Die Zeit unter der Lupe 951/1968 16.04.1968


01. the assassination of Rudi Dutschke - demonstrations in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich student demonstrations. Water cannons used at night. Students run on the road. Shouting: "killer - killer" (interview). Police battle with protesters. Instead of assassination against Rudi Dutschke. Criminologists record road murder site. Shoes are on the road. Bicycle headlong to. New building, from its cellar, the assassin shot. Photo by the assassin Josef Bachmann, great. Axel Springer House. Speaker car of the police driving, great. Protesters and riot police face off. Publishing House "The world". Demonstrators out on the street. Cops grind protesters off the road. Jet of water cannons focused on protesters. Water cannons along the Kurfürstendamm and drive protesters out. Limp policeman takes his cap off the road. Illuminated window in the Springer home. Jumper van drive protected by police officers. Professor Darendorf, FDP, speaks interview in Berlin, big: "If in addition"Bild am Sonntag"otherwise override his message about the State of health of Mr Dutschke know as"Dutschke escape again", then I see a spirit of cynical inhumanity, is as I found it at Mr Dutschke itself at any time. The other half of the vicious circle, that of the protesters, is doing but theirs." Microphone SFB. Burning van. Police officers with a bespritztem face. Demonstrators carry crosses before him. Mr. Luethge interviewed representatives of the SDS, o-ton: "Yes, our actions are now fully in the preparations of a Socialist 1. "You will access may, with the we the workers want to show in Berlin, that is no longer represented by their parties and their unions." - also to violence or not?"-"what mean you?"-"connecting from vehicles, throwing a disc."-" the working class last year already proved their spontaneous strikes, that she knows very well, that objects, especially " , if they are subject to the bourgeois capitalist private property, are not taboo. Of course we schedule further such measures, in particular against the Springer Group; We will attack but not persons." Neon Axel Springer. Burning van. Car drives through mountains of newspapers.

02. Farnborough: Gravel brakes runway for jet plane aircraft on the runway. Runway with gravel sprinkled. Plane lands on Pebble track and quickly slows down. Wheels are deep in pebbles.

03. England: Glass-auto man dressing slices of glass car. Men sit in satinized glass car. Glass car drives in traffic. Glass car drives curve in a confined space. Drive down the road over bridge and into small parking space. 2 men get out of car.

04. Bayreuth: Unbreakable miracle binoculars 8 x 30 (E) men and women in factory for the production of binoculars. Girl looks through binoculars, big and drops it on the stone floor. Car wheels drive through binoculars and it won't break. Man drops binoculars from bridge into water. Binoculars, floats and does not. Swimmers get unbroken binoculars out of water and sees through.

05. Berlin: Men's fashion by Pierre Cardin, presented on 8 - seater tandem of young people dancing come from House and sit on 8-seater tandem. Man pants cuffed, great. Men's shoes with buckle, as slippers. Knickers for young girls and women. Turtlenecks. Slouch.

06. Berlin: Boxer in the ring boxing Norbert Grupe - Dave Baley in the Sports Palace, totally. Shock Exchange, half-close. The Boxer, big feet. Baley meets in the 3rd round. Garrett goes to the floor. Referee. Young spectators and spectator, large. The coloured Baley superior boxes in the attack. Young spectators and spectator, large. Garrett is posted and sags in the knee. In the 8th round, Garrett goes back down and gets up again. Baley WINS high points. Grupe and Baley after the fight. Baley with raised arm as the winner. Garrett passes through ring. Under the spectators Bubi Scholz and wife, big.

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Baley, Dave ; Bachmann, Josef ; Darendorf ; Dutschke, Rudi ; Lütke ; Grupe, Norbert ; Scholz, Gustav


Berlin ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Farnborough ; Bayreuth ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Boxes ; Demonstrations ; Higher education ; Interviews ; Youth ; Women, mothers ; News, communications ; Night ; Police ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; accident series ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cups ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Jobs ; employment ; Assassinations ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 951/1968

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand focus on assassination, Dutschke and demonstrations in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich camera: Wiers, Seib, Brandes, Rau, Pahl technology aircraft braking tests i. England origin: Pathé news of new British small car origin: Pathé news unbreakable binoculars camera: harsh spotlight men's fashion in Berlin camera: Pahl sports boxing: Group/Bailey camera: Pahl A and E

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