Deutschlandspiegel 50/1958 30.10.1958


01 winter Bavaria, snow-covered town 1, skating rink, snow-covered town 2 draw snow-covered landscape, man with two horses, a cars (trucks), loaded with wood, child rolls snow into a ball, Hamburg: snowy River Elbe Beach, girl sitting in a rowing boat on the beach, boy runs to the girl, boy invincible girl with snow, Alster steamer rides Park through fairway on frozen Alster, Binnenalster and feeding the gulls,: children sledding, Girl binds to their skates, Pirouette on the ice, Jungfernstieg is turning many people on skating rink, girls: snowy rhododendron, men in the snow slide.
(54 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:10) 02. kindergarten a, b kindergarten: shining Christmas star in the hallway, children come into the Hall and hang their bags and coats in the cloakroom, Game Watch, child's face big kids at the craft, mobile, singing children sit around Advent Wreaths, Nativity scene.
(34 m, 10:02:05 10:03:20) 03 Christmas market u. Department store a, b Nuremberg: Christmas market, figures, Christmas tree balls, smoked fish, two boys eyes are to smoke, figures of angels, child's face big. Hamburg at night: Christmas decorated Alsterhaus, street bright Christmas jewelry with heavy car traffic, children and adults are looking in a toy Department, child's face large, candy in the shop window, flat pressed child's face on the window, dolls, Department store from the inside with large Santa in the Center, toy cars, toy train windup toy dogs in water, miscellaneous toys.
(51 m, 10:03:15 10:05:05) 04 woodcarvers of Oberammergau: different settings of wood-carvers in creating figures for Nativity scenes.
(20 m, 10:05:00 10:05:30) 05. Carolers Carol evening roam the villages and advance wear bright star, man opens a window with a full beard, woman looks through window on Carol, carolers stand front and sing the song from "The upcoming wonder", man with pipe occurs on doorstep, children sing and make music, shining star turns to big man with a full beard, farmer distributed fried apples at the Carol as a reward.
(23 m, 10:05:25 10:06:35) 06 Elbe 1 Elbe 1 - ship on the Sea (large), small supply boat brings gifts for the crew of the Elbe 1 Christmas tree is lifted on board, stormy sea filmed by Luke, radio operator with the Sparks, flashing beacon, observers in rain gear catches in cigarette.
(25 m, 10:06:30 10:07:25) 07. Children help children a snow-covered firs, young people unpack the collected things by relatives, to refugee children to give away, decorated and covered desks, children sit covered coffee tables, Santa Claus distributed gifts.
(34 m, 10:07:20 10:08:35) 08 Winter Bavaria + retirement home snow-covered landscape and Church, sunset. Shining Christmas tree, old people's home: Old people sitting at long festive tables, Christmas plate: with apples and pastry, presented in his hospital bed nun Christmas plate.
(34 m, 10:08:30 10:09:50) 9 St. Peter's Church with church organ, altar candles, organ player, various figures, singing an altar boy.
(73 m, 10:09:40 10:12:20) 10 Nativity lights cemetery different Nativity, people in costumes go to the cemetery and put candles on the graves of women operated Bell, people go to church, men proclaim the miracle of Bethlehem according to ancient custom by cannon shots. (53 m, 10:12:15 10:14:10) 11 Christmas Eve end people enter Church, altar candles on the altar lights, praying people, priests, Holy paintings. 10:16:15 end (58 m, 10:14:05 10:16:15)



Weihnachtsmarkt ; Advent ; Schneelandschaft ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bayern, BRD ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 50/1958

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Federal Republic of Germany

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