Deutschlandspiegel 25/1956 01.11.1956


01 flying farmer a, b farm in the Allgäu countryside, cattle come on camera has to Builder Georg Schnell holds calf at the knitting, calf drinks on the udder, Georg Schnell stacks Hay with the fork on dung, cattle run along before the plane, pig eats next to label: caution prohibited flight operations, entering the runway. Private airfield with aircraft and Turnpike, hut, greeting the Zollbeamtem who completed the formalities, shield at the lodge: air traffic control and customs. Dog is nibbling on the ear of the cat, farmer starts his machine by hand propeller, frightened cat cower and farmer boards the plane with a woman, adoption of the customs officials, chickens run mess on meadow, plane taking off, villagers waving to aircraft, going back, aerial photographs (with partially. Air frame in the picture) from Lake Constance, Lindau, Harbor pilot turns with face to the camera, railway tracks from bird perspective, Swiss Alps in the distance.
(45 m) 02. Fotokina Fotokinaausstellung in Cologne crowd before Zeiss Ikon AG Stuttgart, large photo camera model, German President Heuss tried automatic camera and dismissive, Minister of the Interior Dr. Gerhard Schröder showcase and try out a camera. Photographer with antiquated camera and Flash equipment, modern photo apparatus, catalog, woman with binoculars with built-in camera is filmed by two cameramen, light low-angle shot: woman lifts the binoculars, photo of man with surgical mask, visitors shows large-format camera with pull-out bellows, the greatest telephoto lenses for film cameras on tripods nearly 500 exhibitors from domestic and abroad, visitors, exhibitors, woman looks through a telephoto lens, several spectators watch.
(31 m) 03 data center road, traffic in the background: data center in Frankfurt am Main (the most versatile data center in Europe), lettering: Battelle. Interior with computers and Control Panel, power box and employees, "automatic brain" with 5400 tubes and 350 km of cable, employees operate machinery, performance: the data center operated 5000 additions or subtractions with 11 digits in 1 sec., a single man, punched card machines make tasks, hand pushes buttons, monitor with various curves, bills come from computer.
(49 m) 04 DGB topic of DGB meeting in Hamburg: automation and nuclear industry, meeting room with listeners from bird perspective, talks for Adenauer, to fill out a ballot, ballot thrown into the ballot box. DGB has 6 million members from 16 industrial unions, ballot box is secreted, the counting of the ballots, congratulation for the new Chairman Willi Richter (member of the Bundestag), Deputy geo ERG Reuter and Bernhard Tacke.
(21 m) 05. Berlin week in Bonn Berlin advertising week posters, sitting stuffed bear, fountains with cars and trams, Town Hall, shield: Berlin cartoonists, viewers go through the exhibition of Berlin cartoonists, several drawings by, among others, the Finance Minister, Foreign Minister, Economics Minister, actress. Fashion show of the Berlin fashion designers before the Federal House, new autumn and winter collection, all model walking arm in arm on camera.
(36 m) 6 children in Berlin railway station Witzenhaus North, numerous young people (school leavers) change the train direction Berlin, off train with waving teenagers sign: helmstedt, equivalent buses, highway sign: zone boundary 4 km, Magdeburg 52 km, Berliner ring 133 km. Jam at the zone boundary, Turnpike opens Berlin, beckoning young people from bus Windows,: Brandenburg Gate with red flag and victory column, cityscape, traffic COP before U directs traffic, Park with Schöneberg Town Hall (seat of the West Berlin Government) railway station, young people go up stairs to the Town Hall, admire the Tower Bell, vantage point from the tower.
(45 m) 7th waiter race Berlin: Kellnerrennenauf water glass on tray to pillar, many viewers, cooks with Chef's hat and work clothes wear wear Kurfürstendamm, waiters in tails and numbers, soup in the saucepan, coffee tray, spectators clap barrel end of betting roll beer drivers, victory run of the waitresses with jug and waving. Congratulations for waitress.
(20 m) 08. Tubman in Berlin street sign: Potsdamer Platz, camera swivelling on the border between East and West, visit of President Wilhelm Tubman in Berlin, Potsdamer Platz, S train input, soldiers photograph street scenes to the pile of rubble, views of East Berlin, plank fence, guards, Tubman and journalists on the destroyed Reichstag building.
(33 m) 09 Bundestag Bundestag moved sessions for a week by Bonn to Berlin to emphasize connection to the actual capital, crowded session Hall, outside: Adenauer viewers shielded by police, journalists, waving descend stairs, politicians follow him, waving flag of Germany from low-angle shot.
(15 m) 10. Beijing makeup space opera: painted nails of a woman, hand paper flower inside the hair, on tour in West Berlin: Opera by Beijing in the Titania Palace, dressed and made-up actress and actor look the camera, dark auditorium, curtain opens, actor dancing on stage, added swordsman, make-up face in close-up, curtain closes.
(47 m) 11 Americans in St Pauli 45 Americans with cars and chrome-shiny supporters drive through Hamburg, in the background Hamburg landmarks: Michel, dog back seat looks through the window on camera, proud owner of cars are cleaned, man shaves in the passenger mirror of the car, children show with fingers on stickers, faces, boy looking under the car, girl watching from the outside through caravan window, man opens the fridge and takes out Tin can, woman frying meat in pan, Woman holds fabric in the hands, couple at dinner in the camper, campsite from the bird's eye view, swivel on nocturnal Reeperbahn, neon sign, astonishment and smiling visitors, road sign: great freedom.
(39 m) 12 Oktoberfest Munich: Lichteffektte skin many people at Munich Oktoberfest, man with hammer on Lukas, balloons, pirate ship, carousel, roller coaster,.
(18 m) 13. Oktoberfest Munich Kehraus: street sweeper at cleanup, man rolling beer barrel, women stacked beer mugs in trucks, dismantling of the stall holders, Mrs shield with dog on a leash,: Pfüatdi God, empty wallet on the street, man tries to bump the purse to the side with his stick.
(23 m)


Persons in the Film

Tubman, William Vacanarat Shadrach ; Richter, Willi ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Adenauer, Konrad


Flugplatz ; Bauern ; DGB (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund) ; München ; Oper ; Oktoberfest ; Berlin ; Köln ; Kurfürstendamm ; Fotokina (Fotoausstellung) ; Rechenzentrum ; Kellnerrennen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Frankfurt am Main ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Hamburg - Sankt Pauli ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 25/1956

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Federal Republic of Germany

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