Die Zeit unter der Lupe 776/1964 07.11.1964


01 Pope Paul in Bombay - Eucharistic Congress - return of the Pope to Rome. Aircraft rolls out (total) (Air India) Pope Paul appears on the aircraft stairs, arms spread out (total). Indians, smack at the airport. The Pope welcomed Prime Minister Shastri (total). The Pope travels through crowd (total). Crowd, screen-filling. Driving at night in the enlightened ones car. Nuns in the Church praying (total). The Pope kneels down and prays (total) face of praying nuns (large). The Pope welcomed Shastri (half total) the Pope next to President Radhakrishnan. (half close).
Transparent 38. Eucharistic Congress. The Pope blessing in the car by crowd driving (half-close). Nuns clapping. Nuns in procession. The Pope on speaker's podium (half close). People, screen-filling.
Pope on throne Chair with tiara.
Pope leaves Rome by enthusiastically waving people (total). Silhouette of the Peter Cathedral at night. The Pope at the window (total) headlights illuminate the Vatican the Vatican.

03. Canadian plant in Quebec. Model of the dam. Engineers at work on the model. Blasting of the rock. Clouds of smoke. Excavator lift stones (large). Stones transported trucks at the construction site. Workers climb scaffolding. The Bustelle (total). Giant crane transports construction materials. Crawler tractor pushes rocks. Workers drill with drills in the mud. Aerial view of the construction site.

03. Prince Philipp at at RAF Laarbruch, aircraft rolls out. A Winker (total). Prince Philipp gets off the plane (half close) fuselage with coat of arms of "the Queens flight". Bus sign "Royal Air Force Laarbruch" past. Prince Philipp with officers during tour of the air base. Prince Philipp (half close). Aircraft on the airfield together below... Prince Philipp goes accompanied of the airfield (total). Jet Fighter (photographed from the rear) half-close. Prince Philipp observed a jet fighter (total) 4 jet fighter in a squadron flying (half close) 04 rig Mr. Louis start. The oil rig in the North Sea (total). Pan of oil rig Mr. Louis. The rig (large) settings. Men at work and drilling. Ann on the Schalbrett. The drill (large) in operation.

05. artificial kidney. Woman stands in the kitchen and cut vegetables on board. Head of a pug (big) licks the snout. Face of woman (large). Woman lies in bed, next to her is the artificial kidney. Her husband on the artificial kidney Unit monitored the exchange of blood, while the woman in bed liegendmit hospital phone. Connecting hoses on her leg. The woman sits in her bed and spreads salt on an egg. Close-up, laughing.

06. Soccer: HSV - Munich 1860 in Hamburg 3:2. Publikuj on the playground swings HSV flags. (total). Young man in the stands is the feet warm (half-close). Spielscenen on the schneebedckten field (total) shot on goal of the HSV in the 6th minute (slow motion). Koutaibi throws himself in vain in the corner of the gate. Laughing flag pivoting viewers (half close) ball on the field. Schnoor faängt the ball (slow motion). Munich player hits the goalkeeper over in the corner 1:1 (slow motion). Players fall over each other in the run. HSV Defender shoots own goal (total) old man as a spectator with disappointed esicht (large) Schnoor keeps viewers with grim face ball (slow motion). Playback before the Münchner Tor. Parades of Koutaibi. High flying ball (slow motion) flies on head of Uwe Seeler, who strikes up to 2:2 (total). Flags are waved (half close) give of the audience (large). Uwe Seeler shoots for goal, falling forward (total) 3:2 for the HSV.

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Paul VI. ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Radhakrishnan, Sarvapalli ; Shastri ; Radenkovic ; Seeler, Uwe


Canada ; Rome ; Bombay ; Laarbruch ; England ; North Sea ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dogs ; Women, mothers ; Football ; Oil ; Rain ; Religious events ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Blasting ; Technology ; Buildings ; Agriculture and forestry ; Medicine ; People ; Military events ; Water ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Construction ; Dogs ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 776/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point 4.6 m spotlight on Pope in Bombay origin: film Division Eucharistic Congress origin: film Division return of the Pope to Rome origin: iNcom technology Canadian power plant in Quebec origin: NFB Canada information: Prince Philip b. RAF Laarbruch camera: basic rig Mr. Louis camera: Jürgens artificial kidney origin: Pathé News Sports Football Munich 1860/HSV, Hamburg camera: Rieck, Seib, Brandes, l. end brand 3 , m

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