Die Zeit unter der Lupe 779/1964 28.12.1964


01-good intentions - circular headlights. Flow air balloons. "The new year comes from an egg. People dancing on a crowded dance floor. Sylfesterrakten rise. Fireworks. Man kisses woman on the street (half close) dancing people, Fireworks. Young man falls backwards into the water. Eating people (large) women in the beauty salon in degreasing machines. Spectators at sports ground with arms raised. Motorists grumble from his car (large). Car verkehrswidrig overtaken on the highway. Driver kisses passenger at the wheel. Driver is driving backwards. Man jumps through the wall. Brawl at the demonstration. Hand with pencil and shorthand. The Chief enough glass of the software. Hands typing on a typewriter. Secretary sits on the lap of her boss on the desk. Angry, man comes in the door. Secretary fall out of the womb. Lovely beach. Crowded 饺子馆 swimming pool. Deep Dekotées. Man unbuttons rock laps of the jacket. Crazy hats. DIAdem in her hair. Bangles (large) chain. Dancing couples. Wishes for the new year. Thomas Fritsch speaks (interview). Running tape (large). Martin Lauer speaks (original) Erhard speaks (interview), reading the manuscript. Close-up of Erhard. He takes his glasses ah.

02. ski jump in Oberstdorf. Ski jumper who jumps from Hill (total) camera man with swiveling camera tracks ski jumper. At the start of Max bolkart, bounce and jump (total). He is 9. The Hill (total) ski jumper running off. At the start Georg Thoma, start, and jump (slow motion). The Russian Piotr Kovalenko jumps, slow motion, he is 2. The Norwegian brandtzäg at the start, jump and jump (slow motion) will be the winner. Brandtzäg between well-wishers and autograph hunters.

03. people, animals, sensations. Headlights. Hair depends on the artist and juggling with clubs. Chrys Holt juggles swing. The trainer Gilbert Houcke with Tiger. The Tiger stands on its hind legs and follows the Domptuer "Invitation to the dance". slow motion. Artist slips down a steel ladder on hands. Monkey in the rope dancer dress balenciert Dall on the Sankoh and runs on cable. Other monkey takes away the ball. Les Orlatos on the Trapeze. Slow motion, artist and artist difficult exercises. The 2 Morvays: Partner jumps off spin Board to head of the party. Try mußglückt again and repeats (slow motion). Artist swinging me feet rope hanging across the Hall. Tamer Teddy Naumann put his arm into the mouth of a tiger. The Tiger leaps from scaffolding in water jumps behind the trainer.

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Bolkart, Max ; Branduzäg ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Fritsch, Thomas ; Kowalenko, Potr ; Lauer, Martin ; Thoma, Georg


London ; Austria ; Cyprus ; France ; Ethiopia ; Düsseldorf ; Oberstdorf ; England ; Paris ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Cologne


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; cameramen, cameramen ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; Leisure, recreation ; Joke ; Jewelry ; beauty care ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Holiday ; Variety ; transport questions ; Science ; Fashion ; Entertainment, festivals ; Gastronomy ; Fire brigade ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 779/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4, 6 m mainly cheerful good intentions camera: Pahl, Vlasdeck origin: Gaumont, archive sports ski jump in Oberstdorf camera: strong, Hafner, Vlasdeck In the spotlight people, animals, sensations, Berlin camera: Pahl, Arndt, reason 3, final brand-m

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