the Bell Tower. Construction workers with helmet on scaffolding. Welding work. Topping: Bishop Dibelius and many guests of honor. Wreath is lifted.
(15 m, 10:06:45 10:07:25) 07. 125 J. German railway old font: personalia of Machinist Wilson, will be added. Image of the first engine driver, William Wilson, from England. Model railway. Anniversary: Replica of the train (the first railway). People densely with umbrellas. Man holds child in her arms, both in clothing from the 19th century. Propelled steaming locomotive. Children with flags behind barrier. Train with train drivers. Beckoning people to the edge of the wear from the 19th century part. People waving from the wagons. Drive along through tunnel with modern train, tunnel exit, on a river. Oncoming train. Speedometer shows 140 km/h. Supervision: Marshalling yard. Man uses schematic. Easy soffit: trains pass. Disguised man considered historical paintings and then goes away.
(34 m, 10:07:20 10:08:35) 08 Zoo trading woman with Hat looks in the bird cage. Counter sales clerks and customers. Man holds a bird in the hand and woman looks on these. Child looks with Bobbles on Hamster. Hamster runs on wheel. Kid fondles dog. Several budgerigars are sitting on two rods. Pet dealer pulls out small wooden cage with a hole. Cage: Birds with eggs. Hand reaching for young birds. Child holds a young bird in the hand. Head of a young bird, big. Monkey (?) behind bars. Fish mouth opens and closes it again. Floating fish. Boy looks into the Aquarium. Wife fishing with small mesh in the Aquarium. Seller receives fish in the glass, it fills in a small bag and boy stands before the counter.
(21 m, 10:08:30 10:09:20) 09 fish shipping bags NET, great catches small fish. Woman fills a big bag of fish. Man and woman looking in the bag. Shoal of fish in bag. Oxygen is filled into the bag. Bags are packed in cardboard boxes and sealed. Inscription: Caution! Cautions!
(13 m, 10:09:10 10:09:45) 10 Hippo Nuremberg: Hippo Lady Paul is sent by circus Krone for promotional purposes by the city. Hippo happens road and goes along to a VW Beetle. Hippo filmed through a window pane. Hippo bends over market stall. Boxer on a leash. Hippo mouth wide open, fed. Car shakes head. Kauendes hippo, head of the large hippopotamus.
(11 m, 10:09:40 10:10:05) 11 sensations West Berlin: Germany Hall. Shadow of performers on floor. Artists to demonstrate their feats. Lantern Acrobat Faheem at demonstrating his art, does a Handstand on the Lantern, one-armed Handstand and takes cylinder head with the other hand, slips down on the Lantern. Clown water bucket slips. The flying Zacchinis: Artist rises in tube and is thrown out, followed by a second, end up in the net. Palacios (four siblings from Mexico) rock under the ceiling, jump off and let absorb from their partners. Artist jumps into the network.
(44 m, 10:10:00 10:11:40) 12 winter camping Mittenwald: snowy mountain landscape with fir trees in the foreground. Caravan in the snow. Slight oversight: campsite with Caravan and car. Camping emblem. Caravan with awning. Camping car inside (Very much dark). Two gambling dogs. Snow-covered camping site, man carrying his skis on his shoulder. Various settings of skiers.
(13 m, 10:11:35 10:12:05) 13 curling Upper Bavaria: Frillensee. Eisschnelläufer. German championship in the curling world. Various settings of the player, and the Eisstöcken quickly glide across the ice. Bottle grain is pushed over the ice, going to the winner. Master Hafiz from Munich WINS with 165 m. man with Hat scratching at the hairline, great.
(13 m, 10:11:55 10:12:30) 14 winter pictures Garmisch snowy Valley with mountains in the background. Snow-covered road and fence.
(4 m, 10:12:25 10:12:40) 15 fil Königssee: Luge at the 1100 m. Various settings of sledders, with rapid cornering, various falls. Sledders chasing his sleigh. Winner is Joseph Lenz, decreases helmet, half-close.
(18 m, 10:12:35 10:13:15) 16 ski jumping Garmisch-Partenkirchen: German Austrian four-hills-tournament. Various settings of the take-off and flight curves. Olympic champion Helmut Recknagel of Thuringia before start, on the Hill and in the flight. Helmut Recknagel WINS.
(25 m, 10:13:10 10:14:05)
(End of 10:14:05)


Persons in the Film

Lübke, Heinrich ; Adenauer, Konrad


Wintersport ; Bobsleigh ; Bahn ; 85. Geburtstag von Adenauer ; Kirchengebäude ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Tiere ; Kunst, bildende ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 76/1961

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