Deutschlandspiegel 48/1958 09.10.1958


01 harvest a, b North Bavaria: Rooster Crowing, farmer goes through a door to the outside, two cocks, cows go farmhouse, geese, cows on grass in the background, farmer goes through a field of corn and grain, combined charger in use on the box, checked man stratifies bundled Hay on loaders, harvesters in use, is the straw from the machine, grain flows into bags, bag is tied up and loaded onto tractors, Straw bundles are stacked on special wagons and transported, self-propelled combine harvesters in use.
(94 m, 10: 10:00 10:03:35) 02 Katholikentag in Berlin: church bells ringing, eastern sector: House with font: Werner soul ties, people throng, well visited place on the corner of the street under the Linden/August-Bebel-Platz, 50,000 people before the St. Hedwig's Cathedral to pray for "World peace", praying people, Western sectors: In the sold-out Stadium Pope Pius XII on the lectern (no interview). finds final rally Instead of nuns,.
(32 m, 10:03:30 10:04:40) 03. Zone escape of run looks through binoculars, run with rifle in the Woods, wooden sign: zone boundary zone limit, rail ends officials before filing cabinets, access to a file, barbed wire fence, people on the run, crowded 饺子馆 refugee camp in West Berlin, refugees sit at the table, playing children, sleeping baby, waiting, shield: caution! After the East zone note sector border in talks (danger of snitches) invitation (kidnapping) in all correspondence. Various settings of refugees, various newspaper headlines: Berlin is SOS! Call for help to the Federal States.
(32 m, 10:04:35 10:05:45) 04 refugee high-rise North Rhine-Westphalia: construction of a high-rise building, visit by Prime Minister Dr. Franz Meyers, laundry hanging on the Clothesline, children watch from the outside to the inside through Windows, Dr. Meyers raise child, crying child, Prime Minister Meyers with children on her lap.
(14 m, 10:05:40 10:06:15) 05. Children's home a, b, c, d dressed to run down stairs children's rest home near Hamburg, children as Indians and on the camera soup is distributed in the forest, boy is tied to the tree, children balance on tree trunk, children run away, because bells eat soup bowls are scattered on the forest floor to hearth, children sit on the table and spooning soup, children on the swings and slides in the House,, Children play with LEGO, children prepare potatoes on miniature stove, boy painted wall, working with clay, children wash themselves in the laundry room, girl is put to bed.
(101 m, 10:06:10 10:09:45) 6 Dutch week in Hamburg: "Dutch week" on the Town Hall Square, folk dance performance, Swedish dance group with musicians, French dance group from Provence, Royal Dutch military chapel on the Jungfernstieg, many viewers.
(39 m, 10:09:40 10:10:45) 07. Gorch Fock bird's-eye view: Gorch Fock, Captain Erhard, part of settings of the vessel, many people and sailors are on the quay, christening: Champagne bottle breaking on the bow, ship is launched, shipyard workers waving, anchor is ejected.
(23 m, 10:10:40 10:11:55) tennis International Tennis Championships by Germany, spectators at the coffee drink 08 and playing cards, scoreboard is labeled, player is massaged on the shoulder and the arm, Club repair, Gottfried von CRAMM's autograph, full seating, various gameplay footage from the game of Mexico against Yugoslavia boy, Contreras/llama Mexicans defeat the Yugoslavs Lakshmi/Petrovic, spectators clap, finals in the men's singles WINS Davidson (Sweden) against the Belgians Brichant in five sets, Great player.
(55 m, 10:11:50 10:13:50) 09. Derby in the North Sea at Cuxhaven Watts: in the Watts, dressed spectators with grown binoculars from bottles, shoes different settings of the Derby hang Derby on a leash, totally smudgy driver smiles into the camera.
(22 m, 10:13:45 10:14:40)



Kinderheim ; Niederlande ; Gorch Fock (Segelschulschiff) ; Katholikentag ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Flüchtling (aus der DDR) ; Agriculture ; Tennis ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 48/1958

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