Die Zeit unter der Lupe 954/1968 07.05.1968


01 Brunswick: Fire large Airshow fire on the runway. Ground. Thick smoke. Fire goes out. Dry fire truck with deletion gun. Spectators, half-close. Flame, screen-filling. Foam pipe sprays. Burning oil. Helicopter lands. Fire fighters-precipitate out. Fire extinguisher is discharged and in use.

02. April market in Seville rider to rider on the folk festival. Families on horseback. Spaniards dance. Children dance. Illuminated buildings.

03. singer Julie Driscoll in Paris Julie Driscoll with recently Dalmatian walk along market. Photos of her. Julie Driscoll singing on roof. Cut photos into the rhythm. Julie Driscoll sings on stairs.

04. Cormeilles: Start children Grand Prix miniature race cars. Car on the racetrack. Children at the wheel of the car. Boy drives box winner will receive the trophy.

05. Paris: New battery for electric cars manufacturing plant: electric generator and batteries. Small power generator. Kleinstelektorwagen moves to London.

06. Holland: set freezer Hall frozen food on table. Large kitchen with large cooking kettles. Cooking lifts lid by boiling pans. Frozen food is like cooking automatically packaged and transported into freezer Hall. Food on trays in freezer Hall. Storage in freezer Hall.

07. Holland: Transportable Ferris wheel Ferris wheel, total. Gondolas are fitted. Rotating Ferris wheel. Recording from rotating Ferris wheel.

08th Baden Baden: go the Miss Germany election candidates for the title of Miss in a bathing suit on the catwalk. Nadja Tiller, half-close. Girl in a bathing suit, from behind. Jaques Esterel, prostet with champagne glass, great. Girls in gowns at screening. Music student Lilian Atterer / Forchheim, congratulates a winner and receives sash and flowers. Audience clapping. Heidi Brühl sings "la la la".

09 Cologne: Olympic test for high diver jumps in ZL Bernd Wucher Gadaria, Ulrich Reefing, Karl-Heinz Schwemmer, Klaus Konzorr, Regina Krause and Ingeborg Bush. Knight to jump under water. Diver gets out of swimming pools.

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Busch, Ingeborg ; Atterer, Lilian ; Brühl, Heidi ; Driscoll, Julie ; Esterel, Jaques ; Tiller, Nadja ; Konzorr, Klaus ; Krause, Regina ; Reff, Ulrich ; Schwemmer, Karl Heinz ; Wucherpfennig, Bernd


Braunschweig ; Holland ; Cormeilles ; Paris ; Baden-Baden ; Seville ; Cologne


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; Children ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; motor sports ; Musical events ; beauty pageants ; Swimming ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Dance ; Technology ; diving ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; festivals ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Gastronomy ; Fire brigade ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 954/1968

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand increased in Brunswick fire day camera: Jürgens information April market i. Seville origin: No. do Julie Driskoll origin: Gaumont children's "Grand-Prix" origin: Gaumont technology battery element (& electric car) origin: Eclair frozen Hall, Holland origin: Polygoon transportable Ferris wheel origin: road In the Miss Germany pageant Spotlight u. Heidi Brühl camera: Rau sport diving qualification for Mexico camera: Luppa A and E

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