Deutschlandspiegel 75/1960 20.12.1960


01 Passau a, b ship travels on the Danube. Swans on the river Danube. The Jochenstein power plant. Chamber lock. Power system. Turbine. Power Vault. Bubbling water. Supervision: Passau. Man sitting on rocks and looks on a passing ship on the Danube, a dog sitting beside him. Embankment. Old house with Gateway Arch. Two children go down steps. Cat. Old Tower, filmed by Archway. Window display: Hats. Woman looking through window, turns away and goes on. Shoe mountain. Shoemaker at work. Various settings of the Bishop's residence. Spiritual go down stairs and makes old door. Ornate door handles, large. Girl feeding pigeons at the fountain. Pigeons before Bishop's residence. Long shot: St. Stephen's Cathedral. Baroque figure of St. Stephen's Cathedral. Nave from the inside. Organ. Organ player. Organ pipes with Baroque Angel. Total: Organ. Worshippers rise up during the fair. Old woman, close.
(105 m, 10: 10:00 10:03:55) 02. For artists, cultural circle of German industry with promotion prices distinguishes scholarships works by young artists. Modern art: including "Phönix, bird III" by Volkmar Haase. Man looks at plastic "Composition 8" by Guido Jendritzko, and bends it forward. "Team" by Karl Raidel. Werner Lenz, architect, presented the model of a penitentiary of unit, plastic by Helmut Wolff, "Brace II" by Volkmar Haase, "The city by the sea" by Ursula Sax, "Motorcyclists", painting by Heimrad Prem, two photos of Horst Antes. Handshakes of artists who have received scholarships.
(22 m, 10:03:50 10:04:40) 03. var - Minister Bonn: Villa Hammerschmidt. Reception of the Minister of education of the United Arab Republic, Kamal El Hussein by Federal President Dr Lübke. Lübke next to Hussein, close. Carpet, with ancient Egyptian motifs, as a gift. Foreign Minister by Brentano and Hussein signed the German Egyptian agreement, handshakes between the two. (17 m, 10:04:35 10:05:15) 04. 60 j. airships Eckener historic drawing of the first airship. Exhibition room of the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen: various zeppelins. The Interior of a gondola. Historic pictures of cheering people and Zeppelin ride. Many cheering people waving hats, screen. Men hold Zeppelin rope: inscription of Graf Zeppelin.
(29 m, 10: 10:05 10:06:05) 05. 60 j. airships from Echterdingen Dr. Eckener, cigar smoking and reading Chair stands up. Newspaper headline: The day of disaster by Echterdingen. Damaged Zeppelin (LZ 4) after landing.
(10 m, 10:05:55 10:06:20) 06. 60 j. airships - disaster newspaper headline: airship "Hindenburg" 6:28 o'clock after South America started. Course downstream on the road in the direction of Holland. The Hindenburg in the air. Newspaper headline: "Hindenburg over the ocean". Fire breaks out at landing approach and the Hindenburg crashes to the ground. Volunteers run on burning Zeppelin with fire extinguishers. Photography and medal. Old painting of the Zeppelin.
(23 m, 10:06:15 10:07:20) 07 Hamburg at the port of Hamburg, in the background of Michel. Supervision at the city centre. Man climbing up the ladder. Cameraman filming from the tower off. Scaffolding is assembled. Feet balanced on scaffolding above the city. Old Hamburg: old houses are Very much closely at the Fleetcenter. Stairs at the port with children playing. Fish market with many people. Man fondles pigeon. Rabbit. Dove is inserted into the cage and piglet in a sack. Child's face before cage, close. Young people enter garden of a detached house with musical instruments. Young people at the "College Jamtett" band rehearsal. Drummer Friedrich Riehle, close. Shield: Leonhard Schmidt & co. bandages orthopaedics. Drummer resigns from his office door. The twin brothers (saxophone player: Jens Sadler and clarinetist Jürgen Sadler) on the schoolyard during a break. The trumpeter, Dieter Kock, studied music, sitting in the lecture. The pianist, Norbert Maron, studied philology and sits on the books. Hands to play the piano, hammer move. The double bass player Lars Schunke, is instrument makers, in the manufacture of brass instruments. The banjo player, Thomas Piper, attends the graphic designer class of a fashion school. Total: Playing band and various settings of the same.
(115 m, 10:07:15 10:11:20) 08 duck farm - In, butchery, chicks, & i. free duck, full-screen. Duck farm near Oldenburg. Ducks flock to the field, separated by fences. Duck walk on glass, filmed from below through glass. Two men, one has a duck on the arm. Ducks hanging on the hook, are plucked, and packed in bags. Many eggs. Chicks in a basket, man helps the hatching of chicks. Chick image filling. Total: duck farm. Duck run fast.
(27 m, 10:11:15 10:12:20) 9 wheel Hannover: City filmed by the wheel out. Wheel driver. Traffic COP. Various settings of the gymnastics championship on wet road. Spectators at the edge. Wheel driving in the Hall. Large audience faces. 20.12.1960 will receive Master title (36 m, 10:12:15 10:13:35) DS 75 a Berliner and a gymnast from Würzburg. Spectators clap enthusiastically. Winner compliment each other Each other.
(TC Beta SP 01545) 10 Zugspitze ski skier can drag and drop via lift upwards. Various settings of the 1 giant gate, etc. Start and two crashes. Winner will be the Austrians Pepi Kapferer, half-close. In the women's, wins the third Olympics Barbi Henneberger, the departure, goes through the target, crashes after the goal, great. End 10:14:45 (35 m, 10:13:30 10:14:45) 11 extra - Chilean Archbishop does not exist here!


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Lübke, Heinrich


Air ship ; Wintersport ; Passau ; development aid ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Hochwasser ; cycling ; Wasserkraftwerk ; Hamburg (BRD) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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