Die Zeit unter der Lupe 835/1966 25.01.1966


1st Polish director Andrzej Wajda cinematographer behind camera. Director Wajda, large, full-screen. Atelier mirror: "Ashes and diamonds". Girl behind the bar. Still photographs from the film. Wajda during filming of the historic film "The Legion". Marching soldiers in period uniforms. Wajda in Hamburg, close to half sitting at the table. Interpreter sits next to him. Wajda speaks about German film. Scene photos from "The Legion". Camera, large pans. Soldiers climb over barricades. Camera in the foreground.

02. maiden voyage Ms Europe New York close-up of the vessel. The ship in the dock for renovation. Painter at the bow while painting the name of Europe. Interiors of the vessel. In Bremen, passengers go aboard. Anchor rope is solved. People waving on departure of the vessel ashore. The European arrival in New York. Fireboats. Silhouette of the skyline in the background.

03. Hamburg: boat show sailing boats in the exhibition. Motor yachts with price tag. Exhibition visitors, great. Small dinghies. Sandpiper with skis pumped-up goes in the pool.

04. Ralley Monte Carlo cars in the snow on the roads at the rally. Car accident on the side of the road. Cars driving At night with headlights. Cars spin on the smooth road. Presentation of the Cup to the winners.

05. Gstaad: Holiday Crown Princess Beatrix and Claus von Amsberg Claus von Amsberg comes with 2 pairs of skis in addition to Beatrix. Photographers. Beatrix and Amsberg put on skis and skiing on the slope. Photographers are on the verge of the departure. Beatrix and Amsberg sit side by side on the table. Close-up of Beatrix and Amsberg. Amsberg goes next to Beatrix, half-close.

06. France: Gymnast Eveline Letourneur Eveline Letourneur teaches children in gymnastics. It shows them the somersault. Eveline Letourneur forest run, vault, balance beam, floor exercise and on the uneven bars, ZL.

07. Kitzbühel: Hahnenkamm slalom: start and run by runners. The Americans Billy Kidd on the track. He crashes and is then transported away on ski stretcher. Jean Claude Killy on the slopes. Run as winner by the target. Jean Claude Killy run, half-close. Downhill: downhill skiers and falls. Gerhard Nenning / Austria on the route. He is 2. After the run, half-close. Run by Karl Schranz (1.). Run through the goal. He wins in the downhill and combined winner. Spectators clap. Karl Schranz after the run with pushed-up glasses, half-close.

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Amsberg von, Claus ; Beatrice von Holland ; Wajda, Andrzej ; Kidd, Billy ; Killy, Jean Claude ; Letourneur, Eveline ; Nenning, Gerhard ; Schranz, Karl


Hamburg ; Bremen ; New York ; Gstaad ; Monte Carlo ; Kitzbühel ; France


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; motor sports ; Photographers ; Shipping ; Ships ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: North America ; Gymnastics ; People ; Holiday ; Exhibitions ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 835/1966

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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In the spotlight of Polish director Andrzej Wajda camera: Brandes, Seib, Rahim origin: Polkronika information 'Europe'-Ankunft in New York origin: Metro Hamburg boat show camera: Seib Monte Carlo Rally origin: Pathé journal Beatrix and Claus von Amsberg origin: Polygoon sports gymnast Evelyne Letourner origin: Gaumont Hahnenkamm race origin: Austria A and E

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