Deutschlandspiegel 31/1957 02.05.1957


1st spring + swans Hamburg City Park: man carries wooden chair and turns him off, flowering trees, Grindelhochhäuser, playground and swinging kids, jungle gym, children sitting on park bench, flower bed from bird perspective, children play beside a flower bed, flower, man stroking planter, eat ice cream, Elbe: Övelgönne Beach, child with wooden sailing boat runs to the river Elbe, two rowboats, Alster: Swan sitting cleans his feathers, men in the boat, consists of swans, it features large ring at the foot, ring: Vogelwarte Helgoland Germania, man feeding swans, swans feeding.
(68 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:40) 02 Knave + crinoline Munich Hofgarten: two women sitting at a Café table outside, third wife is added with large Hat box, women consider and re-place spring hats Grietel Stauber, women's faces with hats big. Woman with crinoline and muff waiting car, wants to go into the car, woman tried forward and backward to enter, chauffeur holds muff, girl pulling on the strap, crinoline falls down, woman gets into the car, crinoline is stowed in the trunk.
(36 m, 10:02:35 10:03:55) 03 geese near the town of Perleberg: peasant girl feeding geese, geese feeding geese are stored in wooden cages, farmer carries away with man cage, tucked into the truck, farmer collects money, departing truck with geese, goose cages laughing spectators, are loaded on ships, boat sails, beckoning viewers at the water's edge, goose passing on the Elbe under police protection.
(21 m, 10:03:50 10:04:35) 4th race Berlin: traditional race around the Havel, 370 amateurs on bikes, fast cornering, various recordings of the cycling race, man holding a sign with a 1 tall, beckoning viewers, winner will be accompanied by policeman on motorcycle in the target.
(21 m, 10:04:30 10:05:20) 05. Gedächtniskirche Berlin: Memorial Church, traffic COP at work, man before stone drill (demolition of the wall remains) use Memorial Church, construction workers, crane transported stones, model of the Memorial Church is lifted and replaced with a new Tower, stacked letters/letter, newspaper clipping, several men discuss with newspaper in hand, Gedächtniskirche big.
(23 m, 10:05:15 10:06:10) 06 Bishop Berlin new Bishop of Berlin: Dr. Julius Döpfner is Sebastian Church solemn intronisiert candles, various dignitaries, fully occupied pews, Dr. Julius Döpfner big.
(16 m, 10:06:05 10:06:40) 07. Heuss + Atom Black Forest spa town of Badenweiler, German President Heuss with stick and hat walks towards camera, walks through the Woods and settles hat, 1 act in the vacation place, press to wait before building Heuss emerges and receives Japanese Ambassador, photograph viewers. Bonn: Office, journalists go through Garden, drive cars, armed soldier, enters Adenauer building, meeting with nuclear scientists, different scientists get out of cars and enter building, Prof. Weizsäcker, cock, Gerlach.
(35 m, 10:06:35 10:07:55) 08 Norstadt Bonn: aircraft rolls out on the airfield, soldier parade, General Norstadt (Commander-in-Chief of the NATO) goes down stairs, step up military, car driving away.
(13 m, 10:07:50 10:08:20) 09 Koblenz Turnpike opens, French/German troops stationed at a barracks in Koblenz, soldiers on tanks.
(14 m, 10:08:15 10:08:50) 10 vaccination drives boxes with the polio vaccine boxes by warehouse forklift mothers wait in the waiting room with her children on her lap, nurse disinfects a child's arm, crying child, mother comforts the child, nurses Chair at the table and prepare vaccinations, doctor injects children into the arm/shoulder.
(23 m, 10:08:45 10:09:40) 11. Geesthacht Geesthacht nad Labem bird's-eye, aerial view of a Pumpspeicherwerkes to the electricity generation/building site, reservoirs with truck running conveyor belt, man machine, scales served big, men shovel stones, rolling off a truck, reservoir walls are completed with rollers, crane on site, pipes on rail transport, steel plates are bent and stretched, and workers in the welding welded pipes, crane transported plates, workers in protective suits, truck drive away.
(87 m, 10:09:30 10:12:40) 12. Riding horses are presented in the walking speed in the district, world champion of show jumping rider Captain Raimondo D ' Inzeo from Italy to new horse searches, horse head large, Raimondo D' Inzeo controlled horse legs, riding from the inside from bird's eye view in a riding and jumping tournament in Dortmund, Germany, Raimondo D' Inzeo sat among the guests, rider and horse while jumping over obstacles, Olympic champion Hans Günter Winkler, winner Fritz Thiedemann flag King while jumping, Clapping spectators, Fritz Thiedemann big sitting on horse, awards ceremony.
(45 m, 10:12:35 10:14:15)


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Thiedemann, Fritz ; Winkler, Hans Günter ; d´Inzeo, Raimondo ; Norstad, Lauris ; Döpfner, Julius ; Adenauer, Konrad


Koblenz ; Frühling ; Kinderlähmung ; Atomwaffen ; NATO ; Gedächtniskirche (Berlin) ; Massenimpfung ; Pumpspeicherwerk (Stromerzeugung) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Hamburg, BRD ; Oberhausen ; cycling ; Pferdesport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 31/1957

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Federal Republic of Germany

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