Die Zeit unter der Lupe 698/1963 14.06.1963


01 Luxembourg. Echernacher procession. -Population b. spring dance by menschenbesäumte road, monk, Holy statue carried by monks, front. half close. People on the way bekreuzen is close, Bishop blessing passes close. Train musizierd. Geiger & inside, drummer m. gr. Drum before the belly is d. Springproz. advance, close. Various settings. Springproz., including children's groups. -02. ROM. Laying out Pope Johannes XXIII. - Peter. fully. DCH is people's body. Amount held, div. once., including filming. Reporters in d. close, various settings. Amount of grieving close, jg. Man is carried away by 2 policemen, side. close, air swivel over the square, solemnly border troop in medieval. Armor & with halberds, close. Italian is seriously facing a wall-mounted, close. The lips of moving clergyman, close. Hands of a lady m. Rosary before the body close. Fervently praying nun, close. Funeral procession at the Cathedral entrance, people Ström. in DOM, v. outside u. Pope aufgebahrter seen inside, half-close. Div. close once. weind. & betd. Women in the semi-darkness. Silhouette Johanneskirche from night sky & lantern in the foreground.

03. Bonn. Peace Medal of the American For Adenauer's Legion. -Ever a gentleman with Cap put Aden, umstehd in a circle. Men's religious-right dark d. Bewegg. d. stands up image setting Legion Cap him, close. -04 Israel. An unofficial visit Franz Josef Strauß - at the Weizmann Institute. -Stehd front entrance to the Institut(?). Dare m. men behind it, one occurs on car blow half close, shortly. Strauß m. Lady and a gentleman in the outdoor sup. standing, half close, up, shake blikken shell nuclear reactors, Strauß & a gentleman einand. before bystanders hands - is - bow slightly from each other, close. -Facade of the Institute m. road before that. -05 England. Inauguration of the 1st brit. Nuclear submarine "Dreadnought". -Auditorium, short. Officers beyond the gangway - level copy - officer keeps half close, short, placed on the wharf on high speech. Screws in ship engine room on a lock, half close Marine Corps, sailor, Captain served a lever on dashboard, halbseitl. from behind ges., close. Seitl. liegd on the wharf. U-boot, totally.

06. Holland. Queen Juliane took Encl. Eröffn. the fishing season the first herring of the year contrary to. -M. front Castle moving forward and already standing car servants from stroke, servant is front entrance, close, a gentlemen, of cameraman in the fo. filmed, side. half close. Juliane a ton of miniature accepts by Captain - level copy, while holding both hands d. barrel. United States (poorly exposed) 07. Diplomas for the cadets from Colorado Springs and Annapolis. -Pres.. Kennedy drives off. Dare by arena d. flew. Stadium, close, short. Cadet band on grandstand, Kennedy shakes a cadets d. hand, Vizepräs. Johnson presented to and. Place a diploma, close, shortly. Oblique supervision on the scene - flag i. foreground. Cadet is lifted by comrades on shoulder, it keeps up an anchor with a sash, half-close. Various settings. the "hats off" Hall, "Hats off" in stadium - was copied hats in the air.

08 Basel. Field handball - World Championship - Germany: Soviet zone 7: = 14 - various settings. Nahaufn. Viewers, cigarette smoking Lady including (with sunglasses) in the fo. d. playing field extended liegd. Replacement athletes zuguckende. -09 black forest. Int. Wildwasserrennen on the river Murg. -Div. vornehml. Close once. Kayak-one, 2 kl. Girl zuguckende, close, kayak revolves around eig. Axis, tilting and again coming up kayak-one that close. Some settings. Kayak doubles, close. In Kayak-a: Grünberg.

10. in the spotlight: clown Carlo. -Walking through streets of Lübeck, near, goes on circus grounds, feeding animals with hay in the stable, kissing while a pony, putting make-up on the dressing table, face it bildf. + big, in the mirror, visible setting up the wig, close. -Spectators at the circus, close. Single kl. Boys and girls, the large and close, among others laughing. Div. once, by the appearance of clown Carlos, inspired in the hands klatschd. ill Girl, side. large. CL. Carlo sits in his dressing room and considers himself from s. big souvenir photo. Time, begins to cry, short. -Archival footage of performances of Popows, Rivels + Grock. -

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Schmid, Carlo ; Johannes XXIII. ; Johnson, Lyndon ; Juliana von Holland ; Kennedy, John F. ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Grünberg, Rudi


Israel ; England ; Rome ; Holland ; Bonn ; United States ; Paris ; Luxembourg ; Oslo ; Moskau ; Berlin ; Basel ; Black Forest


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Hands ; Fishing ; Musical events ; Medals, awards, honors ; Paddle ; Police ; Portraits ; Religious events ; Shipping ; Ships ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Deaths, funerals ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; People ; Military events ; festivals ; Circus ; nuclear science ; Viewers and audience ; Fisheries ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 698/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 m focus: dancing procession in Echternach (Luxembourg) camera: Luppa burial - Pope job. XXIII origin: iNcom INCOM, SEDI moments: a) the gold award. Peace medal d. Americ. Chancellor Adenauer in Bonn Legion camera: Luppa b) Josef Strauß in Israel (visit d. nuclear facilities d. Weizmann Institiuts camera: Fuks c) Brit. Nuclear submarine Dreadnought origin: Pathé news d) 1 herring d. year f. Queen Juliane origin: Polygoon e) US cadets receive officer patents d. Kennedy + Johnson "Hats off" origin: Metro sports: Basel: handball-Weltmeisterschft. Federal Republic of East German origin = 14:7: Cine journal int. Wildwasserrennen on d. Murg in Forbach in the Black Forest camera: strong, Vlasdeck I. Spotlight: clown story Clown Carlo, Popov, Charly Rivel + Grock camera: Jürgens origin: archive material end brand 3.0

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