Die Zeit unter der Lupe 699/1963 21.06.1963


01. the good tip. Carelessness on scaffolding. -Rope balance above head surroundings. Bag. Various settings. Construction workers balance practice. Narrow planks on hoh. Bar wear framework, while including long, worker passes free floating scaffolding, are stranded on cross bar close. Foreman are statement and a plan in the Eand a worker in a room, this goes to the door, turns on exhortation, helmet to take s, takes helm, sets him up & goes. View v. scaffolding in the depth, workers rise up stairs of the scaffolding, out. Perspectives recorded views through gaps, betw. the levels. Up he goes to colleagues, shows the it plan, upward swing to the top of the frame, look down on the lower platform of the scaffold m. workers. Supervision on the workers up, which happened with the foot against a hammer and follows the path of the now falling hammer, jiggling hammer on plank, close. -02 niederfischbach. Village Zoo. -View village m. Environment, half total, some road images m. half-timbered buildings and some passers-by, signs "Zoo", close. People enter Zoo entrance, close, Mrs m. kl. Cash on Chair & card Checker b. clearance, short. Various settings. Visitors before enclosures, wild duck in water, close, older gentleman leads pony, the wagon full of children takes children on a playground swing, seesaw, short, close. Children and some adults on the pony paddock, children reach the poor pony. Great bike Peacock, bildf. Baboon hint. Fence rips look of cage on audience and a cameraman, a Rhesus Monkey on head jumps the far s mouth on, frontal, close, half close. Monkey hint. Grid Chews, open mouth, chews again, frontal, big. 2 gentlemen, a m. toddler on arm, d. look at in front, the Klimahaus fish and lizard lizard, gr. -Exotic birds, including Parrot, big. Schüttelndes are monkey, large. Seitschwenk of Swan head- and neck, large, 1 man holding him and woman who combines a leg, close. Fox head peeps out cave, front, close. Monkey m. chain jumps on camera by Starkey/close, eating an Apple in there and makes dismissive movement strong close opposite, talking up smiling on him,.

03. Chessington. Animal bar. -Several men last an elephant go m. div. animals in a barracks, half close, everybody at the bar, mountain goat or similar paper out of pocket of a boy & chews it, close, bartender enough wine glass OVR. Counter, frontal, close, Parrot drink from wine glass that is being held by a woman's hand, close. Transf. -Drive up to head b. swallowing. CL. on lead content. Raccoon village from wine and beer glasses, close. Gr. dog at bar is and several officers behind it make abweisd. Movement, waitress pulls down sliding gates, dog goes. Elephant comes out backwards out of House, approaches Mr s. wait, close.

04. Siegfried line - "debris f. d. eternity?" (m. material from Wehrmachtbericht.) Various settings. Debris m. umgebd. Landscape. Interview with an Undersecretary of Mayer v. Ourthe. -Ministerum Palat. / PF., on writes., front, close (o - s SPR. - T.) Div on the. by building d. Siegfried as well as completed. Sections, Hitler m. generals b. inspection speed, close to the concentration camp., tunnel inside, invasion v. companies, out of plane seen falling bombs, BC Interior, close, swivel angle line, explosions, German tank, close, scrambling soldiers OVR. Black Terrain with boulders. Churchill in uniform m. generals and officers b. visit d. Siegfried, including standing and speaking, front., close. Sign "This was the Siegfried Line" in outdoor, large. Sign next to clothesline, near "The Washing". Once more. Debris, including farmers b. Feldarbt. In addition. 2 farmers will be interviewed (o - s SPR. - T.). Flower Umbel v. wall. Erl

05. Berlin. "June 17" - the memory is alive. -In a circle of fire spreading word "Brennp." by d. eröffn. Views of sector boundary - aerial photographs, see moving easily. Weed front wall, close, Seitschwenk opens up views of long wall, sunflower hint. Wire (archive), stehd Embrasure (Arch.), on the wall. Policeman from tree leaves & House behind it, half close, various settings. Wall & wall impacts, Tablet "Unity and right" behind wall, close, upward swing Margueriten bed close, wall m. chalk font "KZ"-"DDR", close. OVR. Wall sehd m. binoculars. Policeman, close. Sharp barbed wire before blur, other tall buildings, is out of focus and building stand out. Wall m. cross strip marking, bildf., upward swinging a. Watchtower m. undeutl. erkennb. Vopo head resulting from. -Balloon crowd on Versamml. place, Wirtsch. - min. Ludwig Erhard speaks before microphones, halbseitl. close. Archive footage from June 17 53 - young seriously listening to. Girl with glasses, big, old zuhörd. Mr & t. Lady, jew. large. Brandt keeps close contact, halbseitl., (o - s SPR.-text). Applauding children on front of the viewers, countless heads one partly appl. Lot, look at lot of neb. Schöneb. Town Hall, half total. -06. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Honorary doctorate from the University of Harvard for Willi Brandt, Dean Rusk lind U Thant. -Brandt goes accompanied by more doctors, close, shortly. Pan across applaudrd. Viewers In the parquet and look on stage, handing-over certificate on Brandt applause on stage sitzd. Gentlemen, half close - level copy during the pass - uni-front of building m people before that, last stage of the presentation of the certificate on U Thant unt. Applause of the men on stage, where sitting now Brandt and Dean Rusk, half-close. -07 France. Demonstrate the Panzennodells AMX 30 - some settings. Tank on difficult terrain and in the water.

08 England. The "blue streak" rocket to the last "cold" tested, goes on the trip to Australia. -Technician looking through large swivel eye. -Device, close. Rocket on scaffolding - smoke was copied, hand push button one of 'lowest' - 'maximum' tiered button scale, close. Van m. Inscription "Pickfords" with a huge wagon trailer (Long Load) travels by road, close.

09th Le Bourget. Failed landing maneuver of a vertical b. airshows. -Collection of spectators behind bars, half-close. Newcomer maneuvered i. air, close, slams hard on runway on wheels break away under his Rauchentw.

10 Munich. Scottish military tattoo with kl. Incident. -SCHOTT. Commander gives orders on the parade ground, soloseat. Close (cameraman i. background.), some single, schott. Band m. bagpipe Pipers, ält. Jock look at civil amazed to the side, big, small quirky runs on upcoming musicians-garde, repeals drum mallets, searching departs the series - image is available - handed him the drummer, who receives the mallet lightly smiling without looking down, boy running in the foreground.

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Brandt, Willy ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Rusk, Dean ; Starke, Rainer ; Thant, U.


Le Bourget ; Chessington ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Niederfischbach ; Munich ; England ; Cambridge, Massachusetts ; Holland ; France ; Niederfischbach/Siegerland ; West wall ; Cambridge ; Massachusetts


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Hands ; Dogs ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Musical events ; Medals, awards, honors ; Plants ; Rockets ; Reviews ; Armor ; Cities ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; Youth ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; Military events ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Gastronomy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Viewers and audience ; Dogs ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 699/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m accident story safety at the workplace origin: Jupiter movie village Zoo in the Siegerland camera: strong Chessington: animal bar Parrot and raccoon origin: Pathé news elimination of the Siegfried line looking back at the history camera: strong Berlin: commemoration of the June 17 wall rally spokesman: Erhard and Brandt camera: Pahl origin: archive material moments: Harvard: honorary doctorate for Brandt origin: Metro Champagne: new armoured of French origin: Eclair England: "Blue Streak" rocket travels to Australia origin : Pathé news Le Bourget: crash of a vertical origin: Gaumont Munich: English week Scottish drum mallets end brand loses 3.0 m

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