Die Zeit unter der Lupe 744/1964 28.04.1964


01 exhibition in Hannover 1964th goes mass of visitors through the exhibition. Between 2 big cranes a high chimney. A large screw hangs from a crane. Pan about kitchen utensils, Blender, a long series of knives. Data processing system in operation. Electronic machines with circuit diagrams, safety suits for the workplace, helmet, and gloves. Reading and sorting machine. Electronic brain.

02. the last stable, Hamburg. Stable lane in the horse stable. Hand picks bridle off the hook. Is putting cart before horse up (total). Man leads cold-blooded from the stall door in a narrow alley. Horse is harnessed in a front of the car. Nurse dressing up paddock (large). Scharrender Pferdefußauf the pavement. A man feeds 2 horses before the cart out of a bag. Kauendes horse's mouth before car passing by in the background. Horse ears (large). (Large), roll face of the Coachman horse go (total). Panoramic view from the rear through the wagon wheels on any horse legs. Look at the horse's back of the carriage. Hands of the Coachman with reins. Coachman on the box of cakes (total). Ship masts in the harbor. Hand pulling brake of the car. Bags descend by crane from the warehouse. Driver depends on the feeding trough before the horses. Heads of eating horses. The Coachman on the freight elevator (half total). Shunting locomotive and trucks on the Harbour, in the foreground the standing horse. Coachman with Hat let down with the head in based on hands (large), horse-drawn carriage before the warehouse, at the expense (total). The wagon drive next to a truck (total). Crane operator in rotating crane (big). Spinning wheel (large). Horse legs (large), ponytail (large). Pigeons Peck at horse-manure.

03. 40 years of surrealism, Paris. (Representation of the subconscious). Portrait of a naked woman in the bathtub with a knife in his hand. Fish around them, men with a Homburg Hat large and small on an image. Woman with a strange headdress, naked figure with birds of prey at the foot. Bare foot. Shoes with high thick hoes and incorporated toes. Robe with breasts hanging on coat racks. Flastik, aufgeschintten with small figure in the body. Naked women. Shape with needle on the larynx. Freckly giant Männerkopf (large). Thick lips (big) eye (large) woman's head with butterflies atatt eyes and mouth. Woman's head with small beads, instead of lips. Figure with many arms.

04. International Sandbahnrennen in Munich. Viewers on the edge of the racetrack (total). 2 young point in car clothes helmet to bend down behind the plank at passing motorcycles. A woman hiding behind the back of her companion. Photographer with apparatus before the esicht bends down behind the plank, drivers with sidecar in the curve. Spectator dust to dust by the coat. Peter Knott No. 29 at the top before Fritz Prommersberger. Ride the motorcycles without side-car. Spectators stand out the program before the face against the dust. Judge lowers the target flag (large). Josef Seidl gets put on a gold helmet with oak wreath as a prize.

05. art gymnastics international match Germany Japan in Stuttgart. Takuji Hayata does gymnastics floor exercises. Japan's best gymnast 1963 turns Ginko Chiba on uneven bars. Günther Lyhs turns on the parallel bars. He was best German in the overall standings. Yukio Endo, world runners-up in 1962 twelve battle and winning this tournament turns on the rings. (Slow motion) Shuji Tsurumi turns bounce Pike jump with full on high bar (slow motion).

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Chiba, Ginko ; Endo, Yukido ; Hayata, Takuji ; Knott, Peter ; Lyhs, Günter ; Prommersberger, Fritz ; Seidl, Josef ; Tsurumi, Shuji


Hanover ; Paris ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Stuttgart


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Special events ; motor sports ; Unfallstories ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Gymnastics ; Art ; Works of art ; People ; Science ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Viewers and audience ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 744/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point 4.6 m fair in Hanover the last stable camera: Jürgens, Zaki 40 years surrealism, Paris origin: Pathé journal int. Sandbahnrennen, Munich camera: Hafner art gymnastics Länderkampf Dtld. / Japan in Stuttgart camera: strong, basic, Vlasdeck end brand 3 m

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