Die Zeit unter der Lupe 697/1963 07.06.1963


01 Dortmund. Football HSV: Boron. Dortmund = 3:2. When the sun shines. -Div. once., including slow motion. Tracking combination & l. gate. Cut-out plans. Grandstand m jub. and boron. Schwenkd banners. Lot. Gate scene in slow motion, Dortm. Goalkeeper catches the ball + image solidified. Plans. -Close ups. More. On the. JG. smiling girl m. dunkl. Sunglasses, depending on size. -Goalkeeper Schnoor m. ball caught up m. eingebog. Body on ground level copy. While d. joy jump of a gentleman at the gate d. frozen image. Schnoor derives over gate n. rear ball, falls down m. Role + image is available. Ball hits camera. -02. The good tip. "Back stairs dialog". -Garden GNOME on flower Bank front window, close and big. TV Tower (Stuttg.?) m. environment, supervision on road, behind d. dwarf blowing curtain. Mrs bohnert staircase. And. Hausbewohnerin comes down stairs with laundry basket, tells her that less polished, less gefährl. would be. Dispute (interview). Raise hand doormat OVR. Nah, a nonskid surface. Woman enters m. Bohner device her flat, mat slips away, close, Garden dwarf falls, striped of curtain, forward down.

03. Rome. Pope Johannes XXIII dying. -Short set. Twist-Club & operation on nächtl. Via Veneto. Once. St. Peter's square considered m. people groups, newspaper seller, colored student (clergyman?), big Papa photo kiosk poster, newspaper readers, face of a nun. Folded hands on chest of a cleric, close in prayer. Castle. Window d. of Vatican. Archive-on the. Pope. -Last recordings of the Pope at concert of the Bamberg Symphony under Josef Keilberth in the Vatican (Beetho. 7 SYMF.); Pope hits the cross (i. half-round) 3 x, close. Time stage.

04. photo by Henry Miller., great. June 1948 - review of currency reform - WIF archive (people i. streets, newspaper readers, marked "sold out" door, close. Boxes get m new money. stacked, bag is sealed, close. Driving record Rahman. Snake m. umbrellas) June 1963. The German enclave in the Ticino - German dream hotel. -Gäste(?) on the terrace railing, has. ält. Mr close, m. views of Lake Lugano. Window mirroring a travelling in car, Porter takes off hat and bows, seen through the windscreen, close. A signature, great; Detail settings. Boxes for cutlery (Adlon), chefs at the cold buffet set up on plates (close & detail set.), at tables eating guests, close + Gr., Mr wipes up the mouth, big. Mr walk through Park, illuminated document "zone d. silence i. Hotel Park...", big. Writing "Good news also for dogs...", gr. Dogs garden stalls before Lake i. Htrgr, hotel swimming pool, once. Close to bathers, the pair tiller/Giller prostet to be m. whisky glasses on terrace from Lake & mountains i. Htrgr., half-close. Lower face game of a man & hand b. drinking, great. Schwenkglas moving hand, great. in empty. Salon, hand of the bartender takes bottle full. Shelf, close. Mr bar stool is for drinking, close, m. glass hand descends before woman painting. Ceiling bed. Woman breakfast in wide. Bed (Louis Quinze), frontal. Illuminated "font:"Princess as a Grand hostess... " ", Bildf, sketch of a girl face, demonstrating the"Clos o mat"("the new sitting")."

05. a city breaks out. Hamburg - highway - East coastal resorts. -Look through bridges bar at full highway (more. Once.). -Mounting angled look at rotierd. Front wheel and look through steering wheel on road, behind other car mooting on driving on stop Strip. -Glance OVR. the Alster on Ballindamm, more. Once deserted Mönckebergstrasse, empty playground surrounded by high-rise buildings, black cat sitting in front of basement entrance, close, run a few pigeons. about paving, close. Part d. of empty town square m. look towards post str. Modern high-rise building facade, bildf, cat look out Darling. Window to half sunny facade (Najib. recognizable). Assembly-rolling car front wheel, close. -Pedestrian power, legs & shadow silhouettes, close. Crowded 饺子馆 garden restaurant m. servierenden waiters. Post card stand. Boy dining ice, frontal, big. Hands of a Mr take coin from wallet, close. -Full parking m. Lake beach front vorbeifahrd. Car, short. Blank city parking lot series m. parking meters typically, frontal. Rows of empty buses at bus station, parking meters (out of focus) side. HA... Dog on a sunny sidewalk belly scratches m. hind leg, close, totally. Long Bank with a man in a complex, side. Road m. streetcar o. traffic, twist dance on the waterfront terrace, legs this close. Rear view neb m. Shepherd. located on Lake Beach sitzd. Girl, it's close. Floating dog m. tyre i. snout, close. Kl dressed in. Girl with watering can, d. shallow water will close. Dog m. tyres in the flat. Water running, close. -Mini golf ball is targeted in hole, big. Minig. Square m. players before camping. Top woman sculpture before part of the building, close. Old town alley m. spield. Children. Walk in Park without people & little people on benches. 2 old women on park bench, close. Empty park bench v. back, old men play Skat Park Bank. Dove on Godfrey. Letter (H) facade, close. Various settings. Holidays at the Baltic Sea, creaming themselves and einand. one, are in beach chairs, hanging basket legs, close. "Mr speaks with beach chair rental, close, whose head m. Cap m. Aufschr." Beach chairs", close. Sea of beach chairs, frontal, bildf. Hann basks on stair-step stone house, close, his head drops slowly u. s. releases. Detail Bell scaffolding m. läutd. See bells. Downward swing on in church nun. Empty tunnel m. tram rails and a lone official b. sweeping. Once, blank Mönckebergstr., empty bridge. Transfokator-ride approach to steeple m. clock (shortly after 2:00).

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Giller, Walter ; Johannes XXIII. ; Keilberth, Josef ; Miller, Henry ; Tiller, Nadja ; Schnoor, Horst


Hamburg ; Ticino ; Baltic Sea ; Wahlwies ; Rome ; Holland ; Africa ; Paris ; Dortmund


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bells ; Hands ; Dogs ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Religious events ; Reviews ; Special reports ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Youth ; Buildings ; People ; Holiday ; transport questions ; Jobs ; Gastronomy ; Dogs ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 697/1963

Neue Deutsche Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 4.6 football: HSV: Borussia Dortmund 3:2 Dortmund camera: strong, rough, Luppa, l. accident story: Garden GNOME and housewife strife origin: Jupiter film via Veneto: Nächtl. Driving on the main road Rome (twist cellar) origin: iNcom death papst Joh. XXIII - review (Bamberger Symphoniker i. Vatican origin: Salgado, Incom, archival time stage Henry Miller currency reform - review camera: Rau origin: world in the film, archival material Lugano - luxury hotel (Park for "Saleem" + closomat) camera: Seib, Vlasdeck Hamburg - a city breaks out (a German city is Sunday) camera: Seib, Rieck final brand 3.0)

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