Deutschlandspiegel 64/1960 28.01.1960


1st circus Berlin: Germany Hall. Elephant sitting on a moving car. Clowns. High-wire artists.
(8 m, 10:00:25 10:00:35) 02 ice Revue "holiday on ice" (ice Revue from America): dance Revue, Indians jumping through fire hoops, two acrobats.
(15 m, 10:00:25 10:01:05) 03 new year's reception in Bonn: German President Lübke in conversation with the doyen of the diplomatic corps of Frants Hvass, Dane. Among those present including Adenauer, by Brentano.
(13 m, 10:01:00 10:01:30) 04 Adenauer in Berlin Berlin: aircraft. Greeting between Adenauer and Brandt (go side by side, close). Press. Konrad Adenauer, great. The Schöneberg Town Hall. Flags. Adenauer and Brandt come out of building and wave. Waving people. Shaking hands between Brandt and Adenauer and go down stairs together.
(15 m, 10:01:25 10:02:00) 05 baby Hotel Hamburg: Babyhotel Dr. KLEMM. Phone, great. Sister decreases handset. Sign on the door: do not disturb. Baby sitting on the pot. Children is dried in the bed or playpen, in the bathtub, baby, investigation, under sunlamps and scale. Sister in the preparation of food. Baby gets a bottle.
(30 m, 10:01:55 10:03:05) 06. oil spills and air pollution Ölverschmierter bird is bubble bath bathed in. Injection of plastic hoses with nozzles in the port. two men in a rowing boat. Men on upper Elk. Burning the oil. Smoking chimneys. Dust is brushed off by wood and tree. Food: Kohlenstoffbiologische - research station. Measurement. Door shield: physical laboratory, is opened. Laboratory employees. Trees in closed boxes. Smoking chimneys. Sky full of smoke screen.
(39 m, 10:03:00 10:04:25) 7 Frankfurt Frankfurt Airport: snow ploughs shovel away snow to Rhein-Main airport. Aircraft is a wave. Passengers get off. Aircraft wheels are cleaned. Radar equipment. People on the tarmac and climb in pan in the machine. Wheels are free from blocking. Start of the Pan am snow whirled up.
(23 m, 10:04:20 10:05:10) 08 glassworks Zwiesel a, b, c, d Bayerischer Wald: glassblowers at work. Furnaces. Producing to use glasses. Glass pattern gets ground up. Zwiesel: oldest state glass vocational school of in Germany. Lessons. Painting. Caption SiO2 glass. Machine mixed mixture. Laboratory. Glass blowing glass. Glass in the oven and in the forms. Merger with colored glass. Production of large vase and Bowl. Class design: glass vessels are kept from templates - cardboard. Students at the drawing lessons. Various techniques of stained of glass. Finished exhibition pieces.
(105 m, 10:05:05 10:08:50) 9 art - auction Stuttgart: auction of House Ketterer. Visitors walk on paintings. Various paintings and buyer. A color scheme by Paul Klee. Painting will be upheld. Painting by Ludwig Kirchner.
(27 m, 10:08:45 10:09:45) 10. Art - auction does not exist!
(16 m) 11 Canaries Darmstadt: box with shield: caution! Live birds. Canaries in small cages (4000 total). Visitors to the exhibition of the Canary. Feeding. Parrot takes teaspoon contrary to and eat from the spoon.
(18 m) 12 hats new collection of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hat: Flower hat, great. Two women with hats, sit at the table by candlelight and a drink. Various spring hats.
(12 m, 10:10:15 10:10:45) 13 dance tournament Frankfurt: IX. International Amateur dance contest. Dancing couples. QUICKSTEP. The England pair wins. Clapping audience.
(40 m, 10:10:40 10:12:10) 14 athletes of the year a, b, c, d, e the German press selects Marika Kilius Sportswoman of the year. Marika Kilius onstage. FLASHBACK: Last year in the pair skating figure skating Marika Kilius and Hans Jürgen Bäumler partner won the European Championship. Marika Kilius accepts flowers on stage. Martin Lauer (= sportsman of the year) goes on stage and takes the prize. FLASHBACK: German Champion in the (33 m, 10:12:05 10:13:15) DSP 64 28.01.1960 athletic Decathlon and world record holder over 110 m - hurdles (ZL). Martin Lauer thanks. Audience clapping. Athletes on the stage.
(TC Beta SP 01529) 15 Oberstorf Oberstdorf ski jumping: shadow mountain redoubt. Final decisions on participation in the Winter Olympics. Different ski jumper. Fall: ski jumpers lost a ski. Fall. Max Bolkart from Oberstdorf is close with 75 and 71 m, the highest rating.
(30 m, 10:13:10 10:14:25)


Persons in the Film

Kilius, Marika ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Brentano, Heinrich von ; Adenauer, Konrad


Deutschlandhalle ; Wintersport ; Vögel ; Kinderpflege ; Bayrischer Wald ; Berlin ; Gesetzgebung ; Eisrevue ; Umweltverschmutzung (Industrieländer) ; Glasherstellung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Säuglinge ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 64/1960

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