Die Zeit unter der Lupe 768/1964 13.10.1964


01 Queen Elizabeth in Canada. Waving people at the edge of the airfield. Queen Elisabeth and Prince Philipp coming down the aircraft stairs, (total). Queen Elisabeth is welcomed by the Canadian Prime Minister with kiss on the hand. Girl with Elisabeth a bouquet of flowers. Queen Elisabeth moves off the front of the company in addition to officer with bear hat and presented Saber (half close). Soldiers with Bearskin hats. Face of a Canadian police officer (large). Pipe band (total). Drive the motorcade through the city (total). Queen Elisabeth is beckoning people in evening dress to a reception (half close).

02. de Gaulle in Argentina and Uruguay. de Gaulle in the midst of the crowd in Buenos Aires. Police officers try to repress the people. de Gaulle is in the car, accompanied by motorcycle escort. Crowd. Posters with pictures of the former Peron carried by demonstrators. Mounted police in use. de Gaulle lays wreath down (total). Demonstrating crowd on the road.
Wagon train is photographed through the streets of Montevideo (Uruguay), from above. People with umbrellas on the side of the road. de Gaulle goes on speaker's podium (total). Winkendd people under umbrellas on the street.

03. new signal box in Munich. Drive a model railroad. Tracks before the Munich Central station by train. Eisenbahnbeamte in the signal box at the Munich Central station on the control panel. View from the window on the tracks. Rail soft (large) will automatically. Train under bridge. A train shunting.

04. Hurricane Hilda in the United States. Light traffic light varies in the storm in the fog. Cars are on the road. Police officers carry old woman. Homeless people in the district. Destroyed houses and bridges. Men in debris when clean-up work in the State of Louisiana. Geknikter Radiosenemast. Fallen telephone poles.

05. accident story no. 4 (operating room and tool box). As a physician, Günter Jerschke behind instrument table with surgical instruments (scalpel, tweezers, etc). He speaks (interview). Mr Meink grants in unordentlichem tool box around and takes out screwdriver with broken handle. He hammers on the screwdriver to press a hole in the wall. Handle chips. Günter Jerschke with connected hand before him.

06. debutantes in Wiesbaden. Debutantes step out of the car (half close). Hammond and ladies in white tie and fur from the Wiesbaden Kurhaus upon arrival. Onlookers on the street, especially old women. Arrival of debutantes with small rhinestone Crown hair. Faces of young girls (large). Sign "Closed society" Porter on the glass door, behind it, onlookers can be seen. Archive footage of Paris Debütantinnenbällen and the Viennese Court ball (see index map).

07. Olympic Games in Tokyo - athletes in training and opening ceremony. Aerial view of Olympic stadiums. Japanese children as spectators at the training of the athletes. You walk down a slope. Jutta Stöck with camera at the photography (total). Jutta Heine, based (half-close) in the tracksuit. Karin Frisch in floor exercises (half close) Anneliese of gallant at the Javelin in Trainin shose and sport shirt. Japanese children's faces (large). Pole vaulter. Laughing Japanese boy. Pole vaulter digs from foam crack mine out. Clap Japanese children at the edge of the sports field.
Invasion of the. Teams for the opening ceremony (total). Invasion of the all-German team with Ingrid Krämer as bearer. (total). The American team, the Russian Mennschaft, beckoning. The Japanese invade. Panoramic view over the filled ranks of the stadium (total). List of teams into the stadium. Emperor Hirohito (total) speaks the opening speech. Running of the torch carrier. The Torchbearer runs up stairs. He ignited the Olympic flame. The Olympic flame (large). Takashi Ono speaks the OlympischeEidesformel (half close). Pigeon launch. The Olympic flag between the Japanese and the Mexican flag.

08 Mexican Ballet in Berlin. A ballet dancer wears makeup in the mirror in the dressing room. Dancer (big) paints are her lips. Dancer pushes large comb into your hair. Dancer painting to the eyebrows. Boots is laced with high picks. A dancer sits on wide-brimmed hat. Dance of the Mexican Ballet.

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Elisabeth II. von England ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Hirohito von Japan ; Jerschke, Günther ; Meink ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Gerhards, Anneliese ; Frisch, Karin ; Heine, Jutta ; Krämer, Ingrid ; Ono, Takashi ; Stöck, Jutta


Argentina ; Munich ; Tokyo ; Wiesbaden ; Louisianna ; Canada ; London ; Berlin ; Uruguay ; Japan


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Railways ; Disasters ; Children ; Flags ; Women, mothers ; natural disasters ; Police ; beauty care ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Transport: public transport ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Medicine ; Military ; Events ; aerial photographs ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 768/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point 4.6 m information Queen Elizabeth in Canada origin: Pathé news de Gaulle in Argentina and Uruguay origin: Act. Français new signal box in Munich camera: Vlasdeck, l. Typhoon in the United States origin: Metro accident story Nr. 4 (operating room and tool box) In the spotlight Michelle in Wiesbaden camera: strong origin: Archive sports Olympic Games in Tokyo source: Tona current bars Mexican. Ballet in Berlin camera: Pahl end brand 3-m

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