Die Zeit unter der Lupe 705/1963 02.08.1963


01 Moscow. Initialling of the atom stop agreement - see UFA. ETW. and. Cut. Add. Once.: Conference participants rise. Group men Gromyko, standing, close, among others.

02. Paris. De Gaulle gives press conference. See UFA. -Vord. Hall & stage with redendem de G., side, half total. De Gaulle, head-on, talking, Gr. + close (no sound). Publik.

03. Rome. Oh Reception Segnis in the Vatican. -Halbseitl garde series presents halberds, inside; close, Pope Paul + Fe Segni. agree. Standing together standing around in conversation, close. Something moves from foreground the Pope, Pope headed Segni to the door, of course, seen, adoption with handshake, close.

04. Hyannis / United States. Baptism of the 11 US Presidents nephew in the presence of Kennedy's. -Wife of Robert Kennedy's holding her baby in her arms, close, go to Archbishop. Kard. Cushing, close. John Kennedy betw. Robby & one Geistl. standing and looking, lateral ones. half close. Naming, close. Large group of photographers and cameramen in the courtyard, close. Baby in the arm d. nut, b. Departure, close, swinging on her smiling. Face. Fully occupied cars moving from. with winkendem Robert k. in the page window. -05 England. Mass baptism Jehovah's witnesses. -Oblique supervision on round pool and people therein in a gr. occupied Stadium. Taufakte close, oblique supervision on basin and docks also closing up ranks of contenders in swimsuits. Longer observation of baptism of a Negress, who long it takes to hold their nose in the right way, close.

06. Skopje. Earthquake disaster. See also UFA. ETW. and. Editing:-various settings. Collapsed houses and debris clean-up work. Standing on half preserved floor. Bicycle, rocking horse in ruins, close. Expensed. Pan OVR. Gr. Dump with transverse standing. Telegraph pole i. foreground. Man Coulter b. excavation work, aside throwing more stones, salvage spilled, close, get rescued. partly with partly taken away without stretchers, man kissing this person who is immediately carried away wild on stretcher close. Tito at the scene. Is m. sunglasses with more civil. Men Add., speaks m. one close. Is accompanied through rows of people, close. Once. KL. Young m. seriously. Faces with hung around. Rugs in the arm d. nut, close.

07. Dortmund. German Protestant Kirchentag (motto M. conflicts "live"). See also UFA. -Expensed. Pan by poster "12 min. for God", Gr., church tower. Once. Industrial equipment & areas (coal mine, coal yard, rauchd. Chimney). Ernst u. pensive seated since youth, great. Face of a jg. Illuminated girl, in the dark, side, big. Light illuminated ice used. Face of a PIC. Lord, the circling shadow of a rotating wheel, great. Cutting one rot. white flag m. dunkl. Cross, screen-filling. Transfok. Tour of grandstands m. jugendl. Line of sight extends bands building on the square. Oblique supervision on stock and the amount of Transfok. -Drive up to a snippet. President Wang on podium, speaking, oblique v. unt. seen, half-close + close (original sound). Div. intermediate cuts at daecht. Audience: ält. Lady in black, big, her Seitschwenk on nun, then on another woman, youth, close, ält. Mr, gr, Lübke betw. by hassel & a and. Mr, frontal, close, old woman, d. lips moving, side. close, Bishop Dibelius, d. lips moving front. HA... Various snippets of the amount of bildf. Seitschwenk stands on the grounds. Cross, close, m. flags in the background.

08. Berlin-Dahlem. "Santa Fe" in West Berlin. -Div. once. Fair shindig, agree from a perspective. Railways. With jg. Lito girl. Americ. Soldiers, smiling for the camera, close. Bürgerm. Albertz. is such stellvertretd. BRGM. the reengineered. Appointed city, takes in the circle of lächlnd. Is it viewers, including generals, Honorary-cowboy-hat entgeg., close; Cowboy panties themselves with young girls, close, Koch b. pancake frying, close, standing people b. snack on Tonbank. Waitress m. hung around. Indian. Scarf wearing beer tray, close, span. "Nobleman" drinking together m. jg. blond Lady beer, he b toast, close, frontal, big - they are drinking, side. HA... A few settings. Mexican. 2-man band, pistol gun bag, close, boots of a stehd. Mexican m. spores, close, one of which beats the clock on ground, short. Mr + jg. Lady can be behind Indian cardboard bodies over which the b. Heads appear, photograph. Altmod. Photographer makes fireworks in hand. Presentation: Attack on armoured car.

09th mannequins. -Div. tasks in completing a doll in dolls workshop by master and Assistant. Sand, polishing of the Puppengesichts with a sprayer, close. Mr puts on black wig doll, close, the doll eyes, lateral ones. bildf. Workers moves with 2 dolls in elevator down, close, doll is lifted from vans, short. 2 dolls werd. clothed by 2 decorators in a shop window, Decorator is used by the page been stabbed with needle, moves, swing from upper body to face of a tongue-in-cheek jg. Lady who has the same swimsuit as the doll, which previously stood in their place. -10 Hamburg. Summer sale. -Time lapse footage of the dolls dressing in shop window by several Dekorateurinnen, jg. Lady keeps Lynda price tag from the inside. the disc and write s.th.. that close. Legs and bare feet one working. Decorator, nab. Housewives b. window-shopping, including thick in window sehd. Woman, side. HA... Before gr. Department store entrance m. vl. 3 men waiting through traffic, v. hint. GES., downward swing on their legs and next shopping bag, as well as in hand salary. Shopping bag. Various settings. Women Anstura on the coat stands, right. Watching wife b. pull over a dress where you can. Woman shows her m. Shopping bags sitting because man 3 dresses in her hand, close, awkwardly in the throng stehd. Man more women m., close. Dresses in hands, close, the man with the shopping bags moves in anticipation of his wife nervous the index finger, while women him come, frontal, close. Women dig in men's shirts, single women at the dial and try on hats, close, consider themselves in mirrors.

11 Cologne. Hat fashions f. d. season (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hat). -Div. once. Mannequins m. model hats, great. Individual jg. Ladies look in mirror, mirror image close.
Continued 10): Hat fitting in the Department store, time-lapse shots of the hat Department, people throng to the output, rush to the escalator (up). -

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Albertz ; Cushing ; Dibelius ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; Kennedy, John F. ; Kennedy, Robert ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Paul VI. ; Segni ; Tito, Josip ; Wilm


Berlin-Dahlem ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Dortmund ; Hyannis/United States ; Skopje ; Cologne ; Paris ; Moskau ; Rome ; England ; Hyannis ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; cameramen, cameramen ; Disasters ; Flags ; Musical events ; natural disasters ; Political events ; Press, press conferences ; Religious events ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Costumes ; Debris ; People ; festivals ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Entertainment, festivals ; Gastronomy ; Industrial ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 705/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m moments Moscow: nuclear stop signing origin: Sovkino Paris: press conference with de Gaulle's refusal to join the nuclear stop treaty origin: Archive Rome: Segni to the Pope origin: SEDI Hyannis: baptism of Kennedy nephew origin: Metro Twickenham: mass baptism for witnesses Jehovah's origin: Pathé news earthquake in Skopje origin: Novosti Kirchentag in Dortmund serene: Berlin: German-American Volksfest camera: Pahl manufacture of mannequins camera: Pahl summer sale camera : Rough new camera: basic sales camera: Rau final brand 3.0

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