Die Zeit unter der Lupe 933/1967 12.12.1967


01 beached freighter Emanuel M before Scharnhörn waves. Sailors on the boat. Cruising boat on big waves. Stranded ship Emanuel M on the sand. Freighter situated at low tide on the sand. Crew goes through the mudflats to the ship. Screw on water. Move over ship bow, great. The captain's cabin with card. Stranded Ondo. Sailors get at rope ladder on board. Searched cabins. Men carry belongings in suitcases by Board. Sailor climbs down rope ladder. Man drinking from a bottle.

02. Berlin: First "flower party" Berlin students young man with a painted face. Young man with glasses. Girl dress with breast ornament. Dancers on the dance floor. Balloons. Hippie headdress. Lights go on and off. Light effects. Dancing legs with boots and minidress. Clapping in rhythm. Sleeping after the Festival.

03. London: Survey after British teen idol enthusiastic teenager behind barrier. Screaming teenager. The idols: MOM at the stove. Queen Elizabeth, Francis Chichester, Wilson and wife in front of 10 Downing Street, his father, Johnson, Elvis Presley, Bobby Charlton.

04. London: Opening of Beatle John Lennon, large, boutique George Harrison, big. Beatle audience at the opening. Sitting on large round Chair blown up.

05. Poland: fashion hit de Gaulle hats hands while making of de Gaulle-caps. Head width of young man is measured. Young people try to de Gaulle-caps. Young girls go with de Gaulle-caps. Man with Hat, which looks similar to de Gaulle. Young people carry de Gaulle hats on the street. Boy eats banana with de Gaulle's Cap.

06. Washington: Wedding Linda Johnson with Navy Captain Charles Robb Johnson leads to the wedding of his daughter Linda. Linda Johnson next to Charles Robb, great. Ring Exchange. Linda Johnson and Charles Robb go by trellis. In the wedding procession. Johnson and wife. Wedding picture of the newlyweds and their parents.

07. Leipzig Film Festival - award-winning documentary film "Hanoi, Tuesday the 13."
Aircraft launch from aircraft carriers. Flight over Viet Nam. Troops in the fight. Participants at the film festival in Leipzig, Germany. Excerpts from the award-winning film "Hanoi, Tuesday the 13.". Young smiling Vietnamese. Laughing child's face. Women carry thick round stones. Shelter on the road. Young woman with a child on her arm. Couple on bench at a lake. Dance-like movement of hands. Bomb strikes. Clouds of smoke. Anti-aircraft gun fire. Vietnamese refugees on the road. Child's face, great. See faces upwards. Clouds of smoke of defensive missiles. Fighter bombers in the sky. Child protection hole. People in protective holes. After the attack: Devastation. Crying girl. Desperate faces. Mother and child.

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Die Beatles ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Harrison, George ; Johnson, Ladybird ; Johnson, Linda B. ; Johnson, Lyndon B. ; Lennon, John ; Presley, Elvis ; Robb, Charles ; Wilson, Harold ; Charlton, Bobby ; Chichester, Francis


Berlin ; Viet Nam ; London ; Leipzig ; Washington ; Scharhörn ; Poland ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; Hands ; Higher education ; Disasters ; Education, youth ; filmmaking ; Shipping ; Ships ; Dance ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; Countries ; People ; Engagement ; Currency ; Water ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Entertainment, festivals ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 933/1967

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand spotlight on ship grounding before Scharhörn Greek. Freighter Emmanueln M, camera: Seib, Rieck origin: Ondo, archive mainly cheerful hippie test in Berlin camera: Pahl information British teen idols origin: Pathé news Beatle boutique origin: Pathé news de Gaulle-caps in Poland origin: Polkronika wedding in the White House origin: vis news under the magnifying glass of Viet Nam movie from Leipzig origin: DEFA, archive A and E

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