Die Zeit unter der Lupe 715/1963 11.10.1963


01 accident series (13). Inattention while picking fruit i. garden. -Woman hoeing, shakes deplore. Head, stop to rake, man carries wooden box in a storage room, open with crowbars, cover, from which nails protrude thought on liegd in high shelf. Case, detail d. Brett m. nails, close. Man is to remove cover v. bottle F appears rough door, typically dispute actuality, wife is ärgerl. V. external door to close. Man excited: "I almost forgot that!", declines glasses, Board bring down, beats out nails. -Vol. girl climbs on table unt. Apple tree, grabs the branches above him, next harkender boy runs to, it warns and helps him down v. table, Chair presents under tree and climbs, mother is m. head, she provides Gaither. Tree, BC if. seen, admonishes to go down the boy, helps him, man in apron provides d. head, in order to carry them away, implying that this is only for Verheiztwerden geeign., he'll get another (original sound).

02. Uetersen. Training of 30 Nigeria soldiers. -Multiple color & 2 white come into civil d. backyard, close to half, the colored b. window-shopping unt. Passers-by mixed, close (Hamburg), d. views v. Michel balloon Elbe & yards, short. Colored in uniform helmet puts front mirror, turns around, encounters in whistle, takes command, halbseitl. large. 2 short set. Coloured b-making, close, German teaching actuality, speaking after d. words of the teacher, single this big. -Lessons on the MG. -Installation in the barrack square, gun grips, step a series of legs and erecting v. MGs being close. Corporal is command, frontal, big. -03 Munich. Home for unwed mothers. -Dark facade m. enlighten. Windows screen, half-close. In bathroom washes jg. Wife her kl. Child d face & lemon. to close. JG. Lady d. pulls up lips to close; passes your toddler in hallway of a sister m. Aufschr, close, upper part of a to door. "Nursery", bildf. Once. inside with babies in Babi chairs beds room, sister feeds Babi in the arm, close. Series toddlers to potty Babis in chairs sitting, close. Sister bathes Babi in laundry room, briefly, BABi is wrapped, close, hand loop in the neck of a b binds to, thereby Babigesicht, front. close. Children comes m. sister from front door, children in the vicinity of a climbing tree, kl. Girls b. climbing, close, kl. Girl crawls into pipe, v. inn. seen close. Children b. NAP unt. Supervision of a nurse, kl. liegd. Girl, close, hitting big eyes, smiles into the camera. -Jew. some settings. a Decorator working in women's fashion salon and a Secretary who writes for Dictaphone from off. Ziimmertür runs kl. Boy through hallway in d. arms s mother, close. CL. boy plays at the table, neb. MOM sitting, m. building blocks, close. Hand sets d. mother doll nympha. lying in bed boys, mother prevents such good night kiss on the boy. Facade of the home, at night, m. illuminated Windows. -04 Hamburg. Dance contest London: Hamburg (ballroom dancing). -Div. once. m. bet dancing several pairs on d. area, world champion pairs Westley & Bernhold with solo dances, including such Bernholds m. a Paso doble, Westley a OHA OHA. Some settings. Twist dance of some couples, close, close legs. -05 Berlin in the rhythm of the six-day race. -Once. Race, rotary machines. b. newspaper printing, image seller extends leaf in tax, close, elderly man turns crank for lowering d. awning before s shop, close, short, some pictures of road, station terrace, Ku-Damm in the Dim light with even lighting. Vehicles, including bus, on wet. Patch. Boxes get m. milk bottles. v. stack taken milk truck driving d. image close. Upper parts of the newly. and old. Memorial Church against the morning sky with Moon, Ku-Damm m. GED. Church i. Htrgr. with tram and bus (with light). 6-day race, short. Hands of a fish woman on transfer of the goods to PIC was b. weighing & Einwikkeln of a fish, close,. Man, it's short. Throwing paper falls str. in waste basket a., very short. Wheels and collecting device one entlangfahrd to the curb. Garbage trucks, close. Mounting presses & 6-day driver, empty grandstand, man in observation room on the edge of the car reads newspaper, the driver b. Langsamfahreh, close. Once, machine rolls & bread manufacturing in factory, on the Assembly line are breads sliding on, close. Once. Driver b. fast driving. Wall along schlendernder kl. Boy, v. hint. GES., the racers themselves mutually push. Twist end teens in kl. Space, in short, from tap beer in the glass is filled, close. Street corner "Coffee Kranzler" in abendl. Lighting with vl. traffic and people. (Bottoms) Legs of dancing Showgirls, close, short. Moving underground at night on dam diagonally v. unt. seen (l. elevated railway) 06. Cologne. Football match 1.FC Köln: Werder Bremen = 4:3. - div. once., rush to Cologne gate & gate shot, v. playfield viewed from. Plans. Quantity m. umbrellas, frontal, bildf. -Once. Game b. strömd. Rain. Viewers applies with an enthusiastic face head, big, chewing viewers with straight face, great. Versus State copy of two run into each other. Players. -Intermediate section: Hans Schaefer's awarding the "footballer of the year":-a man congratulated him and para. him the "Golden Football", close, applaudrd. related PIC. Men, including Hamilton, close. Born Lady gives a kiss on cheek Saeed, close. Applauding foot ball team in civil, close. Schäfer m. "Golö. Soccer ", frontal, close.
Forts. the game:-copy of State dissolves into motion. Some door scenes and goals in slow motion. Man with glasses with thick the glass moves head from one side for others, close. Appl. Amount, bildf., div. close-ups of jubilant plans. -Groups, bildf. Wild scanting viewers neb. another with a grim face, close, Shepherd is, boy surrounded by square, close. -

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Bernhold, Jürgen ; Westley ; Herberger, Sepp ; Schäfer, Hans


Munich ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Uetersen ; Jülich ; Cologne


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; Children ; child care, education problems ; Special events ; Football ; News, communications ; Cycling ; Races ; Schools, training ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Dance ; Technology ; Youth ; Military events ; transport questions ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Gastronomy ; Industrial ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 715/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m the good tip accident story 13 (wrong just - head bottle) origin: Jupiter film under the magnifying glass Nigeria's education soldiers in Ütersen camera: Rau, Seib spotlight home for unwed mothers i. Munich camera: Vlasdeck current bars dance tournament in Hamburg: Hamburg-London (Bernholds, Westleys) camera: Seib, Jürgens Spotlight six days Berlin camera: Pahl Sports Football: 1 FC Cologne Werder Bremen camera: Luppa, fire , Strong, Zakariah final brand 3.0 m

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