Die Zeit unter der Lupe 742/1964 14.04.1964


01 Shakespeare's birthday - streets of Stratford on Avon. Shakespreare monument (total and half total). With first editions of Shaekespeare works Shakespearehaus. Great pictures of Shakespeare's drama characters. Preparations for the Festival performance. Costume designer and costume trainers in the sewing room. Kostümbilner with Crown in hand.

02. Khrushchev in Hungary - a curtain opens. Khrushchev becomes the speaker's podium (total) under the audience clapping. The large figure of a warrior with a sword in hands up behind the grandstand. Clapping audience (half total). Khrushchev pins a medal Janos Kadar (half total). Congratulations and embrace of Khrushchev and Kadar. Khrushchev in addition to large bust of Lenin in a gallery (total). Khrushchev sitting waving in a carriage drawn by 5 white horses (total). Marching parade step of Hungarian troops from left to right in the picture. Passing of military vehicles with rockets. 3 jet fighter, gone mad. People run across a square (-total). Measchenmasse pushes behind a police barricade. Frantic Khrushchev besides Kadar.

03. Pope Paul went to prison--Pope Paul enters a Roman prison (total). Slapping prisoners on the parapets and catwalks. Benedictory Pope (half total). The Pope celebrated a mass (total and large). The Pope embraced a prisoner that kneeling and kissing the hand him (half total). The Pope granted the prisoners (half total) Holy Communion. Praying detainees. A prisoner behind bars blesses oneself (total).

04. special school for paralysed children in Cologne - a child plays in addition to an Invigilator with a slide rule (total). Child's hand with white board and letters. Paralyzed children hand set stones on a Board. A boy kneads tethered figures. A child with a lamp, which is attached to the head, scanning letters with the gleam of light on a blackboard. A teacher is sitting next to the child. Electric typewriter (large, photographed from the top). The sampled letters transmitted by contacts on the machine. Typeface of the typewriter "I want to learn like to much."

05. children Quartet in Prague - boy goes to a storefront and considers himself a drum. The drum in the shop window (large). Children playing on a guitar (large). A boy sleeps on 2 big drums. Game of the kids Orchestra (original sound). Little girl sings, 3 boys (total) play guitar, drums and accordion. The small musicians individually (large).

06. flu story - in a lab are medical investigations. Beaten up egg (large). Physician vo a large microscope. The microscopic image of agents (large). Stand with test tubes. A doctor speaks (interview) of the flu virus. A technical assistant holding test tubes in hand. Sneezing patients sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's (total). Woman sneezes (big) man sneezes (large). A man with a scarf around his neck leaves his house and sneezes (total). Detailed legs (large). The man is sneezing in the tram. Crank the tram (large). Sneezing people on the tram platform. Zimpel sneezes (large). Miss. Possehl sneezes (large). Teacher sneezes on the Board. Schoolboy sneezes in the Bank. Empty benches in the school, just a boy sits in a bank. Sneezing workers sewing machines. Empty sewing machine tables. Jupp Hussels sits with his daughter on a bench, tenderly kissing him, but he must sneeze. Pharmacists race between shelves (time lapse). The tablets to disappear from the shelves (trick). Man and woman go see influenza masks across the street (plastic container over the head). Mr Noelle pulls in pajamas with his bedding in the bathtub and put there.

07 gripper swings Olympic preparations Tokyo - about a construction site (large). Modern roads in Tokyo (total). Buildings of the Olympic village. Aerial view of the Olympic village. Construction of the stadiums. Stadium in the model. Huge scaffolding. The athletics stadium (total). The (large) gymnasium and Indoor arenas for youth fights. Visitors tour the buildings. The sunny Stadium for the athletics competitions (total and half total).

08 Motocross in Spain - home of the motocross riders (total). The has ride over obstacles. Clouds of dust on the track. Drive down a steep hill. Motorcycle jumps (half total). Crowd. Ride over the finish line, finish flag is lowered. The winner with oak wreath on the podium of honor.

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Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Hussels, Jupp ; Kadar ; Lenin, Wladimir ; Noelle, Hermann ; Paul VI. ; Possehl, Inge ; Zimpel, Werner


Stratford ; Stratford ; Prague ; Cologne ; Rome ; Tokyo ; Hamburg ; Budapest ; Spain


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Children ; child care, education problems ; motor sports ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; Olympics ; Parades ; Religious events ; Schools, training ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Technology ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Medicine ; People ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; aerial photographs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Viewers and audience ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 742/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m details of Shakespeare's birthday origin: Pathé news Khrushchev in Hungary origin: Hungaro Pope Paul visited prison origin: iNcom Spotlight paralyzed children school, Cologne camera: Vlasdeck children Quartet origin: State flu story camera: Rau sport: Olyppia preparations in Tokyo origin: Asahi news Motocross in Spain origin: No. do end brand 3 m

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