Die Zeit unter der Lupe 961/1968 25.06.1968


01 England: Royal Ascot audience recordings. Go girl with mini skirts. Men with gray cylinders. Men's draw mannequin dress over the head. Girl goes two old ladies in flower bikini. Young woman with cage hat. Men's gray cylinder. Ladies with wide hats. Track visitors, total. Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother, totally. Running horse. Grandstands, total. Race. Girl in flower bikini goes on arm of Mr grey cylinder.

02. France: Elections pedestrian street. Election posters. Hand slips inside ballot boxes. People in polling station. People choose. Pompidou gets out of helicopters, welcomes people and chooses. De Gaulle and wife in polling station. De Gaulle chooses. Image de Gaulle on the wall.

03. Berlin: Film Festival Kurfürstendamm. Flags of the Festspielhaus. Car driving before. Benda's arrival. Hubert by Meyerink gets out of car on arrival. Movie star are signing autographs. Benda speaks o-ton, half close: "woman May Spils and Mr Werner Ehnke get for the dialogues in the film"to the matter sweetheart"the Filmband in gold." May spils and Werner Ehnke Filmband in gold for "The thing to honey". Johannes Schaaf receives award for Best Director. Audience clapping, total. Gila von Weitershausen receives Filmband in gold for best young actor "Jungfrau von Bamberg".

04. USSR: Beating heart, big (archive) test for artificial heart part. Heart parts made of plastic. Operation team at animal operation with artificial heart part.

05. England: excess life capsule for oil rig floating oil rig "Amoco A" off England's coast. Men get at trial alarm in excess life capsule, which is left in water.

06. England: wonder car "Mobi" Kleinstauto goes out close parking space. 4-wheel steering allows use in a confined space. Ride around standing girl. Slalom driving blocks forward and backward.

07. Au pair in London, Paris and Hamburg Irish girl in mini dress goes down stairs at the harbour in Hamburg. Port of Hamburg. Girl goes staircase from Eiffel Tower up. Champs Elysées. Tower Bridge London. Marching bear hats. Men with Homburg. Carnaby Street. Young people dancing. Photos of AU on index cards. Head of Agency in Paris. Au pair in Paris. Young Englishwoman. Jungfernstieg, Hamburg. Irish goes beyond zebra stripes. IRIN in housework. Housewife speaks o-ton: "you come from a pristine environment and upscale families, they are willing to work, are reliable and they live then here very nice in the family and are very good especially for the children." IRIN talks o-ton: "I mean that the people here in Germany are very cool." You have no time for fun and for life. Everything is clean here. "It very, very difficult friends is to find I to Germany." IRIN at the port.

08. Kieler Woche sailing boats on the Baltic Sea. Sailing boats are in the wind. Sailboats, total. Catamaran sailing. Dangerous outdoor boarding manoeuvres. Offshore yachts at regatta from Kiel to Eckernförde. Team in regatta. Sailboats in the wind.

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Benda, Ernst ; Elizabeth von England ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Enke, Werner ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Meyerinck von, Hubert ; Pompidou, George ; Spils, May ; Schaaf, Johannes ; Weitershausen von, Gila ; Kutschinskaja, Natalia


Paris ; London ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; England ; USSR ; France ; Ascot ; Kiel ; Leningrad ; Colombey-les-deux Églises


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; child care, education problems ; filmmaking ; Oil ; Olympics ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Shipping ; Ships ; Sailing ; sports audience, sports spectator ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Medicine ; Military ; Elections ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 961/1968

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand increased Ascot race origin: Pathé news information elections in France origin: Eclair, Pathé journal Berlin Film Festival camera: L., Rühe artistic technique. Heart origin: Sovkino, archive above life capsule f. rig origin: Pathé news British mini-car origin: Pathé news under the magnifying glass of Au pair girl camera: Seib origin: Gaumont, archive sports Kieler Woche camera: Jürgens, Seib, Petersen A and E

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