Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 695/1963 24.05.1963


1st London. State visit of Prien Royal couple. -Reception scene at Victoria station. Elizabeth II features. Baudouin. the on d. cheek kissing, half close, v. wearers. Pages contact Fabiola & Philip added, concurrent greeting Fabiola Eliz. -Baudouin Philipp, half-close. Philipp is Fabiola kiss on the hand. Brit. & Prien Flag side by side. close. Margaret + Tony pairs to occur d, half-close. Overall scenery. Crowds on the street, off. State car driving d. menschenbesäumt. Street, supervisory v. Palace of half close to State car under escort at entrance through gate, total.

02. Stalingrad. Visit Fidel Castro. -Gr. Stadium m. full. Grandstands & the words forming Viva Cuba mass formation, half total. Athletes on the field, with rose. Poor applause, close to half. Castro m. flowers standing on grandstand, with 2 applaudrd. Gentlemen s pages, close. Part of government stand building & appl. Mass before that. Castro m. 3 men in off. Cars standing, waving at people trellis vorbeifahrd., half-close. Winkd with flowers. JG. Girl on trellis front, half close, Castro with flowers shakes jg. Girl d. hand, close. Supervision on people from buildings that are flocking to moving tractor, motor & driver's cab b. pass, close. Castro gets out of tractor before the see rally people, half-close. Applaudrd. Graded stehd. People trellis, half-close. Castro with miniature tractor in hands of smiles, with cigar in mouth, a d. bystanders to close.

03. Düsseldorf. POWs exhibition. -Model d. russ. POW camp Kuybischew. Swivel OVR. EXH. Hall of m a few visitors. Div Nah-detail - u. Großaufn. Sculptures and drawings. Backward swing of icon on the altar table, lantern, cello (detail), Transfokator-ride approach to drawing ("man hint. Barbed wire"), gr. Swing over table relief (man in gesture of Christ hanging on wire).

04. Munich. "100 years of Red Cross". -Celebration Assembly on the King square in front of building m transparent. "100 j. on behalf of d. humanity", Bishop Dr. Neuhäussler side. large, close sisters. -Demonstration. D. RK work: Abseiling down a doll, creating v. associations. KL. young m. verb. Leg is on belly and smiles into the camera, gr. (dahint. Legs shoots). Air ballooning betting. Balloon swarm a. sky 05. The good tip of the week ("take your time and not life!") See UFA 396.

06. Hamburg. IGA-tip (costs offsetting f. visit IGA). Balloon is propelled area railway, upward swing glance OVR. Terrain (half dead.) m. skyline walking visitors, flower arrangements. Frontal Blick on Chaussée neb. Fahrd terrain, views of empty parking lots. Mercedes m. cooler at the unt. The screen, Transf. -Drive up parking sign "guarded v. 6-24-parking fee of DM 5,-", great; Drivers speak d. car window through to Park keepers, express their disapproval (o - s SPR. - T.). Basic m. interv. Rangers (original sound). KL. cars parked in parking lot, jg. Man gets out, Exchange exchange money and parking ticket, parking ticket and hands b. Sign desselb., great. Couple at the checkout - set-off: 11 DM pieces on Darling. Underground, close. Couple happens entrance, pass control. Man offers IGA signs, its hands held up gloved Lady hand counts coins, close. Setoff.: DM 15-. Our pair of d. Fund for the small railroad. Set-off (18). View from the moving train, d. pair in it, half-close. Couples looking to the gondola up, close, goes to checkout, close supervision on the banknotes STS on number plate rotating lever pressure from and hands. Set-off (25). View from gondola + driving. Gondolas, the short.

07. Frankfurt. Visit of the American Ambassador George McGhee. -Leaking Jet transport aircraft (TWA), half the total, close. Police clamp shut-off ropes at the foot of the gangway, McGhee accompanied by smiling welcomes a General before aircraft side. close, away with a man who keeps a manuscript by Lord group, half close, shortly. Keeps on air. Welcome speech, frontal, close (original sound), getting louder. Flight noise causes him and A few men's hint. him such smile, while others show see disturbed. Ghee cancels speech and looking upward, ascending Americ. Jet transport aircraft, close, total. Forts. the McGhee's speech.

8th Berlin. US parade on d street of 17th June. -Small Steppke Get up one street before legs stehd. Musicians-garde, close. Once. Parade with who at the top. Street half total m. grandstand left front, view grandstand ranks on parade customers close over road m. columns, generals on grandstand,. Parade off-road vehicles, tanks. Brandt on Trib. sitzd., close. Flowery car m. words through air power, car and mini planes m. Bell, flags & it stehd. Officers. Marches with flags. KL group Pres.. d. rifles.

09. Cape Canaveral. Gordon Cooper's orbit. -See UFA of 396 Add. Missile tail on television. Newspapers close to m. Cooper headline on the newsstand.

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Armstrong-Jones, Anthony ; Baudouin I. von Belgien ; Brandt, Willy ; Castro, Fidel ; Cooper, Gordon ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Fabiola von Belgien ; Grundmann, Friedhelm ; McGhee, George ; Margaret von England ; Neuhäusler ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug


Düsseldorf ; Hamburg ; London ; Berlin ; Frankfurt ; Munich ; Cap Canaveral ; Cape Canaveral ; Stalingrad


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Interviews ; Children ; Flags ; Musical events ; Parades ; Police ; Rockets ; Armor ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Technology ; Youth ; Art ; Works of art ; People ; Military events ; transport questions ; festivals ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Viewers and audience ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 695/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m London: Belgian Royal couple in London warm welcome Elizabeth, Margareth, Philipp origin: Pathe news Stalingrad: Cheers to Fidel Castro origin: Sovkino Düsseldorf: exhibition of working of prisoners of war camera: reason Munich: 100 years of German Red Cross overview over work camera: Vlasdeck, strong accident series R: 6 hunt after work origin: Jupiter film Hamburg: IGA prices camera: Rau week of America's reception of the new American Ambassador Mc ghee in Frankfurt & camera: Strong Berlin: parade of the US armed forces camera: Rieck, fire Cap Canaveral: world's first astronaut Cooper origin: Metro end mark 3, 1

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