Deutschlandspiegel 56/1959 28.05.1959


01 2nd airlift airlift monument, font: airlift 1948/49, wreath-laying ceremony by General Clay (United States), a German delegation with the incumbent Federal President Kaisen, Willy Brandt, Carlo Schmidt and Ludwig Erhard, the former French Prime Minister, Robert Schumann and Sir Clement Attlee (England).
(25 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:10) 02 Memorial Church + Bellevue Memorial Church Tower ruins remains preserved as a Memorial, plan the Memorial Church building, worship outdoors in stone by Bishop Dibelius and Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia. Victory column from afar, Bellevue Palace, residence of the Federal President in Berlin, various settings of the Bellevue Palace after the completion of the restoration work.
(23 m, 10:01:00 10:01:55) 03. 1 may West Berlin rally on the Platz der Republik, Berlin flags image filling, font: Berlin remains free, over the place with 500000 people. Willy Brandt on the lectern actuality: "the day will come when the Brandenburg Gate No more lies on the border, on the boundary line, is the right through our families, which breaketh the people, which splits our Berlin. "Until that day comes, we ask, we call, we call: the gate opens, puts an end to the unnatural division." Total people, spectators faces, big hit, stirred. Transparent: Freedom for the Soviet zone.
(32 m, 10:01:45 10:03:00) 04 fair Hannover Hannover industrial fair in 1959, construction of industry fair, machinery and technical equipment to be installed, painter removes signs on, Elevator, industrial site filmed from elevator ride (up), opening day: crowded parking lot, spinning glass house with Sun from anywhere. Economics Minister Erhard's after the opening of the fair, Telefunken, transparent roof tiles from apart plastic, wife sink made of plastic with the little finger, chain crank mechanism, liquid packaging, welding production of plastic cups, machines, spinning wheels.
(51 m, 10:02:55 10:04:50) 5th film exhibition poster: film: the moving image of our time. Visitors before photo walls, various exhibition pictures from movies.
(18 m, 10:04:40 10:05:30) 06. Freddy Quinn Hamburg: Freddy Quinn runs through the crowd with his guitar, Freddy Quinn sings in children's day centre, children sit at long tables, Freddy Quinn sings o-ton: "you need always a friend, a good friend, a good friend, who thinks it always honest with you. The laughs with you and cry with you. If you're good, you have many friends in the world, if you're bad, you need a holding despite everything to you." Big kids clap enthusiastically children's faces.
(28 m, 10:05:25 10:06:25) 07 Sylvenstein Sylvenstein, sign: construction of flood storage on the Sylvenstein please slow down!, construction of flood storage on the Sylvenstein in Upper Bavaria, excavators, 120 residents left the village case due to the construction of the power plant, the village is on a 40 m high plateau is rebuilt, new houses are built, relocation of residents, villagers dismantle their old homes and reuse, chimney falls on House wall (they fell)that destroyed old Gasthof Fallerhop. A House, where people refused to move out will be forcibly removed and sinking into the waters of the artificial lake.
(42 m, 10:06:20 10:07:50) 08 Wasserburg a. Inn bird's eye view of a moated castle. Inn, various settings of beautiful old buildings, historic facade painting, chains on walls of houses, urban Brothaus, two boys buy bread, Tower, stone figures, stone tablet Rococo facade dating back with inscription, 1738, photographer sets up a tripod and looking through camera, pots and pans are sold on the market square, three men in traditional costumes walk along the street and drink beer in restaurant (outside).
(65 m, 10:07:45 10:10:10) 09 whitewater viewers are on bridge, kayakers make Slalom race, various settings of the kayakers, a kayaker appears briefly in water, kayakers in the water holding onto another boat, is driving empty kayak anticipates two kayakers, great.
(30 m, 10:10:05 10:11:10) 10. Fencing glove large, training: fencers drop glove kid stick with foil in the glove, girls learned reflexes, posture exercises, teenagers stand close together in a room while her trainer instructions are, Fechtschüler with fencing mask in partner practice, students sit on protective mask, championship fight, with sunglasses, a spectator happens to cable, fencer, spectators clap, the Hamburg Tim Gerresheim is German Champion, big.
(49 m, 10:11:05 10:12:55) 11 Athletics Hannover: high jump, the Swedish European champion Dahl jumps over 2 m, pole vault: Dieter Möhring WINS with 4 m, spectators clap, Dieter Möhring, go-ahead runs 12.1 sec 100 m run of the ladies, Jutta Heine, Jutta Heine (large) puts on sweaters, kick-off 100 m run of men's: Armin Hary from Leverkusen runs 10.6 sec., athletes congratulated Armin Hary (large). End (43 m, 10:12:45 10:14:20)


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Quinn, Freddy


Schloss Bellevue ; Film ; Industrie-Messe (Hannover) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Berlin, BRD (Bundesland) ; Sport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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