Deutschlandspiegel 175/1969 24.04.1969


1st indoor handball Dortmund: Westfalenhalle, game of VFL Gummersbach - SG Leutershausen. Game, ZL. Gate litter, ZL. Spectators stand up and clap. VFL Gummersbach storms. Players are off ball front gate. Leutershausen before the gate. Trumpet player. Game (supervisory), advertisement banner "Lufthansa every day around the world". Leutershausen before the gate, ZL. Gummersbach takes ball, ZL. Gummersbach throws gate. Spectators drinking from bottle. Leutershausen is pushing and throwing gate. Spectators clap enthusiastically. Gummersbach throws several times on goal, ZL. Gummersbach WINS with 21:13 (39 m) (10: 10:00 10:01:40) 02. Jane sculptures Düsseldorf: wire sculptures of vibrating wires, gears and Springs by Günter Haese. Patrick in his Studio, shot. City image, cars. Haan when you create a new plastic. Moving plastic.
(27 m)
(10:01:30 10:02:35) 03 20 years basic law a, b, c, d Bonn: Bill will be debated in the Bundestag, shot. Chancellor Kiesinger, close, quote: "... that these designs contrary to the spirit and purpose of the basic law. Is true fact, that here represents a necessary adjunct of the Basic Law of its spirit and sense." Deputies clapping, shot. Voting and counting of votes. Review of 1949: Frankfurt: IG colors building. Parliamentarians entered the building. Heuss's arrival. General Robertson, total. Car drives forward. Crew officer gets out. Clay is present. Crew officers at table. Carlo Schmid at the table sitting. Bonn: Parliamentary Council: Carlo Schmid at the lectern, members of the Parliamentary Council, vote count, Carlo Schmid, smacking, half-close. Font 'Draft of the basic law', basic law will be added. Black flag is hoisted. Opening of Parliament: House of Parliament: driver (?) helps Luise Schröder coat. Carlo Schmid on arrival. Arrival of Dr. Schumacher with Annemarie Renger, McCloy, Sir Brian Robertson, Adenauer. Deputies clapping, Dr Erich Köhler becomes the President of the Bundestag seat, o-ton: "ladies and gentlemen! I assume the Office of the first President of the first Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany." Delegates rise up and sit down. Vote (presidential election), Heuss talking with Adenauer, close. Heuss, close. Carlo Schmid, short. Dr. Köhler inaugurated Heuss, half-close.
(72 m)
(10:02:30 10:05:05) 04 futurology in Bonn, training for workers Bonn: swivel about Beethoven monument. Exhibition walls with photos and writing "Our future"; "Everyone can realize their right to education". Modern data center, shot. Building from the outside meter. Control Center. Satellite. Lessons: Teachers declared chemical structures on the model, students listen. Hand writes in book, great. Laboratory: Laboratory Assistant pours liquid in glass. Factory: Production of VW Beetle. Textile industry. Miners go in buildings. Photos: Schmid, tailor, Shoemaker, merchant at the desk. Machine fitter, measurement and control mechanics. Large data equipment, hand taps on calculator.
(36 m)
(10:05:00 10:06:20) 05. stack running Esso Scotia Bremen: the tanker on the dock, great. Christening of the ship. Ship runs from the stack, ship screw slides into the water, launched from the front. Guests, close. Launched from behind. Ship in the water.
(19 m)
(10:06:15 10:07:00) 06. Deutsches Museum a, b Munich: old painting, panning down font "groundbreaking ceremony on November 13, 1906, cleaner wipes over old hammer." Deutsches Museum (exterior/total), filled parking lot with cars and tour buses. Exhibition space with visitors. Old phone, great. Old drawings of the phone. Young people consider satellite. Department of aviation: Aircraft hanging from the ceiling. Photo: Otto Lilienthal. Three-tier Super rocket for the Moon orbit. Visitors carry out experiments. Hand turns quickly small handle, great. Cinema. Old machines, Halbtotale.Drei young girls look at exhibits. Alter table with utensils, where 1938 Otto Hahn succeeded in the nuclear fission of uranium. Visitors walk through the exhibition rooms. Visitors consider interested in electrical voltage. Photo and skeletons on X-ray. Visitors look at exhibition boxes. Alchemists lab from the middle ages. Magdeburg hemispheres (1656 the atmospheric pressure has been proven so) big. Music Hall: detuned organ (?) plays several expanded wing, man, close, visitors to listen to him. Piano plays automatically.
(69 m)
(10:06:50 10:09:25) 07 Nördlingen a, b, c, d Nördlingen: Photo (top). Roofs of old houses, supervision. Moving tractor. Man lays flowers (wrapped in paper) in VW bus, includes tailgate. Older woman with a headscarf, close. Young woman knocks out doormat at the House wall. Walking man, half-close. Town Hall: Stairs (Renaissance). Road swing to the House with Publisher "C. H. Becksche printing". Rotating platen. Staff at the printing presses. Men sit at machines and type text, medium. Letters are automatically set. Letters in Wash. Setting character is inserted in the text block, big.
Welder during welding. Stacked bars. Products by Bremshey (metal goods company): metal coat stand. Trolleys are assembled and checked. Löpsinger Tor. VW Beetle goes through old Archway. Family goes for a walk on the ancient battlements, in the background the Church of St. George (landmark). In the Museum: old drawing of Nördlingen. Late Gothic image, painted by Friedrich Herlin. Night watchman lights lamp on House corner, Pan Gets the steeple, NightWatchman reputation monitor from the tower.
(67 m)
(10:09:15 10:11:45) 08 Stuttgart beats Bayern has b, Stuttgart: in the Neckar Stadium game between Bayern Munich and VfB Stuttgart, game scene. Viewer, screen-filling. Stuttgart players on the ball, ZL, is pushed. Viewers with CAP, close, type "Bayern". Attack of the Bavaria, header, ZL, defense of the Stuttgart goalkeeper Heinze, ZL. Viewers with Hat, close. Stuttgart goes into the lead 1:0 Viewer, screen, raise arms. Game scene, Gerd Müller at the Stuttgart gate is pushed, ZL. Bayern coach Cebek with Manager Swan, half close, sitting on bench. Haug, Stuttgart, fire 0 spectators the 2: screen. Goalkeeper parade of Heinze, ZL. Viewers, close. Foul on Stuttgart striker Larsson, ZL. Larsson crashes, when run on goal, ZL. Stuttgart coach (?) and Hansi Müller, close, coach Bank. Haug shoots free-kick at the Bayern wall over the gate. Spectators wave flags.
(51 m)
(10:11:35 10:13:30)


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Schmid, Karl Johann Martin Heinrich ; Schröder, Louise ; McCloy, John Jay ; Robertson, Brian Hubert ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Renger, Annemarie ; Köhler, Erich ; Schumacher, Kurt ; Clay, Lucius Dubignon ; Adenauer, Konrad


Werft ; Handball ; Nördlingen ; Plastiken ; Rothenburg ob der Tauber ; Policy ; Deutsches Museum ; Grundgesetz ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dinkelsbühl ; Schiffsbau ; Ausstellung ; Football ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 175/1969

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