Die Zeit unter der Lupe 796/1965 27.04.1965


01 accident story no. 2 - smoking Günter Jerschke, as a funeral entrepreneur who sits on coffin and speaks actuality. Man climbs on a Chair and wants to attach a rope to the ceiling. He crashes to the ground when the Chair fell. Man encircles his picture on the wall with black armbands. He holds a gun on the temple. He rubs his suit shiny gun and shoots himself in the chest. Man stands in a bathing suit with swimming on bridge railing, to drown himself. Killer jump on him to snatch his bag and beat him with a stick on the head. Workers flows out of garage. Sign smoking prohibited caution. Labour goes and catches cigarette. Matches in his hand. Sign on door colors bearing smoking prohibited caution risk of explosion. Workers go through door. Jerschke is one of 21-22-23 explosion "because they are right with me".

02. Munich: 20 years Academy of fine arts - art exhibit 2 child sculptures. Modern sculptures. Sculpture of a kneeling young man. Professor Josef Henselmann, the Director of the Academy speaks o-ton: "you see in the exhibition something which is characteristic of all of Munich, the tolerance. You see everything that moves young people at the time, from the figurative to the abstract to." Abstract paintings. Painting of a woman with donkey and Parrot. Painting of a man with a wide hat. Italian cityscape. Plastic of a cock. Plastic Jesus on Mary's lap after the descent from the cross. Fish-mobile. Spinning mobile with abstract people. Henselmann goes through exhibition.

03. Queen Elizabeth II. England - pictures from the life of the monarch Elizabeth and Philip with the 4 children's birthday at Windsor. Edward, laughing, in a baby carriage. Elizabeth and Anne, half-close. Andrew, half-close. Elizabeth and Anne with Edward. Review: fanfare brass. Hof coach. Elizabeth's coronation. Crowd before Buckingham Palace, totally. Elizabeth Crown, Philip and the children of Charles and Anne on the balcony. Elizabeth flag transfer to a regiment. Elizabeth when Church dignitaries. Elizabeth at unveiling of monument. Elizabeth, laughing, on Charity Bazaar. Charles and Anne as children. Elizabeth in the train of the institution of the order of the Garter. Elizabeth and Philip in mining clothes mine tour. Elizabeth at Trooping the colours. Elizabeth at State opening of Parliament. Philip, great. Elizabeth in film reception. Charly Chaplin and wife, Gary Cooper, Jane Mansfield is located. Elizabeth and Philip as spectators at horse racing. Anne as a young child sits between them. Elizabeth in the football stadium at presentation of the Cup. Elizabeth handed Cup Tiedemann. Elizabeth presented in Wimbledon winner Prize to female tennis players. Elizabeth Haile Selassie is located on station. Her hand kiss is Selassie. Elizabeth welcomes King Paul of Greece (hand and cheek Kiss). Elizabeth goes next to Heuss. Close-up with Crown. Elizabeth alongside de Gaulle during reception. Elizabeth elephant riding. Elizabeth drink welcome drink on the Fiji Islands. Philip drinks. Little girl with welcome (Negro child). Elizabeth waving next to Philip in the car.

04. football in Karlsruhe, Germany: Germany - Cyprus 5-0 football audience, total. Man gesturing, half-close. Game scenes. Foul in the German penalty area. Sieloff scored penalty to the 1:0 spectators to raise arms, half-close. Playback of the Germans. Hornig touchline. Overath scored to the 2:0 spectators clap, half-close. Game in front of the German goal. Defender Patzke is injured and worn by game field on stretcher. Direct free-kick, a clapping to the 3:0 man with cigarette shoots Sieloff, great. Goalkeeper Maglitz is bored on the square. Camera behind the gate. Ball is shot on goal past. Corner. Audience, great. Strehl beheads a 4: 0 game in front of the gate of Cyprus. Viewers with a hat and mustache shakes head, big. Overath scored 5:0 player, one with head bandage, leaving the place.

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Andrew von England ; Chaplin, Charlie ; Prinz Charles ; Cooper, Gary ; Prinz Edward ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Selassie, Haile ; Henselmann, Josef ; Heuss, Theodor ; Jerschke, Günther ; Mansfield, Jane ; Paul von Griechenland ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Hornig ; Manglitz ; Overath ; Patzke, Bernd ; Sieloff ; Strehl ; Tiedemann, Fritz ; Philipps, Mark


Munich ; Windsor ; Cologne ; Dresden ; Karlsruhe ; England ; London


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Football ; Portraits ; Reviews ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Transport: public transport ; Art ; Works of art ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 796/1965

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point 4, 6 m DUP good tip accident story no. 2 "Smoking ban" Spotlight 20 years Academy of fine arts, Munich camera: Vlasdeck the profile of Queen Elizabeth of England, at the horse show in Windsor and retrospective origin: Pathé news, archive sports soccer Germany/Cyprus in Karlsruhe camera: fire, Luppa, Starke, l. end brand 3,-m

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