Die Zeit unter der Lupe 737/1964 10.03.1964


01 artist from East Germany for the 1st time in the Federal Republic - image (large) a progressive construction worker. Young visitors in the exhibition of Central German artists. Images (large): Portrait of a girl, Männerkopf. Big, a Hamburg-based teacher, the Iniator of the exhibition speaks (original sound). Pictures: Old woman's face, conversation between farmers, elephants in the Zoo, cranes and workers, young woman on the beach of the sea. A Hamburg student talks about the exhibition (large) original sound. An art student speaks (interview). Chinese motif, children's drawings, parade with flags and banners. Gerhard Kettner, a central German artist who accompanied the exhibition speaks (interview) big. Images: Portrait of a girl, woman's head in aufgestätzter hand. Transall-all purpose transport C 160 - Commission on the grounds of the aircraft factory at Finkenwerder. Transall aircraft C 160 (large). View of the aircraft from the side and from the front. Settings of the hull, propeller (large). Close the battery flap of the world's largest transport aircraft. Start of the transporter.

03. side launched of an English fish steamer - the British fishing vessel (large) at the shipyard. Propeller (large). Workers take away the brackets before being launched. Launched alongside the "Rose Valliant." The ship after a successful launch in the water. Beckoning shipyard workers.

04. tourist submarine on Lake Geneva - transport of the submarine from the factory floor. Railway wheel (large). Swiss police and photographers standing around the boat. Behind a barrier many onlookers. The boat on a boxcar (total and large). Jaques Piccard (half total). Stopper are slid under the wheels of the boxcar. The boat on the shore of the Lake. Ship christening. The bottle shatters on the bow of the vessel. The boat will be allowed to water. The decorated boat in the water (total).

05. bombers B-52 - flight of a US pilot with steuerloser machine - the aircraft with damaged fin. The pilot in the cockpit. The instruments in the machine. The damaged plane during the flight and the landing (total).

06. hit parade is a Salvation Army - Chapel of the Salvation Army at a concert on the road in Brixton. Acting base a musician in the clock. The Salvation Army sings and plays (large) hit (original sound) head of a Negro. as a listener. Feet of listeners, moving to the beat of the music. Actress and singer with guitar (half close). Faces of listeners (half close). A photographer takes his camera in front of the face (big).

07. kids fashion - young boy with cylinder and flowers opens a door. He goes to another little boy by a curtain and handed the bouquet einmm little girl. A girl with a wreath of flowers and a small bouquet looks through the slit of a curtain, stands in front of the curtain, put down her purse and introduces dress. Little girl turns with Hat and flowers. Child with Plaid pleated skirt and matching trousers. Children's feet behind the curtain. Girl presents dress with two boys in a bathrobe. Child's face (laughing). Little girl speaks (interview) and two boys talking about the fashion.

08 recruit triplets - recruits get adjusted in the Kleiderkmammer caps (original sound). A non-commissioned officer calls the name of the recruits in the barracks courtyard. The recruits stand side by side in rows of three. The triplets Reiss step forward. Laughing recruits. Soldiers in drilling on the barracks yard. They are available with a steel helmet and field uniform in a series and slap on the knee. Non-commissioned officer gets big name on (o). 3 recruits come forward. You get guns. Legs of recruits with pajamas and slippers. A recruit in the bed is awoken by comrades and receives congratulations on the birthday. Join the champagne glasses. The 3 recruits with girls in a circle and toast to the birthday. Photo: Mother with the triplets as babies. 3 soldiers, laughing.

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Kettner, Gerhard ; Piccard, Jaques


Hamburg ; Geneva ; America ; London ; Selby


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; Railways ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; aircraft ; Musical events ; Shipping ; Ships ; Art ; Works of art ; People ; Military ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 737/1964

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 artists from the German Democratic Republic for the 1st time in the Federal Republic camera: Rieck Transall all purpose transporter camera: Rieck, Pahl launched of English trawler origin: Pathé news tourist U-boat Geneva Lake origin: Cine journal, Cine journal bomber B-52 - flight of a US pilot of m. steuerloser machine origin: Metro hit parade - Salvation Army origin: Pathé news children's fashion camera: Jürgens recruit triplets origin: window material end brand 3.0

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