Deutschlandspiegel 43/1958 02.05.1958


1st International School warning: many splices and tone jumps, approx. 50 m film is missing!
Hamburg. Total: Hamburg Town Hall, port of Hamburg, students go down to the boat Jetty, passing ships (in the background of the Michel), piers, policeman regulates the traffic ahead of international school students cross the street and run through front gate on camera, boy with the hand-bell rings, students play in the classroom and sit then quickly on their place, students stand up when the teacher enters the classroom, it will be taught in English, teacher writes on the Board a teacher explains the German umlaut and writes an ä, boy goes forward on the Board, staircase: boy goes down stairs with Bell, other disciples follow him.
(104 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:15) 02. Cuxhaven a, b pull NET with fish on board ship in the storm, fishing boats, fishing together, FishNet will open on deck, long shot: at night the ship unloads docks from Cuxhaven, various ships in the Harbour, Seagull, fish baskets be placed in the auction halls, central market hall with full fish crates, Mayor auctioned off 50th birthday anniversary box on American art, shaking hands, morning fish auction auctioneer on the microphone on the podium,, Fishmonger makes drawing with fingers, fish in tons and on assembly lines, fish are processed with knives, ice is distributed on the crates, women roll up fish for herring, smoked fish is packaged in boxes.
(63 m, 10:02:10 10:04:25) 03. pipeline Wilhelmshaven: total: sand transport pipeline, excavators, belt conveyor accumulates sand, construction workers put together pieces of the pipeline welding, crane holds a pipe in the air and using them in digging crane driver at work. (31 m, 10:04:20 10:05:30) 04 Adenauer in London airport Cologne-Bonn: plane taking off, Foreign Minister by Brentano and Erhard, large, airplane wing, greeting at the airfield in Nordholz (?), receiving Adenauer by the Prime Minister MacMillan, Adenauer honor parade steps off. Adenauer rises from a taxi in the Downingstreet, greets COP, Adenauer considered big order, MacMillan, Adenauer enlists in the book, Adenauer leaves home in the Downingstreet accompanied by Federal press Chief Felix von Eckhart, Adenauer waves to spectators on the opposite sidewalk, great reception on the Lencasterhaus, hosts Selwyn Lloyd (British Foreign Secretary) welcomes Adenauer, Foreign Office: signing a German British Cultural Convention by Brentano and Lloyd (large), Adoption of Adenauer's by MacMillan, Adenauer boards aircraft.
(56 m, 10:05:25 10:07:25) 05. Last US - Reiter Berlin: last Cavalry units of the American army MP helmet riding on barrack square along American flag will be merged, women photographed the scene, horses carried in vans, closes the door of the truck.
(19 m, 10:07:20 10:08:05) 06 spring in Berlin Berlin. Cooking accompanied by waiter with tray and lilac bouquet in bottle glasses and bottle of wine on a tray to go on camera and waving to the passengers of the fair's vessel, tray presented passengers on deck in the snow, cooking the captain, traditional egg trip to Wannsee: all drink rum grog, thermometer shows + 1 degree of Celcius, woman knocks against thermometer, woman depends on the weather map in the showcase of the Institute of meteorology and Geophysics of the Freie Universität Berlin, Ducks on half-zugefrorenem Lake. Lama stands in a wooden house and looks at the snowflakes, goats are protectively before snow under the roof. Woman with two dogs walking along Kurfurstendamm, two women look in showcase, two women sitting in the street café and listen on the radio, magazine racks, headline of the Berliner Morgenpost: spring is still waiting, flowers pull together in time lapse, man carrying coal into the House, flower street vendor selling bouquet, bride and groom rises from white wedding carriage in snow, white carriage drives away with two Coachmen in the snow.
(37 m, 10:08:00 10:09:20) 07 Zoo Munich Munich. Brazilian tapir baby rocks with his mother in a cage, giraffes behind bars, Parrot, Penguin, monkey baby on back a monkey jumps up, several monkeys, seal drops into the water.
(28 m, 10:09:15 10:10:20) 08. Horse Show Dortmund: overcome various obstacles, from Brentano (large) as a spectator international meeting of equestrian, riders and horses, Hans-Günter Winkler pulls three obstacles in a playoff on Halla, Piero D' Inzeo ride flawlessly and gets 3rd, Fritz Thiedemann Meteor faster and without errors, spectators clap, Spaniard Francisco Goyoaga knocks him around 1.3 sec. and is winning, full seating, clap, Federal Foreign Minister Dr. by Brentano presented the winning rates of the Federal Republic.
(29 m, 10:09:15 10:10:20) 09 landing on the Zugspitze succeeded Franz Hailer 36 years ago in the first landing on the Zugspitze, runners from the aircraft handled, running propeller, aircraft flying over snow cover in the high mountains, aerial photos of the snow-covered mountain, Zugspitze from the air, two planes flying parallel and land below the Summit.
(29 m, 10:11:15 10:12:20)

Persons in the Film

Lloyd, Selwyn ; Brentano, Heinrich von ; Erhardt, Ludwig ; Eckhardt von, Felix ; Adenauer, Konrad


Zugspitze (Berg) ; Reitsport ; Fishing ; München ; Cuxhaven ; Pipeline ; Berlin ; Wilhelmshaven ; Internationale Schule ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hamburg, BRD ; London ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 43/1958

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Federal Republic of Germany

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