Deutschlandspiegel 9/1955 22.06.1955


01 Paris week of Düsseldorf. Model of the city of Paris: the Seine, Notre Dame,..., mobile dolls. Inscription "Week in Paris" on the wall of a House. Flags of Germany and France. Music train of the Paris police on the King's Avenue. Council President Bernard Larfais (?), Ambassador François Poncet and Prime Minister Karl Arnold. Life-size wheel racket made of marzipan as a guest gift. Little boys beat wheel. German and French police in conversation.
(54 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:10) 02 reception + Bundestag Villa Hammerschmidt in Bonn. Theodor blank gets out of the car. Theodor Heuss and blank the hand To give up. Document size: "on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany I appoint Mr Theodor blank, Member of the German Bundestag, the Federal Minister of Defense. Bonn, June 7, 1955. The Federal President." Heuss with Hans-Joachim von Merkatz and with Heinrich von Brentano. Bundestag. The MEPs rise. Bundestag President Eugen Gerstenmaier actuality: "Mr Dr Heinrich of Brentano, I speak before the oath you pursuant to article 56 of the Federal law. ' I swear that I mean dedicated to force the welfare of the German people, its benefits increase, contact damage from him, uphold the basic law and the laws of the Federal defend, conscientiously fulfill my duties and anyone will pursue justice against. "So help me God!' I ask you to raise your right hand and the formula to the obligation on this Eid to speak after me: ' I swear, so help me God!" Brentano speaks interview: "I swear, so help me God!" Gallo o-ton: "Mr Federal Minister, I can pronounce them the congratulations of the House and wish God's blessings to their new Office."
(50 m, 10:02:05 10:03:50) 03 airfield lettering of the Cologne-Bonn airport. Lufthansa - propeller aircraft. Konrad Adenauer's press statement, reporters To write with. Adenauer speaking interview: "I'm going to see the President Eisenhower, also the Foreign Minister McMillan and PINET will see you in New York Secretary of State Dulles, un, who are on the journey to San Francisco. On the flight back I'll talk then Prime Minister Eden and I hope to be safely back here today in 8 days." A reporter happens to quote: "Lord Chancellor, during all these meetings so their next travel will play probably already a certain role." Adenauer actuality: "My next trip will be by Rhöndorf to Bonn." Laughter among the journalists. Adenauer waving from the door of the aircraft. Door is closed, plane taking off.
(37 m, 10:03:45 10:05:10) 04 Trümmerfrau Berlin: ruin of a House is blown up. Rubble women with shovels; clean debris and stones, stacked bricks. Trümmerfrau monument of artist Katharina Singer is revealed. Berlin's Mayor Luise Schröder gives the opening speech.
(23 m, 10:05:05 10:06:00) 05. Building before the background of the Memorial Church is built. Mortar is mixed, it is bricked and drank beer. Tram in front of the Hotel Kempinski. The "Hinckeldey bridge" with an appropriate inscription. "Pool Neukölln". Children jump off the diving board and slip into the water. The basin full of bathers.
(22 m, 10:05:55 10:06:40) 06th beer City Festival in Charlottenburg. People dance in the street and behind the decorated Windows. Old man ever the cylinder. Music Chapel. Dance on the balconies. Beer keg is tapped, the bystanders jostle.
(28 m, 10:06:35 10:07:35) 07. tank West Berlin. Soviet tanks on the base of the monument. Camera people. Tank will be hoisted by crane onto a truck. Transport in the Soviet sector.
(14 m, 10:07:30 10:08:05) 08 peace wreath peace wreath of the Buhler above sea level in the black forest. Divine service is held. A monk, old people. Wreath at the base of the cross with the inscription: "the dead of the second world war... -We wanted to live in peace."
(21 m, 10:08:00 10:08:50) 9 Corpus Christi Munich. Corpus Christi procession before the towers of the Church of our Lady. Cardinal Wendel is the Holy of Holies. Believers cross themselves. On the Marienplatz. Last Gospel before the Feldherrnhalle. Woman kneels down. Pass monks frat.
(45 m, 10:08:45 10:10:25) 10 Thomas Mann in Lübeck. The Holsten Gate. Canoes on the river Trave. Thomas and Katja Mann before his birth home. Stroll down the city. Ceremony in the Town Hall. Eulogy of the Mayor's p o-ton: "Lübeck citizenship gives right and dignity of a Freeman of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck the son of our city of Thomas Mann in gratitude and veneration." Thomas Mann receives certificate, Katja Mann a bouquet of flowers. Thomas Mann at the lectern, o-ton: "Mr. Mayor, distinguished foreign guests and fellow citizens. So my time has come now the impatiently awaited moment since I may say thanks, thanks for the high honor that my fatherhood today me is by heart. This is a great, touching moment of my life going to the equip. My heart is full of thanks. Happiness and welfare of our city; Concordia domi foris pax." Applause. Thomas and Katja Mann subscribe to the book of the city.
(79 m, 10:10:20 10:13:10) 11 Helgoland the passenger ship "Coat of arms of Hamburg". Radar equipment. Coffee-drinking passengers. Tax man on the bridge. Responsive steamer. Aircraft; Aerial photography of the island of Heligoland. The chalk cliffs. Flag of Europe. Remains of the fortifications. Bird colony. Destroyed houses and equipment. Construction work. Ocean surf at walls torn-up. Establishment of new walls. New construction homes. Shield: "Helgoland municipality". Inscriptions on barracks: "Meat and salami products W. Erler", "Shoemaker Carl Fröhle", "tailoring textile Bazaar article John, C." Boy man"a man comes from dilapidated House with sign"Hairdresser". Steel frame with Bell. Graves, cross with inscription: "here Friedrich reset tap rest, born 31.10.1986, died 19.10.1953". The beach. In the evening in the port, small ships, buoys. Light of the lighthouse in the distance.
(113 m, 10:13:05 10:17:00)


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Blank, Theodor ; Brentano, Heinrich von ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Mann, Thomas ; Francois-Poncet, André ; Merkatz, Hans-Joachim von ; Adenauer, Konrad


Bundestag ; Villa Hammerschmidt ; Fronleichnam ; Berlin, auch Westberlin ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trümmerfrauen, Deutschland, 40er Jahre ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 9/1955

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