Deutschlandspiegel 44/1958 05.06.1958


01 Helgoland a, b, c, d aerial views of the island of Heligoland, waves beating against cliffs, houses on Heligoland, four men sit partly with pipes and shipping caps, two women in traditional costumes pass them, the women entertain themselves with the woman at the window, flying seagulls, birds: Lummen fly away from the rock, their breeding places, Gull rock, the fisherman in his boat, fishing attracts cage with lobster pots out of the water, Lobster size.
Historical film 30 years ago: Spa concert, man with two wives is hooked along Beach, beach scene, houses and boats on the beach, people in street alley.
Film from 1952: destroyed houses, Red Rock. Construction workers when building a House, Richtkranz on Gable, carpenters toast with liquor, modern houses from bird perspective, boy with knapsack on back go alley along House Bird Observatory, shield: station Helgoland Bird Observatory Headquarters and address of Wilhelmshaven, Biological Research Institute, tents are built on the bath Dune, boats and window frames are painted, woman hangs shield: free room, men carry beach chairs, men push boat into the sea, big ship: Brindled cow sets anchor, vacationers are associated with small boats to the island, waves beat on the sands at night: Lighthouse flashes.
(109 m)
(10: 10:00 10:04:05) 02 baby Bonn: meeting of the Turkish State visit: President Bayar accompanied by police officers on motorcycles, Adenauer, BAYAR, Heuss big stand side by side BAYAR Heuss, Felix by Eckhardt, Erhard with cigar, arrive at Schloß Brühl for the gala reception, Adenauer: individually and sitting at the table.
(24 m, 10:04:00 10:04:55) 03. Mikoyan Bonn: Aircraft rolls out, cameramen filming the arrival, Mikoyan (1st Deputy Prime Minister of the Soviet Union) rises out of plane, greeting by Brentano, signing of a trade agreement and conven by Brentano and Mikoyan big.
(15 m, 10:04:50 10:05:25) 04 Dulles West Berlin: soldiers and Mayor Willy Brandt welcome Außenminister J. F. Dulles, Dulles walks off honour parade, Dulles and Brandt drive in a Mercedes convertible, spectators cheering, Dulles waving to spectators, Dulles political declarations are Dulles on the lectern (no interview), before the House of representatives, deputies clapping.
(19 m, 10:05:20 10:06:05) 05. Heisenberg celebration for the centenary of the birth of Max Planck, Lise Meitner as a listener (large), Max Planck scientists bust, Göttingen Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Heisenberg explains how new basic formula of matter, slide on the screen: proposal for the matter equation, Heisenberg actuality: "the 100. Max Planck's birthday comes at a time that makes a Very much chaotic impression such as those of politics, the art of the values when compared with earlier in many areas. "It is therefore, just thinks, reassuringly, that at least in terms of a work of his lifetime has devoted to the Planck on a so harmonious personality such as Max Planck, is to To find nothing chaotic, that rather here simplicity and transparent clarity but also determines how the time Plato's or Kepler's or Newton's." Audience clapping.
(33 m, 10:06:00 10:07:15) 06 Observatory Munich: employees of the Bird Observatory on the roof while adjusting the antenna, two men with headphones on the radio telescope, long list of locations, different people watching through refracting telescope and a reflecting telescope instruments of the Observatory, Star and moon, Moon large.
(18 m, 10:07:10 10:07:50) 07. Fair Hannover totals from bird's eye view: fair trade fair of industry, visitors in addition to fountains, new products appear, covered wagon train with visitors about Fairgrounds, man, controls construction crane with remote control device (knapsack) from the ground, excavators scoop away sand, woman driving excavator with a hanging weight of 2500 kg.
(53 m, 10:07:45 10:09:45) 8th Beer Festival Frankfurt Airport: Bavarian Chapel in costumes welcomed guests from America (100 millionth barrel bring the beer of an American brewery), drum trucks, keg beer is beer festive Meppenheim (in Rhenish Hesse) rolled, crowd the roadside, men in costumes with horses, beer dispensing, behind poster: Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, beer will be distributed to spectators, sausage swimming in bath, Sausage-eating crowd, beer cans will be distributed.
(32 m, 10:09:35 10:10:50) 09. Blossom a, b Reger road on cobblestones, trees in the western slopes of the Odenwald blossom (Bergstraße between Darmstadt and Heidelberg, Weinheim, Strahlenburg, Striesheim, family goes for a walk, sidewalk café, woman eats ice cream, Shepherd with his sheep, combine harvesters in use, beekeeper at work, tree blossoms.
(32 m, 10:10:45 10:11:55) 10 pointers man looks through binoculars, starts hunting dog, testing in the open fields and waters, Hunter tells his dog into the water to go, floating dog, dog swims back with bird in its mouth, Hunter observed him through the binoculars, man fondles dog with his prey and decreases the loot to him.
(19 m, 10:11:50 10:12:35) 11 football, receiving Hannover: final Schalke 04 against HSV, after five minutes goes to German Football Champions Schalke 04 in leadership, different game scenes, spectator laughs, full spectator grandstands, cameraman by viewers to the side hustled, cheering spectators, HSV is beaten 3-0. HSV player to leave the playing field, Schalke 04 trophy depressed, spectators stormed the playing field enthusiastically. Gelsenkirchen Hbf: triumphant reception for Schalke 04, dichtgedrängter platform and also in front of the station: crowds, players drive in an open car through a crowd, confetti, police officers struggling to push the crowd back.
(60 m, 10:12:30 10:14:40)


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Brentano, Heinrich von ; Erhardt, Ludwig ; Bayar, Celâl ; Planck, Max ; Eckhardt von, Felix ; Adenauer, Konrad


Helgoland ; Rhein-Main-Flughafen ; Hannover-Messe ; München ; Industrie-Messe (Hannover) ; Hundeschule (Prüfungen) ; Fussballmeisterschaft ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; State visit ; Sternwarte ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 44/1958

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