Die Zeit unter der Lupe 740/1964 31.03.1964


01 customs criminal investigation Institute - loaded Lstzug. Accompany over logo on the page front of car hand takes out car lamp and shows dead laid cable back of the car without tail lights and license plate. Men of the customs criminal investigation Institute at work are in a car. A man examines the painted logo on the trucks. Men make investigations with the X-ray screen forensics on the truck in the customs criminal investigation Institute in Cologne with magnifying glasses. In the X-ray image: in a tube of toothpaste, a watch is, diamonds are a women's heel. A man looks through a microscope (Groß). Drug under the Mikrsoskop, decomposed cigarettes. The head of the Institute speaks (interview) big. Subject: Smuggling. Fake documents (large). Man in the lab at work, to detect counterfeits. Fake number (large) fake signature and stamp (large). Filing cabinet is pulled out. Writings on index cards: "Alfredo the brilliant King", "Kaffeeliesel" and "Black witch", "Calorie bomber". 02. earthquake in Alaska - earthquake devastation. Collapsed houses. Earth crack in the snow. A man kneels in the snow and reaches into the crevice.

03. fireproof lifeboat - gasoline runs out of a pipe in a basin. Large sign "No Smoking". The fuel is ignited, it forms a wall of flames. The rescue boat sails into the flames. Inferno (large). The ship comes verrußt, but undamaged by the flames. Firefighters put out the flames. The boat (large). An unbroken package butter (large) 04. Death Knight - viewers with up above directional look. 2 artists novel and Bernard at the Trapeze total). Legs of artists (large). The catcher is (large) with the knee on the Trapeze. The death leap in slow motion. Jumper leaps from the Trapeze and is captured. The two artists swing back and forth, artist let go of partner and catches him again. Backswing to the Trapeze.

05. haunted house in England - the owner of the Guest House behind the bar. Dog's head in front of the bar (half close). 2 guests drink from a glass. The owner of the Guest House ringing a Bell. The last visitor leaves the Inn and closes the door. Night scene of trees, a cross and a Haussilouette in the background. Memory boards for martyrs cemetery. A door opens. A candle flickers. The woman schrickt up in bed and wakes her husband, who rubs the eyes sleepy. Opens the tap on a beer keg and beer runs on the ground. Man and woman sitting with a medium at a table to a spiritualist meeting. The medium falls into a trance and speaks (interview). The media wakes up.

06. German karate karate fighter and a fighter stand in a row in clothing such as in Judo Championships. A Mannzeigt karate exercises. The woman at karate exercises. German champion is the 16 year old Peter Jülg. He shows his exercises training of karate fighters of various devices a man bends a bar with two handles together. Training on the punching ball and rope. A tournament participant talks about karate (original sound). The fist of a fighter forges ahead and touched the chest of the opponent without slamming down. A light slap with the Palm of your hand on the neck of the opponent. 2 fighters fight in slow motion. Jump of a fighter who strikes the opponent with his foot. Karate as a defense. Opponents comes with a long stick. Defender jumps over the floor and puts the attacker with blow on the neck out. A sportsman slice sleeps 2 stacked laid boards with the Palm of your hand. The boards are split on the ground.

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Jülg, Peter


Cologne ; England ; Alaska ; Paris ; Göttingen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dogs ; Karate ; Disasters ; Special events ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; natural disasters ; Shipping ; Ships ; Magic, magicians ; Magician, magic ; Circus ; Customs ; Jobs ; Fire brigade ; Dogs ; Revolution ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 740/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m under the magnifying glass of Customs Crime Institute camera: Basic, Zakariah information earthquake in Alaska origin: Metro fireproof lifeboat origin: Pathé news Death Knight origin: Gaumont exclusive haunted house in England origin: Pathé News Sports German karate Championships camera: base, Seib end brand 3.0 m

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