Die Zeit unter der Lupe 709/1963 30.08.1963


01 Pennsylvania. Mine disaster. -Div. once. Accident while rescue work, drilling rig, workers shoveling sand including continue, close, trick shots outline the location of eingeschloss. 3 man and coming down electric drill. Men circuit in front of radio cars, of which one on the phone, close. Food in längl. Fabric covers are led down through the hole, close. Walking down drill into the drilling scaffolding (OVR. Close to Earth). Trick shots outlines the rescue 2 men. M. talk to reporter microphones 2 wives, close. -02 Belgrade + Skopje. Khrushchev visited Tito. -BC coming down the last stages of the gangway, to smiling, d. hand stretching out, elastic on Tito, herzl. Begrüßg. m. embrace, close (photographer behind it), B.c. Tito's wife shakes d. hand, close, d. Women d. Sal statesmen. einand. d. hand. Driving record winkd. People trellis on the side of the road. Chruschtsch. + Tito in off. Car standing, winkd., b. drive d. roads, close + close to half. Visit to Skopje: Fahraufn. with Swivel v. Street m. people trellis on d. others with destroyed. Homes, Fahraufn. Debris square m. lifting crane + Sadiq appl. Workers. Wagon riding d. destroyed. Street, half total. Seitschwenk OVR. Debris site with soldiers b. cleaning-up operations. Some settings. klatschd. + winkd. People close to the statesmen, + companion are together & Tito explains something, close to BC, both deal with companions by road, soloseat. close. -03 Paris. 19th anniversary of the liberation. -Sailor of m. blazing torch, large control b. darkness salute Cannon half close, short soldiers. Various settings. Its against the background. the illuminated. Shore, m. moving barges, Fahraufnähme shore of m. b. d. blasted at Nationalversammlg., Arch above bright aufsteigd. Smoke, Fahraufn. Marine Orchestra m. drummers and brass on levels of State building, silhouettes of people groups and individual police officers under flags and expensed. -Pan on flags before bright smoke, half-close. Standing soldiers m. Flag bearer at top, lateral ones. Nah, stehd. Horse guard m. Helmets & gezog. Sabers, halbseitl. half close, short. Downward swing from building on people-filled. Place, woman on platform, with rose. Poor wedelnd, half close, div. tanzd snippets. Couples in d. amount of fireworks.

04. Mediterranean Sea. Maiden voyage of the French "La Resolue" aircraft carrier. -Helicopter, half total, oblique v. unt. seen before white cloudy. Evening sky, flying background on Flugz in d. -Carrier too. Diagonally. Pan Flugz v. radar facility on Commando with guests, short. -Carrier, setting up single oblique, half total. Helicopter, a Winker flag can be circles, close. Direct supervision on runway with helicopter with a slowly rotating screw. -05 Spain. Franco on whale fishing. -Once. Franco and team b. sighting and attack of a sperm whale from Cannon, various settings. d. Wals and waves, made several times. Whale, half total, gr. Tauspule winds down, team pulls a rope, head d. Wals, mounted a whale in the port, crowds on the shore railing, close, remote.

06. Münster. 1. Bundesliga game. Preußen Münster: HSV = 1:1 (in the rain). -People crowds at box office and entrance. Square umbrella forest, bildf., div. game settings, goal scenes in slow motion, laughing male. Viewers, close, worried face of the young man with glasses, close, stoßd smoke out of mouth. ält. Mr m. worried. Mine, halbseitl. Nah, gate in time, Tribune neckline makes close m. PM flags throwing in top row, agile Mr of m. not lighted cigar i. mouth excited gestures, disappointed Mr d. result closes eyes and goes through the hair, soloseat. large. Plans. Field unt. Screens and individual fortgehd. People in the foreground.

07. Mürren / Switzerland. Ballooning (opening d. Alpine balloon sport week). -Men at last. Close handles on the ropes. Various settings. Balloon flight, including aerial photography, cameraman Vlasdeck rises in the basket (last phase), takes camera, half-close. Look at winkd. Viewers, from balloon, ballast of driver casting off, oblique v. below seen air record by flying from mountain sports plane, dead. half close. Single, single balloons mountain, total, close to half air pan across mountain mountains, div. once. Driver & balloon details, 5 jet fighters inducted into the balloon, set against mountains, overlooking of boarding on clouds & mountains, postcard is written, close, gauge betw. the defrost, close, landing from various perspectives, series men on field insert the rope, balloon on field before Bäuerl. Audience, kl. Boy / kl. Girl in the seeing side. Nah, balloon will add. folded, children on roll. -08 Spain. Cow fighting (instead of bullfighting). -Feed of the Toreros in arena in exact alignment, total, ranks m. applauding, ält. Men of the jury with vorgehen old. Shield "Jury", front, close, one States i.e. sign d. hand and lowers it OVR. Paperwork, various settings. Toreros irritate a cow, jumping into the somersault over it, stand copies währd. the jumps, Standkop. Cow about man on the ground, half-close, dissolves in Bewegg. divergence between the man and cow. -

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Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Chruschtschowa, Nina ; Tito, Josip ; Vlasdeck, Willy ; Franco, Carmen


Paris ; Pennsylvania ; Spain ; Mediterranean ; Mürren ; Mürren/Switzerland ; Skopje ; Hamburg ; Alps ; Stuttgart ; Yugoslavia ; Münster ; Switzerland Alps ; Belgrade


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; Disasters ; Fire ; Fireworks ; Fishing ; Aviation ; Football ; Musical events ; News, communications ; natural disasters ; Shipping ; Ships ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; bullfighting ; Dance ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; Buildings ; Military events ; festivals ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Mining ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Fisheries ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 709/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m focus i. Pennsylvania mine disaster origin: Metro flashlights Khrushchev at Tito & i. Skopje origin: Novosti celebration in Paris for the 19th anniversary of the liberation origin: Eclair new of French aircraft carrier "La Resolue" origin: Franco Eclair at fishing origin: No.-do sports football: HSV Preußen Münster camera: Zimpel, Jürgens, reason, Haub balloon ride over the Alps i. Mürren camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner cow fights instead of bullfighting origin : Eclair end brand 3.0

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