Die Zeit unter der Lupe 763/1964 08.09.1964


01 Catholic day in Stuttgart. Bell Tower with pealing block at the Katholikentag. Crowd under umbrellas in front of it. Withdrawal of priests. Large cross over the place. Among the spectators Erhard, Kamagate, Gallo. Christ on the cross (large). Coloured priest. Viewers on benches with umbrellas. Erhard speaks (original) photographed from the rear on the speaker's podium. Among the listeners of Hale and Kiesinger (half-total). Erhard (half total) on the speaker's podium. Sisters in the audience. Colored sisters. Head of 2 listeners from behind under Reghenschirm. Umbrellas of the audience, photographed from above, screen-filling.

02. taxi murder in Hamourg and burial. Taxis (large) number of taxis on the road driving. Driving taxis (half total). Dr Jane asked taxi driver depending on the attacks and their prevention (original sound). Sign of "Taxi" car (large). A hand in the installation of alarm system in the car. Finger push button on the dashboard. Flashing headlights of a parked car. Passengers sitting in the car behind bulletproof glass. He pays by switch in the disc. Sign on a taxi "we request the death penalty". Taxis with wreaths go the Ohlsdorfer cemetery. Large flower wreath is worn by men. People at the Ohlsdorfer cemetery. The flower-filled coffin is carried from the chapel. Dar driver and the members walk behind the coffin. Mourners pass by the number of the parked taxis. The parked taxis on both sides of the Ohlsdorfer road.

03. Atelisrspiegel "Tonio Kroger" and Thomas Mann. Holstentor in Lübeck. Thomas Mann goes by Lübeck. Thomas Mann and wife in Lübeck (half total), space in the Schabbelhaus with photographs and writings of Thomas Mann. Title of the book "Tonio Kröger". Cinema city halls in Lübeck film showing "Tonio Kröger". Jean Claude Brialy (half total) gets out of the car and go to the premiere. In an interview with a young (half total) Jean Claude Brialy (close-up). In the film "Tonio Kröger" in the profile (large) Nadja tiller (total) inside Brialy film scene on the fireplace and speaks (interview). He lit lighter in the fireplace, Nadja Tiller's fire for her cigarette and infects himself a cigarette.

04. swimwear at the port of Hamburg. People and traders in the fish market in Hamburg. Plaice in a bucket. Fish are raised from the refrigerator. Mannequin in a bathing suit is pulled up on a rope from the refrigerator. Mannequin introduces 2-piece swimsuit on a fishing boat. Girls in bathing suits go to fishing boats. Girl in a black bathing suit adheres to the swimsuit sea urchins. Girls in bikini Get up the ship, fish drying on ropes hanging in the background. Girls in bikini rises head on the fishing boat. Girls with pierced Hüftpartie swimsuit sorted fishing nets. Profile of a girl (large). Girl in a bikini with cancer in his hand. Girl in a bathing suit at the fish market in front of people. they turn around and show swimsuit from behind. Tops of bikinis as pennant flown on ropes.

05. choice of German Beatles in Hamburg. 2 teens with twist movements. Young man claps his hands. Girl face, side, with long hair. Band music (from the rear). Drums (large). Play "The Lords" from Berlin. Girl make up rhythmic movements to the beat with her hands. Girls legs, head movements by males in the clock. Play "The Rivels" from Hamburg. Faces of listeners. Singer in front of the microphone. "The Krauts" Frankfurt music. Guitarist. Young people with beer bottles to jiggle in rhythm with the head. Tangle of heads. "The tornados of Blankenese, the Germans on Bremen. Audience jumping on. Head-jiggling, bouncing, screaming teenagers. Young man in the vest with arms raised. The "Lords" of Berlin are winners. Storm of applause and hustle and bustle.

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Brialy, Jean Claude ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Haese, Jürgen ; Höcherl, Hermann ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Mann, Thomas ; Tiller, Nadja


Lübeck ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Stuttgart


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; filmmaking ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; Religious events ; Deaths, funerals ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Fashion ; Viewers and audience ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 763/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point 4.6 m Spotlight Katholikentag in Stuttgart camera: Vlasdeck focal taxi murder trial session in Hamburg camera: Vlasdeck, Rau, Wiers, Jürgens, Pahl In the Studio mirror "Tonio Kroger" and Thomas Mann's spotlight camera: Rau origin: arch.

Mostly cheerful swimwear i. Hamburger Hafen camera: Rau Wahl of the German Beatles, Hamburg camera: Rau, Jürgens end-mark 3-m

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