Deutschlandspiegel 58/1959 30.07.1959


01 day industry X in the Saar region. Smoking chimneys. Chimneys smoking road with rail, in the background. Barrier opens border officials. Cars pass border post. Map marks the boundary with Saarbrücken and Homburg, pen. Construction work for former border towards France. Customs clearance. Various settings from Saarbrücken: this lively city, illuminated window displays. The last time opens the customs barrier at midnight. People wave. Car drives through the crowd. Building of Landesbank Saar Girozentrale. Bank. Exchange room. People at the money exchange. Bills are numbered, big.
(43 m, 10:01:40 10:01:45) 02 keys in the Bellevue Berlin: total: Schloß Bellevue. Drive cars. Heuss gets out. Opening ceremony: Heuss receives Golden key by Lindrath Minister of Federal treasure. Photographers. Heuss occurs with bunch of flowers in the open and is surrounded of the press. Worship by craftsmen. Shaking hands. (13 m, 10:01:40 10:02:10) 03 President Wahl Berlin radio tower with waving flags. Festival Hall. Audience clapping behind barrier. Bundesernährungsminister Lahiri is on carpet and waving camera direction. Prof. Carlo Schmid, half-close. Dr. Max Becker (FDP). Total: Hall with members of Parliament. Ballot papers will be issued. Meeting room-filling image. Dr. Heinrich Lübke goes on speaker's podium as the winner, and occurs before the microphone. Gallo o-ton: "Mr Federal Minister Dr Lübke, I ask you whether to accept the choice of the Federal Assembly to the President of the Federal Republic of Germany?" Cameramen image filling. Lübke actuality: "Yes, I choose accept." Deputies clapping. Lübke, close.
(31 m, 10:02:05 10:03:15) 04 Berlinale a, b, c, d shield announcement: IX. In 1959, we greet the guests from all over the world Berlin International Film Festival. Ku'damm (?) adorned with many flags and Berlin bear, in the background of Memorial Church. Guests get off plane: Esther Williams, in the background cameraman Pahl, Ulla Jacobsen surrounded by Toni Sailer and O. W. Fischer. Photographers and fans. Rita Hayworth, close. Rita Hayworth waves from a moving car. Congress Hall with a water fountain. Waiting fans. Arrival Johanna Matz. Avid fans. Willy Brandt with Ruth Brandt. Willy Brandt opened the Cannes Film Festival, o-ton: "you are all welcome, and I hope you will feel comfortable here." Clapping audience. Sophia Loren's drinking glass. ELSA Maxwell laughing. Sophia Loren dancing. Curt Jürgens with partner dancing. Dancing couples. Ballroom filling picture.
(40 m, 10:03:10 10:04:40) 05. soccer Berlin: young couple moves up in the elevator of the radio tower. Radio tower from low-angle shot. Observation deck. Woman looks through binoculars. Camera zooms into Olympic Stadium. Full Stadium crowd filling picture. Eintracht Frankfurt (in the white shirt) against Kickers Offenbach. Eintracht Frankfurt scores a goal. Cheering spectators. Another goal of Eintracht Frankfurt. Avid fans. Various settings of the game. Eintracht Frankfurt WINS. Spectators blowing on horns and storm the field with flags. Team Eintracht Frankfurt trophy.
(46 m, 10:04:35 10:06:15) 06 reception Frankfurt Frankfurt: arrival of special Pan American rolls out on the airfield. Waiting people with umbrellas surround the aircraft. Team Get up stairs with the trophy and flowers. Flight attendant takes off flowers. Cockpit from the outside. Man goes to wing. Transparent: Pan American greets the Eintracht the German Championship 1959 supervision: place densely crowded with people and mounted policemen. Spectators waving flags. Football team waving flowers. Cheering spectators. Player holds up trophy. Crew is driven by crowd in horse-drawn carriage and accompanied by mounted policemen. Spectators waving flags. People filling picture.
(19 m, 10:06:10 10:06:55) 07. Mannequins in Bonn mannequins and photo models waving leaflets. Distribute handouts before the Federal Parliament. Lower Saxony Minister-President Hinrich Kopf in conversation with the models, family Minister Würmeling and federal labor Minister blank. Blank shakes the hand of a woman.
(17 m, 10:06:50 10:07:30) 08 Documenta 2 woman bathing her feet in water basins with modern sculptures. Visitors to water basin. Various modern sculptures inside and outside.
(29 m, 10:07:25 10:08:30) 09 lumberjack Bavarian Forest: man checked blade. Man examined axe. Man stops time with sunglasses. Lumber sawing through the logs and chop stems. Men watch. Man laughing with bare-chested in camera.
(18 m, 10:08:25 10:09:05) 10 Cap Horniers a, b Hamburg: cadets go to church. The Pamir wreath lay down on the commemorative plaque for the victims of old masters and Cap Horniers. RIM inscription: Cap Hornier, WINS fandateur, Saint Malo, German section. Harbour cruise. Visit to the Passat. Welcome by count Luckner (writer of monkfish). Old driving people driving the Passat and the recoil. Photographer is doing lying on back by old masters farewell photos.
(25 m, 10:09:00 10:10:00) 11 exit "Bremen" a, b Bremerhaven: Bremen is located on the quay. Steam rises. Lines are cut loose. People waving on the quay and bridge. Cooking with Chef's hat waving from porthole. Cheering and waving people at the wharf. Bremen is pulled by two tugboats from port. Beckoning people with handkerchiefs. Ship deck. Waving flags. Dining room with guests. Crew room. Captain bridge with masters. Radar. Captain watching through binoculars. Total Bremen on sea.
(29 m, 10:09:55 10:11:00) 12 slalom Monte Kaolino people with skis on his shoulders go through summer landscape and are drawn with large open lift on the mountain. On Monte Kaolino woman puts together to ski boots up. Man starts to leave. Man protects himself from the Sun with a blanket over your head and speaks in handset. Slalom run on scattered from kaolin - sand. Man crashes on descent. Two women are top mountain. Woman goes in shorts slalom - downhill. Athletes drop ski clothing.
(20 m, 10:10:55 10:11:30) 13 skaters training swimmers jump into the pool. Swimming competition. Viewers cheer. Get up stepping stone and cinematographer filmed from above. Water splash. Swimmers and swimmers go from tank and take to the ice rink skates. Art ice rink. Training the Italian figure skating champion Anna Galmarini in a bathing suit. Marika Kilius and Hans Jürgen Bäumler skating. Spectators clap enthusiastically. Marika Kilius and Hans Jürgen Bäumler run on camera.
(31 m, 10:11:25 10:12:45) 14 German Derby of Hamburg: German Derby. Different viewers: old man with a gray cylinder. Ladies with wide hats. Start. Betting coup sits at the top and holds them up to the finish line, then attacking outsiders Uomo under Albert Klimscha and WINS for Röttgen Stud. Inlet in ZL. Audience rank. Winning horse between police horses. Winning horse great.
(41 m, 10:12:40 10:14:05)
(End of 10:14:10)


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Lübke, Heinrich


Kunstausstellung ; Filmfestspiele ; Reitsport ; Pamir ; Schiff ; Schloss Bellevue ; Zwiesel ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Skisport ; Saarland, BRD ; Football ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 58/1959

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Federal Republic of Germany

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