Deutschlandspiegel 69/1960 30.06.1960


1st youth relay road: cars passes to young people. Young people carry banners, led by two mounted policemen (?). Flags are passed new relay. New group with flags.
(9 m, 10: 10:00 10:00:35) 02 June 17 + Heuss a., b., c. West Berlin: flowers on the street sign: street of the 17th June. Supervision on protesters, people bring banners through the street. Rally from Schöneberg Town Hall. Flags. Former German President Heuss actuality: "dear fellow citizens; because I am one of you... If returns memory to the day seven years ago and rethinks the way, it is a change of rich history trail. Why do we commemorate this day? It was but a day of defeat. And the people cultivate not the somber appointments meaningfully to inherit from the consciousness of Nachgeborenen..." Intermediate sections: People, screen-filling. Fires. Wreath-laying ceremony. Stone figure. Berlin: Flashback 17 June 1953 burning pile of newspaper. Protesters and burning barricades. Soviet tanks rolling through the city. Demonstrators throw stones at tanks. Journalists are hiding behind the wall. Demonstrators walk away from shots. Brandenburg Gate. Protesters tear on Soviet flag. Demonstrators, screen-filling. Injured man in doorway. Injured man is carried away by demonstrators. Papers whirl through the air. Smoke verqualmtes high-rise building. Berlin: Demonstration from Schöneberg Town Hall, Heuss actuality: "But this day was a document, that the soul of man of also of the disempowered obviously by impotence, the power of the sense of civic freedom durable lives on in." Intermediate cut: Long shot: Schöneberg Town Hall and rally. Road sign corner: Potsdamer Straße and Potsdamer Platz. S plate-Bahn: Potsdamer Platz. Quadriga atop Brandenburg Gate. Policeman at the Brandenburg Gate. Flag of the Soviet zone. Look through the Brandenburg Gate. Barbed wire. Watchtower.
(81 m, 10:00:30 10:03:25) 03. Fires aglow youth ignite torches and make Torchlight Parade through streets. Fires. Young people with torches, torch procession. Shield: Caution: after 120 m zone boundary, border guards. Large fires. Young people throw torches in the fires. Girl face, great. Fire is kindled. Young people with flags. Big fire. People look into the fire. Big fire.
(35 m, 10:03:10 10:04:35) 4th Berlin Academy of the arts Berlin / Hansaviertel: inauguration of the "Academy of Arts". Arrival of former Federal President Prof. Heuss and welcome. Entrance of the Academy. Courtyard with sculptures and water basins. Heuss abides by protecting against the Sun in front hand (with cigar). Sculptures. Heuss alongside Brandt, half close, in exhibition space, both smoking. Heuss considered sculpture. Various sculptures and exhibits.
(18 m, 10:04:30 10:05:10) 05. 2% for the art kids stream in Aula. Stained glass. Two children see through window object. Make a mural painter Claus Wallner. His wife, Ursula Querner, works as a sculptor in the same Studio. Various works: including Zeus in the guise of an animal kidnaps the Princess of Europe. Before a modern old people's home, Orpheus looks helpless gesture Eurydice. Other Orpheus - presentation by Dieter Kressel in the stairwell of a school. An anatomical representation of the people in the University Clinic in Hamburg. Dieter Kressel (large), painter and graphic artist, in the creation of a linoleum print. Ready-to-print. Various paintings. Girls figure in the courtyard of a school. Sabine by bracken, sculptor, in the modeling of a girl's head, girl sitting model. Sabine from bracken Hausen, great.
(75 m, 10:05:05 10:08:10) 06 English students in high and Heidelberg Frankfurt: bus stops and alight English students from Birmingham to visit maximum. Hoechst House. Students can be explained machines. Test lab: Experiments in the manufacture of plastic bottles. Students go on the roof. Supervision at the plant. Students visit Heidelberg, including the Castle. Total: Façade of the Castle. Group of students sitting in front of Castle. Student photographed. Total lock.
(51 m, 10:08:05 10:09:55) 07. rafting summer in Bavaria. Rafting: the ISAR down. Beer is tapped. Raft people drink beer. Tax man. Dancing couples. Double bass players. Woman wraps wool on and man pulls apart the wool. People wave at raft riders. Raft crosses under the bridge.
(18 m, 10:09:50 10:10:35) 08 candle pilgrimage Arch on the Danube: a spruce root is cased with wax and carried to the Church on the Summit of Bogener mountain. Young people watch. Inhabitants of the village as a spectator at the candle pilgrimage. Girl sits on her father's shoulders. Spruce is carried up the mountain.
(21 m, 10:10:30 10:11:15) 09 Oberammergau looks at Oberammergau, Germany. Various settings of the passion play. Excerpts from the scenes from the entry into Jerusalem' and the 'Holy supper'.
(23 m, 10:11:10 10:12:05) 10 wild horses Westfalen: different settings of wild horses. Wild horses are rounded up and farmers begin the one-year stallions from the flock out and mark them. Horse on the Tau rears up himself. Burning of the stud mark. Horses running back to the wild.
(34 m, 10:12:00 10:13:15) 11 Kiel week, Kiel: different sailboat hulls. Marina. Guest of honour President Dr Lübke with Hat waving from a small boat. Kick-off. Various settings depend on the regattas, including sailors side Tailboard. Viewers. In the Starboat class WINS, ex-world champion and Olympic champion Augusto Straulino from Italy, close, is congratulated on Jetty.
(40 m, 10:13:10 10:14:35)
(End of 10:14:35)


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Lübke, Heinrich


Wassersport ; 17. Juni 1953 ; Passionsspiele ; Studentenbesuch (aus dem Ausland) ; Pferdegestüt ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; BRD/Bundesrepublik Deutschland ; Gedenktag ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 69/1960

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